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5 Best Criteria for Choosing Right Truck With Popular Options

Buying a new truck is relevant for successful dropshipping sites and private international carriers. Novice private truck drivers are more interested in low-cost used cars. What truck to buy for work?

Based on the main types of trucking, large-capacity trucks are more cost-effective. Ten-ton trucks with a cab and a body on a single chassis are the leaders in this regard, which are given the main attention in our review. But it is also worth remembering that buying a used truck should be done only after getting a FAXVIN truck report. This type of VIN-check is the only way to secure yourself from obtaining a damaged or stolen truck.

Five Main Criteria When Choosing a Truck

For owners of the private trucks and transport companies, the main criteria for choosing a truck are:

  • Reasonable cost: expensive novelties with numerous technical improvements are not popular.
  • Body type: universal trucks with metal bodies or refrigerated trucks are popular.
  • Specifications: drivers give preference to models with a traditional manual transmission. All-wheel drive chassis are in demand for operation on rural roads.
  • Performance: longevity of operation, engine life, reliability and durability of the chassis come first.
  • Maintainability: the availability of spare parts and the possibility of self-repair are especially important.

Best Trucks to Choose in 2020



This truck has excellent technical characteristics, a decent level of fuel consumption and good maintainability. The truck is equipped with a comfortable modern cab, where the driver can relax, as if at home. The mass of a car is 18 – 44 tons.

Scania P400

The Scania P400 6×4 truck will do an excellent job with regional transportation. The cab features of this vehicle include equipment that provides a high level of driver’s comfort. Easily controllable and economical, it is equipped with powerful fog lights. Moreover, this truck complies with the recent European eco-standards.

Volvo FH16

Volvo FH16

This Swedish truck is popular in both Europe and the US. Two fuel tanks of 550 liters, 90 km. per hour, maximum speed and the ability to carry up to 80 tons of cargo, complete safety when driving on roads — these are the reasons why Volvo FH16 is loved all over the world.

Mercedes-Benz Actros SLT

Mercedes-Benz Actros SLT

There are a lot of trucks, but Mercedes-Benz Actros SLT is among the most attractive and hard-working cars at the same time. These machines are very suitable for transporting cargo that cannot be divided into parts — turbines, transformers, ships, windmills, etc. Initially, the car is designed to work for many years without breakdowns, so all body parts, motors, and cabs are made with the highest quality.

Only reliable trucks that were tested by time and received a lot of positive reviews were included in our list. Finally, there are no doubts about their strength and power. So, what option is the best for you?

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