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10 Best Hair Salons In Plano, Tx (Experienced & Trendy Options)

Best Hair Salons in Plano, TX

Because hair is such an essential aspect of our physique and identities, it is critical to look after it. To keep your hair looking healthy, you’ll need expert assistance from time to time. Finding a trustworthy salon, on the other hand, might be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to look. Locating the ideal hair salons in Plano requires effort, which we shall discuss in this post.

Because a hair salon appointment (or walk-in) might be as short as a trim or as long as several hours for longer treatments, the best hairstylist talk with and establish connections with individuals who frequent them.

Numerous individuals prefer to be serviced by a stylist they are acquainted with when they visit a hair salon for treatment. Not only is this far more comfortable for both the hairstylist and the consumer from a relationship standpoint, but stylists who are more familiar with their customers tend to give the best facilities.

How do you find the best hairstylist in a hair salon?

If you want to keep your hairdo constant, avoid switching hair professionals. Pick one that meets your requirements and stick to it. Don’t be enticed to visit two, three, or even four salons or hairstylists because they are offering incredible savings.

Visiting one hairdresser regularly will help you develop a relationship with them and convey your desires effectively. Working with one expert is far easier than attempting to explain oneself to a large group of people.

Salons help people because hairdressers may work closely with them to create a hairdo that accentuates their unique characteristics. This will only be conceivable if your salon is well-versed in a broad assortment and trends. Asking around for recommendations is the greatest way to find the best hairstylist. You might ask your friends, relatives, or co-workers to recommend a salon or hairstylist that they trust.

You may also inquire about the lady at the front counter of your office who just received a fantastic haircut. Even in this day and information age, expression advertising is still the most dependable type of advertising, so make use of it.

Start checking them out digitally once you’ve come up with a few names to work with. Look at their website, check internet reviews, and ask your friends for their thoughts on this new salon or hairstylist. 

Before you choose the greatest hairstylist, get a sense of how much it will cost. The cost of good hairdressers and stylists will vary. They should be well within your pocket. Consequently, before you become a customer, double-check their prices. You’ll be able to quickly locate a decent salon if you follow these guidelines, and you’ll be able to keep it for years.

Here below is the list of 10 Best Hair Salons in Plano, TX:

M Hair Salon

M Hair Salon: Best Hair Salon In Plano

M Hair Salon is a brand founded on confidence, both in the job they perform and in the service they provide to all of their clients. After all, once you’ve discovered and defined your genuine style, you’ll finally be able to be yourself, unrestricted and uninhibited, completely expressive, and 100 percent you.

That is their goal for everyone who sits in one of M Hair Salon’s chairs, to give you the courage to be yourself. Tien Nguyen, the proprietor, is the best hair stylist in town, with over 10 years of expertise.

He has dedicated his entire life to hair and style. After working as a stylist and salon manager, he chose to establish his own business so that he could share his talents with as many people as possible. His expertise is men’s hair, fades, and styling.

He’s also done a variety of styles, colors, highlights, and cuts for ladies. He is a client-focused professional that prioritizes his clients’ requirements and provides world-class service to everyone who passes through the M Hair Salon threshold.

Les Graves Salon

Les Graves Salon: Hair Salon In Plano

Karri Graves, a beauty industry veteran with over 30 years of experience, launched Les Graves Salon in 2018. Karri founded Lee Graves Salon to make women feel beautiful. Every year as a child, Karri’s family traveled to the beach.

The salon’s blue hues were inspired by the love for the lovely sea and the tranquil sense of the ocean, with a dash of glitz. Karri felt the beauty business was the right fit for her when it came time to choose a profession. Lee Graves Salon provides a comprehensive range of hair and scalp treatments to help you look and feel your best.

They want you to feel at ease, pampered, and special while you prepare for your prom, wedding, or another important occasion. One of the high-end hair salons in Plano provides a relaxing atmosphere with plenty of natural light, calming colors, and plush seats. Wine, champagne, herbal tea, coffee, and lemon water are among the several drinks available. You may also prepare for your big day by dressing in their dressing room.

Luxe Salon

Luxe Salon: Hair Salon In Plano

Luxe debuted more than two decades ago at Plano’s Lakeside retail area, which was then under construction. They have grown tremendously while remaining in their original location and still being family-owned. 

They owe a debt of gratitude to their loyal clientele and employees for their unwavering support. They’ve had the chance to grow up with their neighbors’ families and are actively involved in many of their activities. They believe in ongoing education in order to keep on top of trends, methodologies, and new goods that are healthier and more helpful to their customers.

Their salon includes a small store on the premises that sells last-minute presents, accessories, and one-of-a-kind things. They specialize in high-end hair and body treatments, employing cutting-edge technology to give their customers the best color, hair care, and products.

A La Mode Hair Studio

A La Mode Hair Studio

A La Mode Hair Studio in Plano, TX is committed to giving its clients a VIP experience in a beautiful atmosphere. They provide more than just haircuts in Plano; they also provide a variety of high-end hair treatments such as cuts and styling, blowouts, highlights, and even men’s haircuts. Their excellent services make them one of the best hair salons in Plano.

Call them for the greatest hair stylists and salon services in the DFW region. In Plano, their bread and butter are Cut and Style. The highly trained stylists are here to make you look and feel your best.

They’ll provide you the salon experience that best suits you, from a decent haircut to a more full haircut service. It includes shampoo, styling, and more. Their Plano colorist is well trained and will examine your face to determine where the highlights should be placed to best flatter and accentuate your features.

