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10 Best Domain Availability Checking Tools in Bulk (2022)

Domain Availability Checking Tools

Would you like to know how to search if there is a domain available? So, today, to verify domain availability, I will list the best free and paid domain name search tools on the Internet. You’ll discover some domain name search resources in this article. Many of them are tools for instant domain name lookup.

That implies that you can get the immediate result for your domain quest. The bulk domain name checker is another form of accessible domain name search tool. You can only search for more than one available domain by using a bulk domain name checker.

You may verify the authority of various domains with the bulk domain authority checker tools. It’s a common method, often considered the most difficult part of the job, for SEO professionals focused on connexion building. It helps you to search outside source domain and page authorities and connexion URLs so that if the outside source were to connexion to your site or vice versa, you can decide how much link equity will be transferred.

This will help you find good websites and backlinks to be affiliated with, while also avoiding low-quality sites and poor links, to boost your connexion profile. Let’s check how you can find whether a domain is registered or not and how to purchase a domain name at a cheap price, without wasting your precious time.

How to use a Bulk domain availability checker?

A useful SEO tool that helps you to evaluate how authoritative various websites are is this bulk domain authority checker tool. It’s a common tool based on connexion building for search engine optimization professionals. The domain and page authority scores show how much connexion equity will be transferred from a “do-follow” outline from a particular site or page if it were connected to your site.

Increasing domain authority by building links has been quantitatively shown to enhance the ability of your site to rank well for your content/keywords in search engines. When you study larger website datasets, the Moz Trust and Moz Spam Score metrics appear to be less relevant, but they can still help you spot and avoid websites of low quality.

Here is the list of Best online Tools for Bulk Domain Availability Checking:

Link explorer

moz - best tool for checking domain in bulk

One of the awesome tools from Moz is Connection Explorer. It allows you to review a variety of domain analytics, such as domain authority, domain linking, inbound links, keyword ranking, anchor text, and top pages.

Connection Explorer, however, is a great tool for domain authority research. It predicts the potential for domain ranking through a domain authority score between 0 and 100.

In Link Explorer, there are additional features that also allow SEOs and bloggers to rate their keywords and compete with other niche sites. Spam Ranking, for example, tells the percentage of domains linked to their spam ratings. The feature of the top pages displays the pages with the highest page authority.


propostpro - domain checker in bulk.png

Prepostseo DA PA Checker, which occurs when the list of domain checkers is greater than just one! Well, it will take time for so many websites to produce success reports as you do one after another. The Prepostseo software DA checker is a simple-to-use resource that can be easily used by anyone who wants a da check.

The best thing about this site is that you can test the rating of 10 webpages in one go. URLs from one time to verify the authority of the site, making it easier to generate results in minutes in terms of time limitations.

Some tools only allow the user to check a single link’s domain or page authority at a time. As a result, if he has to search for many websites, the user has to spend a very long period. This restriction does not apply to users by the Prepostseo DA PA inspector.

To use this DA PA checker, do you need previous knowledge of SEO tools? The response to the question here is no. It is an easy method to choose, with the features being very handy. When making decisions about backlinks, there is clear reasoning that you have to apply.

You need to check any website’s history that is considered. How long has the organization been operating? Was it also involved in acts of counterfeiting? Does it have a good image in this situation, or are there doubts? These questions all matter a lot.


sitechecker - best tool for checking domain in bulk.png

SiteChecker is an SEO Suite with a bundle of tools to help you assess the SEO efficiency of your website and to examine your SEO score for further action. They have tools such as a health checker for websites, SEO tracking, and On-Page SEO checker, a free backlink checker, a rank tracker for websites, and a backlink tracker for websites. But it’s got everything you need to evaluate the health of your domain and web.

SEO is a mix of too many techniques, such as keywords, backlinks, domain authority, website authority, anchor texts, and methods for keyword analysis. Therefore, you have to have a tool for site inspection that within one umbrella does so many things. SiteChecker is an SEO app that seems ideal for SEOs and bloggers who want to keep an eye on SEO audit results and website analytics. There are three sets, and the price starts at 14 dollars a month.


project backlinks - best tool for checking domain in bulk.png

You can verify the domain authority of several sites with the Project Backlinks bulk DA checker app. This app is used above all to ease the work of SEO professionals and help you build connexions that are the most demanding part of your career. However, you can browse your domain authority and rival websites with this bulk Da checker app.

The DA checker portal of this website would also encourage you to keep a closer eye out to check the domain authority for managing numerous and insignificant websites. This DA PA checker tool is bug-free as well as runs easily. Furthermore, it serves as a bulk DA checker tool where the several authority of websites can be calculated simultaneously.

This DA PA checker tool’s automatic system also searches the URLs over the massive database and yields the best answer. They know everything critical to SEO and have the Domain Authority Checker Tools, Applications, and other consultancy services so that you can easily discover a good partnership with the website of your rival to build an unbeatable top SERP ranking strategy.


SEMScoop - best tool for bulk domain checker.png

SEMScoop is an SEO tool that makes it easy for beginners to study, web audit, and SEO score keywords. When it comes to the analysis of keywords, this instrument is outstanding. It not only finds the top sites ranking for such keywords, but also says the top sites ranking against the keywords’ domain authority.

