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Calendly Alternatives: 10 Best Sites like Calendly in 2022

Calendly Alternatives

Calendly and its alternatives are your focal point for booking meetings expertly and productively, dispensing with the problem of to and fro messages so you can save your time and spend it on working instead.

Effectively perceived as the instinctive booking pioneer for more than 10 million individuals throughout the planet, Calendly currently offers broadened capacities for groups with amazing collaboration tools, strong organization controls, and top-level security and consistency.

It boasts of powerful integrations with Zoom, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, and Slack. However, it has two major drawbacks – High cost and a limited amount of tools and services.

To have a more diverse experience without burning a hole in your pocket, we have curated this list of the best Caendly alternatives to try right away!

These apps and softwares will provide you with efficient options to book meetings, take care of your schedule and avoid overlapping meetings, send across email reminders and alerts, set enough time between two meetings, and a whole lot more.

Here below Is The List Of Best Alternatives To Calendly: 

Zen Planner

Zen Planner: Alternative To Calendly

Zen Planner is one of the top Calendly alternatives especially for fitness businesses like martial arts training centers, gyms, fitness studios, gymnastics schools, etc. It works as an effective business management solutions provider.

It streamlines customer support and invoice generation. Zen Planner moreover gives a specially designed form to members that lock in their progress by tracking their workout regime, diet plans, training sessions, and schedules. Additionally, it comes with profile management and community-building tools.

With Zen Organizer, you’ll make lovely and mobile-optimized websites to draw in more clients. SEO tools and online advertisement campaigns are included in each site you make to assist you to rank higher on search results.

It provides online planning and participation tracking, simplified computerized invoice processing, and integration with secure payment gateways. Along with this, they also provide social media and other online marketing campaigns.

Workouts can be tracked efficiently and overall, this helps both the clients and the business owners save a lot of time. It is available for download on both Android and iOS. Detailed reports and analytics are also provided based on real-time screening of data.

Calendar Hero

Calendar Hero: Alternative To Calendly

Calendar Hero is one of the best great Calendly alternatives that will cost you around  $8/month if you go for a professional Plan and $12/month for the team Plan.

This app is not available for download per se on the AppStore and PlayStore. However, it is completely responsive on cell phones and incorporates Slack, Outlook, Gmail, and much more.

CalendarHero stands apart from other Calendly alternatives with its AI-fueled meeting scheduler. The apparatus syncs up with your schedules, suggests meeting timings dependent on your accessibility, and sends suggestions to attendees, so you can go on with your day without having to look at your schedule again and again.

Since it’s viable with Zoom.us, Microsoft Teams, Google, Webex, and more, you can associate CalendarHero to auto-populate meeting links for all your conferences.

The People Insights highlight gives you a summary of who you’re meeting with by pulling up openly accessible data related to your invitees.

You can utilize CalendarHero’s Meeting Types feature to make your meeting experience exactly how you want it, so you can get away from the hassle of last-minute meetings or even meetings that don’t have many gaps between them. You can also prioritize clients if you wish to.

Thanks to AI models, CalendarHero comprehends your work propensities, meeting patterns, and relationship with contacts, removing the manual pressure from planning.

The only limitation is that Calendar Hero’s AI will take a small amount of time to adapt to your regular meeting habits. You will need a Google or Microsoft account to log in.

It is the most suitable for salespeople, support reps, and advertisers who need to book meetings quicker and dispose of constant to and forth emails.


VCita: Alternative To Calendly

VCita Online Scheduling is a self-service meeting scheduling software that is coordinated into the VCita business management suite which incorporates different apparatuses like CRM, charging and invoicing, online installment, customer management, promotions via email, customer gateway, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

It is a virtual versatile ERP stage with Online Scheduling as one of its segments committed to taking care of meetings scheduling, appointments, and calendar management.

The cloud-facilitated programming is ideal for SMBs and occupied experts like bookkeepers, business and promoting specialists, mentors, guides, teachers, fitness coaches, etc who offer services and need to appropriately sort out their timetables.

