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Coinbase Alternatives: 15 Best Apps Like Coinbase in 2024


Cryptographic money trades have gotten exceptionally mainstream with the fast-developing interest in digital coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin. As the use of these digital resources in private and government offices builds, the interest to trade them for other cryptos, fiat, items, and administrations is bordering much higher. Coinbase is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the crypto market today. Coinbase was positioned fifteenth on the CryptoCoinCharts with an all-out share of the overall industry of 1%. The most extraordinary thing about Coinbase is that it fills in as a digital wallet and a trade. As more exchange platforms enter the market, you may be pondering, “What is the best Coinbase alternative?” 

This article investigates the cryptocurrency industry to recognize the primary Coinbase alternative, set up their structures, payment plans, and how they work. Coinbase is perhaps the most famous crypto trade platform offering its assistance to over 56 million+ enlisted clients and in more than 100 nations. The platform offers managed crypto exchanging services in the USA and doesn’t offer any leverage exchanging services. 

Coinbase intends to give a reasonable, proficient, and effective crypto exchanging stage throughout the globe. Even though Coinbase is one of the important exchanges working in the USA, it has numerous downsides. The stage charges very high expenses in the crypto market and offers no influence exchanging on crypto or futures market. 

We are listing down alternatives in contrast to Coinbase because of its limitations.

Here is the list of the best alternative to coinbase:


Liquid - apps like coinbase

This Japan-based trade has had a noteworthy record up until now. In a limit of two years, Liquid accomplished “high liquidity” status, by checking in more than $250 million in every day exchanging volume, all while not yet serving the US market. The organization has a great guide and attends on administrative assent. 

Mobile application accessible on iOS and Android and is completely functional. You can execute margin exchanges, see your stability and take a look at charts. 

Other than not being accessible for US residents, it is hard to track down any cons for Liquid. The exchange has recorded more than 80 diverse cryptocurrencies to exchange from, has reasonable exchanging fees, offers margin exchanging, completely useful mobile application, and is completely authorized in Japan, the organization’s office. 

When Liquid launches in US markets, it is extremely simple to envision it driving the board as far as exchanging volume. Its UI and highlights appeal to both the amateurs and further superior traders.


Binance - apps like coinbase

Binance isn’t just a trading platform for Bitcoin, it’s a trade stage for digital currency all in all. This Coinbase alternative says that they can help their customers purchase and sell digital money in no time, and they accept that they are one of the world’s greatest cryptocurrency trading platforms. 

Something that we love about this exchange stage is that they say they are viable with various devices, which implies that you can trade effectively and securely, yet you can take them any place you go. 

They additionally offer their customers 24/7 help, just as a functioning trading community, so you can connect with different traders, and get inside tips on where to put your digital currency.


Coinmama - apps like coinbase

Established in 2013, Coinmama is one of the more settled cryptocurrency stages in the blockchain space. FinCEN manages their US businesses. They have a skillful group and generally oblige a European client base. 

Some think that Coinmama is an exchange and they feel that they can utilize Coinmama to exchange cryptocurrencies. For instance, change from Ethereum to Bitcoin. This isn’t true in any case. 

Coinmama doesn’t permit its customers to trade digital currencies. All things considered, Coinmama is an extraordinary spot to purchase digital currencies like Bitcoin, Cardano, and Ethereum with dollars. 

When you use Coinmama, you’re not, in any event, exchanging with other clients. You are purchasing from and offering to Coinmama directly. It works in practically all nations. The highest limit for purchasing bitcoins is with a credit card. Coinmama is a trustworthy and committed broker. 

Some of the drawbacks are that the confirmation process is comprehensive, requiring a lot of individual data (including photographs) and bringing about a long delay. The GBP market also lacks liquidity.



CEX.io is a cryptocurrency trading platform that launched in 2013 and is situated in London. At first, the platform used to work as a trade and a Bitcoin mining pool. Beginning in mid-2015, the stage shut the cloud mining administrations to put more focus on the trade.

CEX.IO charges a limit of 0.20% on all little exchanges that are under 5 BTC. Nonetheless, this expense goes down as the exchange volume goes up. For instance, an exchange of more than 600 BTC is charged at just 0.1%. 

Like other unified trades, utilizing CEX.IO expects clients to begin by registering for an account. At that point, they need to store the funds they need to send to the accounts before initiating the exchange. 

The platform is accessible in numerous nations. CEX.IO supports various installment options, including pre-paid cards and wire transitions. It is accessible on numerous stages like cell phones, WebSocket, and Rest API. It upholds margin exchanging. The only drawback is that the exchange charge is high.


