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Games Like The Forest: 7 Best The Forest Alternative Games

Games like the forest

Video games age back to as early as the late 1960s. Video games have a fair share of lovers and haters but it can not be denied that they are fun. Video games might not be everyone’s cup of tea but there are approximately 2.5 billion active video gamers in the world today. There are millions of games as well of different types and for different consoles. One of these is The Forest.

The Forest is a survival video game developed and published by Endnight Games. It was released in 2014 and it is often cited as one of the best survival-based video games to ever exist. The Forest is based in an open-world setting that combined with its great graphics makes for an immersive environment.What’s even better is the story line where you take the role of a father looking for his son who is missing after they survived a plane crash.

You go through fighting animals, cannibals, mutants and what not which makes for a gripping gameplay. However, just like everything else, the game ends at one point and you can not keep on playing it forever. But there is nothing to worry as there are various similar games you can play if you love The Forest.

Here are the Best Survival Games Like The Forest:

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead: Best Survival Game

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Left 4 Dead is a series of two survival-based first person shooter video games created by Valve games. Left 4 Dead, the first game was released all the way back in 2008 but being old does not make it any lesser a good game than any modern ones. The games are based around survival in a worldwide zombie outbreak. This makes for an exciting gameplay even more for the fans of the zombie story lines in movies.

The first game puts you in the shoes of one of the member of a group dubbed as the ” Survivors ” as you along with the other members go through levels of insanity trying to keep yourself alive in a dangerous global pandemic. The second games follows the aftermath of the pandemic set in a world where the pandemic has taken an even worse turn as the zombies mutate into more dangerous and hostile forms.

The goal is simple ; survival. The game also features online and multiplayer modes which makes for some more fun. Both the games have received critical acclaim, both scoring either 9 or 9+ out of 10 on major gaming websites like GameSpot, IGN, Game Informer etc. The series has been commercially successful as well. The series has since spawned various crossovers and spinoffs along with a line of merchandise and other products.

7 Days To Die

7 Days To Die: Best Survival Game

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7 Days To Die is another awesome survivor horror game developed by The Fun Pimps. The game had initially a limited release back in 2013 to just Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. One year later, it was released on Linux. In 2016, 7 Days To Die was made available for both Xbox One and the Playstation 4.

The story of the game is set in the events of the aftermath of a world ravaged after a devastating World War 3. Most of the world is destroyed and is suffering a nuclear fallout. Humans are no lesser affected by the nuclear fallout which has led to severe mutations in humans turning them into zombie-like creatures. You play the role of a survivor of the war in a fictional city based in Arizona named Navezgane.

The main goal for the gamer is to survive by fending off the horrible creatures while making sure you do not pass away due to hunger, thirst and injuries. You can create your own r weapons, clothes, armor, tools, vehicles and what not. You can also build shelter for yourself anywhere you want or just take over a deserted building. Whatever it takes to survive. The game has sold over 10 million copies worldwide which pretty mucj describes how good it is.

Dead Space

Dead Space: Best Survival Game

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Dead Space is a mixture of two or the best of video game genres that many would agree upon. Developed by Visceral Games and published by EA, Dead Space is a franchise of three science fiction and survival horror games. The games basically combine the horror of aliens and zombies into one to create a terrifying universe that would give the players a hard time.

The first game was released in 2008. The game is set in a future world of 26th century in the year 2508. Earth is more advanced than ever trying to discover more after having explored a big portion of the universe already. Player plays the role of engineer Issac Clarke, a member of a rescue party searching for a missing space-mining ship. As they find the ship, they also explore various horrors that date back to incidents of the 23rd century.

The sequel takes place 3 years after the first game and features the same protagonist Issac Clarke. This time around, the Earth itself gets invaded by alien creatures. The third game too features another invasion and features the characters from the first and the second game. The whole series has received both critical acclaim and commercial success and is often being cited as one of the best survival video games franchise.

Outlast 1 & 2

Outlast 1 & 2: Best Survival Game

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Outlast series is something different than the games mentioned on the list till now. While those games were more of thrillers, Outlast series is purely horror, that too one of the most acclaimed horror games of recent times. Instead of zombies or aliens you need to keep yourself safe from different type of entities. But the goal remains the same; to survive.

The first game was initially released on just Microsoft Windows in 2013 and later expanded to PS4 and Xbox One in 2014. It was released on Linux in 2015 and finally on Nintendo Switch in 2018. The game follows investigative journalist Miles Upshur who is sent to an asylum to look into the rumors of human experiments being performed there only to find the asylum deserted and full of corpses of doctors. You need to get out of there hoping to not meet the entities known as variants. You have no guns, no powers and can’t fight for your life. Playing this game is surely one terrifying experience.