The advanced connexion profile dives further into the audit of the domain and points out the domain jurisdiction, domains referred, MOZ rating, backlinks, and more. You may also study the profiles of rivals and outperform them in different places where their superiority is poor, with certain resources and tools in hand.

Finally, the service quality score analyses the content of the website and proposes modifications so that the website becomes more important to organic traffic. SEMScoop provides a free account with minimal options, but the premium accounts can still be updated.


ahrefs - best tool for checking domain in bulk.png

Ahrefs is one of the most trusted SEO management software in the industry that lets digital marketers, blogs, and SEOs conduct strategic analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, advertising research, rank analysis, and tracking of websites. Domain authority is specifically tied to the optimization of the search engine and the site’s environmental fitness.

As a website continues to gain momentum through social media, backlinks, and SEO, components such as page authority and domain authority continue to improve. The larger the chances of raising the domain authority, the more a platform does well in organic search. What Ahrefs does is that it enables brands, authors, and companies to keep track of their backlinks, anchor texts, domains of comparison, top landing pages, and domains of rivalry.

The domain authority, along with other metrics, increases as all these elements add to the success of the web. For $7, Ahrefs provides a 7-day preview.

Bulk DA Checker

bulk DA checker - best tool for checking domain in bulk.png

Bulk DA Checker is a free domain authority checker that can support up to 10 URLs at a time, which means 10 domains can be verified at once by the domain authority. You should still reset the URLs segment until you’re done and add the next domains in.

Other tools like bulk Alexa rank checker, special domain checker, URL extractor, and more are available for Bulk DA checker. Many of these free domain authority checking applications use the MOZ API, which ensures that the MOZ applications download the metrics of the domain authority.


Name.com - best tool for bulk domain checker.png

The bulk domain search tool for Name.com is a service offered by the registrar of the domain name, Name.com. You can search and file domain names in bulk with this tool. It does not appear to restrict the number of domain names and keywords, and it is possible to save the list of domain names/keywords you insert for later.

You can filter the search results by typing in a TLD manually, or by testing or unchecking an extension from the list of supported TLDs. You may also sort through bulk classes, who have simply clustered together domain name extensions based on a topic they all refer to, such as real estate, social, industry, etc. The ones for Legacy, ccTLDs, and featured TLDs are some of the most exciting bulk categories.

The “show backorders” filter, which reveals domains that may be available for purchase in the next five days, a.k.a. the domains that have reached the pending delete era, is one useful thing in this method.

These are the domains on which you can put an early bid before they reach the market. Each domain in the results is labeled after the testing process as either taken or available to connect to the cart and also with the tag ‘premium’ or ‘sell’ if that is the case.


namecheap - best tool for domain availability checker.png

As one of the most popular domain name registrars in the world, most of us are acquainted with Namecheap. As part of its domain name search functionality, Namecheap has a bulk domain name checker named “beast mode”. You can search up to 5000 full domains or keywords using Beast mode. The values can be entered manually or imported in the form of a CSV file, and your quest will have the following choices, regardless of whether the values are full domains or only keywords.

The probability of choosing between 471 TLDs, grouped into categories such as foreign, scholarly, common, non-English, and many more. The right to configure a domain name price range filter that can go as low as $0 or as high as $500,000. The choice to apply prefixes and suffixes to your own, pre-existing, or domain name. Finally, by dropping the last vowel or pluralizing nouns, the “transform” option, which you have guessed, transforms your keywords.

By revealing or hiding premium and inaccessible domains, the results of your search can be filtered and exported to a CSV file or exchanged through a connexion. Each eligible domain is shown with its annual price and a “add to cart” icon, while the inaccessible domains are identified as either taken or registered and come with a connexion, again via DomainAgents, to make a bid on the domain.



One of our favorite search tools for domain names is Domize. This tool can be used to check the domain names available (especially TLDs such as .com and country-specific domains such as .in, .io, etc.).

In the Domize domain checker tools, there are some essential choices and advanced settings. Look at the screenshot here. As you’ll find when you start using Domize, it gives you great tools and options that make it very easy to look up available domain names and registered domains.

There’s even a separate segment to get premium domains. You can purchase a top-level domain name from the premium section of the Domize Instant Domain Name Availability tool if you want to purchase already registered domains that have strong domain authority, page rank, SEMrush rank, and Alexa rank.

At Domize, there is a small but very helpful instrument. They’re staring at domains that you like. You can rate and check each domain name you like and want to purchase later and come back again.

Don’t worry. You don’t want to worry about an account being made. They use cookies for your session to be saved. So later on, you will lookup stared domain names. 


You’ve been through a list of the top three domain authority testing websites previously. Both of those instruments perform well. Also, MOZ created this domain authority metric to provide all domains’ authority ratings, and its domain authority metric is still widely used.

Back in the day, Google’s website ranking was a deciding factor for each website page on the Internet, but the methodology was inaccurate. On the other hand, though, the score of domain authority is well known and is probably the most accurate way to calculate the rank and authority of a website on the Internet.

If you have never concentrated on your site’s domain authority ratings, it is time to catch some of the domain authority checker resources above and check your DA rating. Choose the first one, and find out the website’s domain authority immediately. Also, you can use the above tips to improve your scores.

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