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15 Best Money Earning Apps (2019) & Free PayTm Cash By Refer

free paytm cash

It is no big news that Paytm is by far the safest and most secure app for storing your cash and making transactions. Almost all e-commerce businesses and the majority of retail stores support payment through Paytm. With Paytm, all your transactions can happen instantaneously and without any hassle at the click of a button. All you need is your smartphone and a huge list to finish off your entire shopping plans both online and offline!

However, did you know that you can actually get free Paytm cash which can be used for future transactions? Wow, right? Since with Paytm, your virtual cash is as good as real money which you can literally spend anywhere, this would definitely sound interesting to everyone. There are so many free paytm cash earning apps in the app stores and various other means to earn free paytm cash by refer your friends that would seriously baffle you!

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If you haven’t heard about this concept yet, here are some paytm cash tricks that could help you understand how it works and earn Paytm cash. All the apps and cash earning tricks suggested by us are genuine and completely secure. All you need is a smartphone and internet to start.

Here’s The List Of 17 Best Apps to Earn Free Paytm Cash in India By Refer Downloads:

#1. Rozdhan

 Referral Code:  02MM5S

download from play store

This app gives you free cash by watching videos in the app and by referring your friends and much more. All you need to do is download the app, start watching videos, refer your friends, and start earning. More you active, more you earn. You get Rupees 25 for the signup, Rupees 5 for every referral + more when they add your referral code.

Here are some features of this earning app:

  • Rupees 25 on sign up
  • Rupees 25 for entering refer code
  • Rupees 5 per refer
  • Daily coins for check in
  • Coins for filling information
  • Many more other features

For more info: watch this video:

#2. Injoy

Injoy app.

This is a LOL community which enables reading, sharing, and saving gifs, videos and funny images. You would get ₹30 Paytm cash as a sign-up bonus and would additionally get ₹ 5 per referral.

#3. Pocket Money

Pocket Money app.

This app gives you free money for completing easy tasks. You can pay all your bills, mobile recharges, cab rides, and movie tickets through this app and earn more paytm cash with each transaction. You get ₹15 for every friend you refer. You would also get ₹5 bonus on installing an app in the offers section.

#4. Genie Rewards

Genie Rewards App.

This is another app which can help you earn Paytm cash. This app gives you reward points for every app you download, install, and engage with. You can redeem these reward points for recharges and Paytm cash transfers.

#5. CashBoss

cashboss App

Cashboss app gives you ₹15 Paytm cash on every valid referral. You can also spin the fortune wheel and win up to ₹10 per spin. In addition to this, you would get a signup bonus on completing any of the given offers.

#6. Ladoo

Ladoo App.

This is an old app for earning Paytm cash. You can refer your friends and get ₹10 for each valid referral. A valid referral is that where your friend has actually used that link and downloaded the app. You can also go to the OfferWall and complete some offers to earn Paytm cash.

#7. Slide

Slide App.

This is an interesting app which lets you earn money while you are on-the-go. All you need to do is download the app and slide on the content pieces. You are also free to share your own content and if it gets many reads or likes, you get paid for that. You know where all your viral articles and content must go, right? You get ₹5 on signup and ₹15 for every valid referral.

#8. NewsDog

NewsDog App.

This is a very popular news app which brings all relevant Hindi news to you at one click. You get to choose from a plethora of categories like sports, politics, entertainment, fashion, tech, business, etc. You can get cash rewards by inviting friends to install the app, sharing the app. You would get a one-time bonus of ₹50 on signup and ₹10-15 for every referral. You can also answer simple quizzes to earn more Paytm cash. The minimum redemption amount is ₹250.

#9. Instacash

Instacash App.

You can earn Paytm cash just by viewing ads through this Instacash app. You don’t have to download or engage with any apps but have to view advertisements and complete offers to get money. You would not only earn for every valid referral, but would also earn when those friends, in turn, refer their own friends.

#10. Shoppingpost

Shoping Post app.


This is another very unique paytm earning app where you get to share your online shopping experience, reviews, and feedback of the purchased products in the shopping community. You would get a ₹25 Paytm cashback for your first invoice upload on signup. You would also get ₹25 for every valid referral and for every online shopping invoice you upload. Isn’t it cool to get paid for shopping? Unleash the shopaholic in you and start shopping to earn money from this paytm money earning app.

#11. Coupondunia

coupandunia app

Coupondunia gives you a plethora of cashback offers from all major e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Paytm, etc. These cashbacks are almost similar to earning free money which can be used elsewhere. You can also refer your friends and get paid for every valid referral. The signup bonus for coupondunia is ₹50 and ₹25 for every referral.

#12. Dream11

Dream 11 is a fantasy cricket app with over a million user base. You have to register using a referral to be able to get the cash bonus of ₹250. The cash bonus is credited in steps. Once you download the app through the referral link, you would be prompted to add your phone and email id and the successful completion of that would give you ₹50. Updating your PAN number would fetch you another 200. Now, for every valid referral, you get an additional ₹50 and ₹250 in case they also update their PAN details. Apart from all these, for every cricket and football game you play and win, you get to earn more.

#13. Bulb Smash

This is another gaming app where you can play games to earn money. All you need to do is play games to earn more and more Paytm cash. As your scores improve, your earning would also increase. You can also refer your friends and get ₹50 per valid referral.

#14. Frizza

This app boasts of giving you the best Paytm payouts. You can experience and engage with the latest apps and install them to earn. Also, you can refer your friends and get additional Paytm cash every time your friends complete an offer on their device. Frizza app also has an offer wall which is updated with survey forms, registration pages, and sign up pages which you can fill up for extra cash.

#15. CashinGo

This app is again a fool-proof way of earning instant Paytm cash. For every valid referral you make, you would get ₹25 cash.

#16. Zulka

You get to win prizes daily with this phenomenal app. They have lucky draws every Friday where every week you can win up to 50,000. All you have to do is download the app and go to the Prize Draw option on the app screen. You get one lucky draw coupon for every friend you refer and every coupon would give you 20 chances at the lucky draw. The more you collect, the more are your chances of making big money.

In addition, you would also get assured ₹25. You can win these tickets by sending messages or stickers using safe chat to any contact of yours on Zulka. You would get one ticket per message sent. You can also send an image to get a maximum of two tickets per day. Alternatively, you can also send text messages through Blink Chat to your contacts and get a maximum of two tickets per day. This would make a total of 8 tickets on a daily basis, thus giving you a fair chance at winning.

#17. Taskbucks App


We spend countless hours online every day. How nice would it be if you could somehow make money out of that time spent? This is what taskbucks app does for you. By downloading this app, you get to read and share viral content, engage with new or existing apps, taking surveys and online quizzes for which you get free Paytm money. You would also get Paytm cash for downloading apps through Taskbucks and ₹40 for every friend referral.

Lets Wrap It Up

We have seen a list of 19 top apps that would help you earn free Paytm cash.

However, there are more such apps available in the market that could help you make some free bucks using just your smartphone.

Making free money has never been easier thanks to the era of digitalization, Paytm wallets, and these kinds of interesting apps.

Hope our list was helpful and comprehensive!

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