They can also put the color where it looks best with your hairstyle. A La Mode is one of the well known hair salons in Plano that provides the most diverse variety of styles and colours of any hair salon in the area, from full highlights to accent highlights. Your fantasies will become a reality thanks to their talented stylist.

Hand Tied Wefts is a one-of-a-kind process that involves stitching each weft onto a track of silicone beads at A La Mode Hair Studio. Their innovative technique to applying hair extensions ensures that the integrity of their clients’ hair is preserved. Its adaptable design offers a naturally perfect appearance with a lot of versatility.

Gabriel Ontiveros Salon

Gabriel Ontiveros Salon: Hair Salon In Plano

The first Gabriel Ontiveros Salon franchise debuted in the United States in Plano, Texas. The success of providing clients with cutting-edge haircuts, styles, colors, and cosmetics has led to more salon sites around the US.

Clients don’t just show up every couple of months at their salon. They like keeping their customers interested. Tuesday through Friday, Gabriel Ontiveros Salon hosts a Happy Hour Blow Out bar with special prices and complimentary champagne. They have specialized hair styles for all occasions, make-up, and more. Every event, every day, they want you to feel special.

The Gabriel Ontiveros Salon is a cutting-edge hair salon. They make their clients appear their best by using the most up-to-date hair style methods and procedures. Your chosen look, along with their expertise in hair texture, cuts, color, and style, results in the ideal look for your hair and lifestyle.

 Gabriel Ontiveros Salon seems to be on its path to accomplish its ambition of being a leading global and esteemed grooming establishment. Even in the United Kingdom, the brand’s foundations and ongoing training methods are well-established in the high-fashion and cutting-edge sector.

Avenue Salon

Avenue Salon

Stylists at Avenue Salon are qualified professionals who attend classes regularly. They remain up to date on the latest trends and styles. Their talented stylists provide top-notch haircuts, highlights, color, hair extensions, Brazilian blowouts, and Keratin treatment, as well as make-up, threading, and waxing to complete your appearance.

They think that you should appear and feel fashionable regardless of your age. They specialize in custom-crafted cuts, dynamic coloring, and restorative hair treatments, and they offer unrivaled experience in these areas.

TK Hair Salon

TK Hair Salon

TK Hair Salon is a family-owned and operated independent unisex hair and beauty salon in Texas. They’ve established a distinct, welcoming atmosphere that’s still unrivaled in Plano today.

This shift in attitude has resulted in a large following of loyal clients who value a friendly and experienced atmosphere with TK Hair Salon Therapists who deliver exactly what you want. 

Their whole team is hand-picked based on their extensive experience, technical competence in their respective professions, identity, enthusiasm, reliability, trustworthiness, and honesty.

TK Hair Salon provides a comprehensive range of beauty services to help you look and feel your best. Treat yourself to one of their many beauty treatments and services that are tailored to your specific needs.

Waxing, manicure, pedicure, threading, eye enlargement are among the treatments offered by TK Hair Salon. They also offer fake bake tan, facials, and full-body massages. They also provide thorough facials and cellulite treatments to help tone and nourish the skin.

Aalam The Salon

Aalam The Salon: Hair Salon In Plano

Aalam believes that it is their professional obligation to make people appear beautiful on the outside so that they may feel good on the inside by assisting them in discovering their real style.

They will always develop a look that is unique to their clientele via dialogue. They are an education-based firm, and they ensure that hairdressers hired by Aalam have perfected their profession through an intensive in-house training program.

Their professionals make certain that everyone who graduates has a high level of customer service and hairdressing skills.

They are a departmentalized and specialized hair salon, which makes them stand out. Their stylists specialize in either chemical treatments (color, highlights, and perms) or hair cutting and styling.

Working in a departmentalized salon broadens one’s knowledge of their chosen field, ensuring that they become the greatest at what they do and learning to interact as a team to get the perfect appearance.

No such thing as mediocrity exists at Aalam. They guarantee to constantly provide the most cutting-edge and up-to-date cuts, colors, and hair care products available.

The hairdressing staff at Aalam has incredible artistic talents and a plethora of expertise. A complimentary hair colorist/stylist consultation allows you to discuss your needs. They help you get to know their staff before your appointment whether you are new to their market-leading hair salon or thinking about a new style.

Blondie’s Salon

Blondie’s Salon

In 2010, Nikole Wood founded Blondie’s Salon and Nikole is an International Guest Artist with a love for both the beauty business and her clientele.

Nikole has taken great delight in bringing you the finest of the best in the Plano region. Their staff consists of excellent stylists. They are always honing their craft to provide you with the best hair care possible.

Blondie’s Salon’s team has been educated by the finest. They guarantee that your hair is treated with care during all services. Blondie’s values its customers and hopes to build a long-term connection with you. They will continue to work with you regularly to help you attain the appearance you desire.

Blondie’s hair salon’s crew is a wonderful match for the entire family, from keeping your haircut to attaining the right hair color for you.

Men’s haircuts become more than a job with a barber on staff; they become a pleasurable experience. You may also speak with a member of their staff about how hair extensions might help you get the look you’ve always desired.

The Hair Parlour

The Hair Parlour

Your happiness is their first concern at The Hair Parlour. They’ve been providing the city of Plano with a comprehensive selection of high-quality goods and. They provide specialized Hair Salon services that are tailored to your individual needs since 2017.

They are motivated by a desire to make you feel and look your best. Visit the Hair Parlour to begin looking and feeling great. Their highly trained hairstylists are completely prepared to offer you excellent services. Make an appointment as soon as possible, and they will be waiting for you.

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