Kraken - apps like coinbase

Kraken started its businesses in San Francisco (USA) in 2011 and is considered one of the biggest BTC trades around the world. It likewise built a name as among the main Euro-to-Crypto trades internationally.

Besides BTC, Kraken exchanges ETH, LTC, DASH, XRP, MXR, and ten other virtual currencies. Clients can buy the diverse digital currencies through the USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, or JPY utilizing wire move or SEPA. 

SEPA implies the installment integration program of the European Union to improve bank transfers in the EURO division. SEPA comprises 28 countries of the EU. 

Kraken doesn’t uphold the acquisition of cryptocurrencies with credit or debit cards. 

Critical highlights of Kraken include the two-factor check for security and email support Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) and GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) marking and encryption. Kraken produces a master key to retrieve accounts.

It requires some time to confirm Kraken accounts utilizing three levels. Clients need the tolerance to go through every one of the stages. Follow the steps, so the whole cycle gets effective.



Gemini is a New York-based exchange platform that offers its administrations through its different products. The trade is confirmed to give the best security services in the whole crypto exchanging industry. 

Gemini offers a series of items to people and commercial companies. 

Gemini gives its dealers Gemini ActiveTrader to exchange crypto in microseconds. You can utilize different features on this platform like Market or cancel, quick or drop, limit, or fill-or-kill to submit and execute your demands. 

Gemini offers the best security administrations in the crypto market and thus likewise gives crypto custodial administrations. You would then be able to store your crypto resources in the most secure vaults in the business. 

Gemini clearing is like P2P exchanging as it assists you with purchasing or selling crypto resources from a person. Every one of your exchanges through Gemini clearing stays off the order book. Subsequently, Gemini just goes about as an outsider in this exchange. 

Gemini Pay permits you to use your crypto resources to pay for other goods at over 30,000 retail stores across the USA. You can utilize this element by downloading the Gemini application. 

Gemini utilizes cold storage administrations that have FIPS 140–2 Level 3 or higher ratings. The trade gets all your record exercises and exchanges through two-factor confirmation. Likewise, not even the CEO and the President alone or together can wrongfully withdraw any assets from Gemini’s cold storage.



This Luxembourg-based trade has won hearts and brains since its origin in 2011. Bitstamp is viewed as one of the best four trades and is Europe’s most experienced digital currency trade. The trade exchanges these coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. 

It has low, sincere fees. It has a good standing and provides solid security with several fiat deposits and withdrawal procedures. 

A few drawbacks of Bitstamp are relatively low 30-day volume, limited business sectors (EU centered), no margin trading, and a limited list of cryptocurrencies. 

The Fiat withdrawals take around 2-3 workdays and the normal reaction time for help tickets is 24-72 hours. You can finance your account using a wire-move or a credit card. 

This is a solid Coinbase alternative, especially due to its low fees, and most strikingly, free digital currency deposits and withdrawals. Implying that you can send your crypto here to try out the stage without causing any expenses.



Pionex is a splendid alternative to Coinbase since they are not just an exchange platform that you can exchange various cryptocurrencies on, yet they offer their customers exchanging bots too. 

They state that they offer their customers over 12 free crypto exchanging bots so you can get help smoothing out your trades and exchanges conveniently. Pionex has a ton of data on their site about how they work and how you can exchange better, including how to utilize a grid exchanging bot to bring in cash. 

They have fostered many networks around their elements with the goal that you can settle on the best choices for your cryptocurrencies and depend on the thing others are doing.



LocalBitcoin.com is another top option in place of Coinbase for clients who need to utilize fiat currencies. It is a peer2peer exchange platform that works with direct over-the-counter (OVC) purchasing and selling of Bitcoins and other top digital resources. 

The exchange platform was made in 2012 to help rearrange and secure the exchange of digital resources. The office of the trade is situated in Finland and hosts a worldwide organization of active purchasers and traders of different cryptocurrencies. 

Like Coinbase, LocalBitcoins.com permits clients to make installments and withdrawals utilizing prepaid cards, credit cards, and wire transfers. To utilize the site, you can join with an email address or validate the account with extra data to expand the degree of trust. 

Not at all like Coinbase that has a fixed expense for all dealers, clients at LocalBitcoins.com are permitted to send assets free of charge to different individuals on the stage. Nonetheless, those running notices are charged an exchange expense of 1% for each completed exchange. 

Although the platform is free, sending Bitcoins will in any case require a little expense charged by the individual wallet. In addition, clients who need to utilize the LocalBitcoins.com trader invoicing are charged an expense of 0.5% that is deducted from the paid receipt. 