The sequel, Outlast 2, was released in 2017 and focuses on more psychological horror and proving to be even more terrifying. While investigating a murder, a journalist couple with their baby crash-land into a county in Arizona after which the wife and the babu goes missing. The goal is to find them while exploring horrifying truths and entities that will give you serious scares. The first person perspective of both the games makes them even more scarier.


Rust game like the forest

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Rust is a multiplayer survival horror game developed by FacePunch Studios. The game had an early access release back in 2013 but it came to see its full release only in 2018, a full 5 years later. Rust provides a lot of obstacles and enemies and makes you fight dor the survival. One of the most obvious enemies are the players that are playing along you as Rust can only be played as multiplayer.

Players can create clans and bases for their clans where they can hide. Time to time, clans can raid the player for which you need to be ready. But that’s not where the threat ends, non-player characters too are hostile towards you and shall attack you when you are not expecting it. If that wasn’t even enough, the open world setting of Rust throws down wolves, bears and other hostile wildlife at you.

There are various customizable guns, weapons and bows that can use to fend off these nemeses. Planes drop airdrops of different levels that drop various accessories that can help you survive.  You can mine, you can make clothes from trees or animals skin, build a shelter by chopping tree wood and what not. Rust has all the qualities required for an enjoyable survival game. Despite of getting mixed reviews, Rust has sold over 5 million copies worldwide till now. That pretty much explains how enjoyable it is.

Deadstorm Pirates

Deadstorm Pirates: Best Survival Game

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Deadstorm Pirates is something different when it comes down to survival games. As the name suggests it’s all about pirates and one of the very few survival games that are based around it. That makes it inclusion on this list pretty obvious. Deadstorm Pirates was first released on arcade games back in 2009. Later it was ported to Playstation 3.

The game’s plot revolves around Eric and Leah, two members of a pirate crew aborad on a pirate ship traveling to find a treasure named Poseidon’s Breath. While traveling you meet a lot of inhumane obstacles that make you fight for your life. The enemies include giant crabs, krakens, other pirates, skeletons and some more undead entities.

Luckily you have weapons capable enough or fighting them which includes rare guns and swords. There are different level bosses that are even harder to fought off. The game does not have exciting graphics but it makes for a fun survival and fighting game especially for the pirate fanatics.

SCP : Containment Breach

SCP Containment Breach: Best Survival Game

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For those who might not know, Secure, Contain and Protect Foundation or often shortened to just SCP Foundation is an internet phenomenon that has been immensely popular for years on the internet. SCP is a fictional foundation that deals with the containment of supernatural and abnormal entities, artifacts and abominations to keep the human population safe from them. The various entities contained are referred to by their code names i.e SCP 401.

SCP Containment Breach is an indie open source game based on that created by Joonas Rikkonen. The game is set in a time where the SCP foundation is facing a breach as all the contained anomalies have gone rogue. You play the role of D-9341, a human test subject trying to escape the containment in midst of the breach. The player has to face several other SCP test subjects like SCP 106, SCP 096, SCP 682, SCP 079 along with the foundation soldiers trying to keep the subjects contained.

The entire game is in a first person perspective which makes it pretty immersive and scary. The goal is to survive and exit the facility through any of the gates. The game has different endings for different gates yoi use to exit. As it is an open source indie game, SCP Containment Breach is completely free and is often ranked amongst the best video games that are free to play.

Cry Of Fear

Cry Of Fear: Best Survival Game

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Cry Of Fear is a survival horror game created by an independent Swedish studio called Team Psykskallar. It first emerged as a mod of the popular game Half Life in 2012. It was then converted into a fully fledged standalone game in 2013. The game’s storyline is divided into chapters. The number of chapters depends on the actions and decisions of the player which can alter how the story plays out.

You play the role of Simon, a man who met an accident and wakes up in an alley trying to remember what happened while meeting a lot of disastrous situations and terrifying creatures. The story gives you choices from time to time which decides how the story would progress. The game has different endings based on the decisions made throughout the game.

The game features great form of realism as sell. You get tired if you run for too long. You can recover health using morphine syringes but an overuse can lead to blurred vision which can hinder your gameplay. The game has been a critical and commercial success currently holding an aggregate score of 8.1 on Metacritic.

These were 8 of the best games that you can play if you loved playing The Forest. Despite of what anyone might say, there is nothing wrong with playing video games. However; excess of everything is bad and the case is the same with video games. So keep playing but don’t let it affect any other aspects of your life in a bad way.

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