As more individuals understand the experience of peer2peer exchange platforms, LocalBitcoins.com’s fame is relied upon to develop consistently.  

Since it is a peer2peer stage, merchants can buy Bitcoins privately. The stage upholds fiat deposits and withdrawals. It is accessible in many nations across the globe. You can utilize LocalBitcoins.com for various digital currencies. 

The trade is viewed as less ideal for the individuals who need to deal with extremely enormous volumes. Even though the exchanging stage is generally simple to use after one becomes used to it, starters find it moderately tricky.

Mycelium Local Trader

Mycelium Local Trader

Mycelium Local Trader applies to the LocalBitcoins-like aid incorporated into the Mycelium mobile application. The application utilizes the cell phone’s Global Positioning System (GPS) area for more common associations with different sellers.

It likewise makes a list of traders on the application also. Sellers can meet to trade cash with digital money or the other way around. The purchasers and merchants recommend the fees while the trade positions as the delegate. 

The agent uses the clients’ private keys for enlistment and affirmation with the office’s servers. Mycelium Local Trader holds data like locations, names, exchange histories, and sold orders with recorded locations.

To ensure secrecy, Local Trader utilizes a position with the organization address as a basis near the address. Clients can refresh the location from the Change Location choice or menu. 

Local Trader logs all activities including the server plus the broker’s name and specific time to debug. It erases the logs following a few days. The trade keeps exchanges for all time in the Chain.

Local Trader encodes all visits utilizing the BTC keys made open just to the people associated with the chats.



56% of all DEX exchanges happen on IDEX. This makes this decentralized trade a reasonable market pioneer. The runner-up as far as exchanging transactions is Kyber Network with a 12% share of the overall industry. IDEX uses Ethereum savvy deals and support and limit orders. 

A few of the many pros of IDEX are that it is the most fluid DEX and offers competitive expenses. It is available around the world and supports secrecy. IDEX has over 400 digital currencies sets 

It also has a few limitations like only ERC-20 tokens, only crypto deposits. It offers low volume contrasted with centralized trades.

IDEX permits clients to drop exchanges without spending gas. You can exchange directly from account wallets. It offers withdrawals of up to USD 5,000 per day for unverified clients.

With trade hacks getting typical, clients should begin thinking over DEXs as choices.



eToro is a principal alternative to Coinbase and the kind of trading platform that can help you exchange effectively so you never need to pass up another coordinated exchanging opportunity again. 

They state that the main thing you need to do is pick an investment item to begin, and afterward, you will rapidly acknowledge why these folks have more than 10 million customers as of now. 

Best of all, you can contribute your digital currency commission-free, and they say that there are no markups on driving trades, regardless of how much cash you wind up giving. 

On the off chance that you are new to investing, they even have exchange strategies that have been created by top-performing dealers that you can apply to your trades.

Robinhood Crypto

Robinhood Crypto

Robinhood Crypto is a site that assists you with purchasing and selling Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin. This application empowers you to deal with your cryptocurrencies with no problem. It permits you to alter your bits of various organizations and funds. 

You can get real-time market information using Robinhood Crypto. It empowers you to see analyst evaluations. You can exchange your cryptocurrencies by securing your data. It permits you to finish purchasing, selling, or exchanging your resources utilizing the mobile application. 



Changelly is a cryptocurrency trading platform that empowers you to trade Crypto quickly and get it with a bank card. It provides a service to exchange BTC (Bitcoin), XRP, ETH, and LTC(Litecoin). 

You can see the best rates presently accessible in the market. You don’t need any confirmation for a trading exchange. It upholds more than 150 digital currencies. This program gives API to use more elements.

Bitcoin ATM

A Bitcoin ATM is exactly what it seems like: an actual machine you approach to purchase Bitcoins. While not as helpful as a site, Bitcoin ATMs give a useful option as an alternative to Coinbase just as centralized trades.

All things considered, digital currency Automated Teller Machines have not taken off aside from a couple of nations with BTC machines. For this situation, clients just need fiat money like USD, EUR, or GBP.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau delivered a warning advising the public of higher exchange fees. In the meantime, media reports affirmed charges as high as seven percent and trade rates $50 more than customary figures.


To pick the best alternative to Coinbase, you need to comprehend the elements of the industry, particularly the arising risks and exchange charges. 

If you are searching for trustworthy Coinbase alternative, the laid-out alternatives are exceptionally safe and reliable. Look at which one fits well for your circumstance and requirements. Remember that the chosen Coinbase alternative can ensure better help if you likewise do your part.

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