With highlights intended to take care of your meetings via VCita Online Scheduling will save you time on coordination, adequately dispose of to and fro correspondence with your customers, and help you increment customer satisfaction.

Some unique features that make it a better alternative than Calendly include its Contact Us form. Its Contact Us form empowers coordinated contacts management and offers options for web-based booking and invoice generation.

Furthermore, you can put a Contact Us form on each page of your site to welcome guests to reach you. You can get more customers and smooth out their correspondence with your colleagues effectively. You can also respond and follow up with any customer inquiries you may have received.

Book Like A Boss

Book Like A Boss

BookLikeABoss is one of the most suitable Calendly alternatives that come with a 14-day free trial plan. Paid plans start with $90/year with two months free.

Not every person needs an all-out site to maintain a business. At times all you require is is an amazing booking page that assists you with dealing with all your scheduling. This platform also gives you the added advantage of helping you with the promotion and sales of your services and products.

With this power-packed meeting scheduling center point, you can likewise advance your social media links to help your social media presence, share leads, FAQs to address queries, and incorporate reviews from existing clients to gain new customers. Book Like A Boss is an All-in-one adjustable booking page with limitless appointments, products, and administration listings.

It does not have a mobile application. It also has only a limited number of integrations that it can provide. Book Like A Boss is best for small enterprise owners and individuals who are more into freelancing.


HoneyBook: Alternative To Calendly

Honeybook is a powerful business management stage, especially for independent ventures and consultants. It is a start to finish solution that smoothens business activities. It is a solution from project management and customer booking to charging and invoicing.

Computerization tools of Honeybook permit you to set your work processes on autopilot. Important aspects, for example, meeting scheduling, subsequent meet-ups, installment updates, and thank you messages can be computerized. This assists you with giving prompt reactions to your customers without missing any single request.

Besides booking highlights, Honeybook has total apparatuses for business management, similar to project tracking, charging, and invoicing. It stores all customer records, like timetables, meeting updates, and installment history, in one coordinated stage.

Its project tracking element gives you a total perspective on the entirety of your projects’ and tasks’ advancement. It allows you to speak with your customers via a perfect messaging arrangement.

Honeybook also provides a free 7-day trial version. It provides integrations with Zoom, Quickbooks, Zapier, Gmail, and Google calendar.

Sidekick AI

Sidekick AI: Alternative To Calendly

This Calendly alternative is available for download on AppStore as well as PlayStore.

We are sure that if you are looking for Calendly alternatives then you definitely are facing a lot of situations that require constant back and forth emailing of confirmations.

Suppose, a client emails you and proposes a date and time to schedule a meeting, but your calendar is not free for the proposed coordinates. You will then have to go back to them with a different schedule and await their confirmation.

And we all know that this communication can keep going back and forth for a long time. That is a ton of steps for only one call!

With Sidekick Ai, you never need to go through these tedious assignments again.

At the point when a client reaches you, forward the email to Sidekick. It automatically messages your client with a rundown of your accessible occasions. When a time allotment is picked, Sidekick plans it in your schedule and informs you.

Cool, isn’t that so? This meeting scheduling application is almost like your virtual personal assistant!

However, there are a few drawbacks such as lack of incorporations (for example Zoom, Slack), however, this is already under development. Sidekick Ai was simply dispatched in May 2020, so it’s expectedly missing a couple of highlights.

Sidekick AI comes with a free trial version and also a $10/month plan.



SimplyBook.me is one of the leading Calendly alternatives that can be utilized by a scope of organizations to smooth out their booking and planning techniques. It can easily be accessed via laptops as well as cell phones. It permits clients to make appointments every minute of every day from anywhere.

The application consequently sends email/SMS updates. It also sends confirmation notifications after a booking, and customers can cancel the meeting whenever they need. You can modify the booking page and add it to your organization’s website or Facebook fan page.

Furthermore, this stage additionally permits you to accumulate criticism from your clients in the form of feedback to improve services and client experience.

SimplyBook.me can be effortlessly incorporated with a lot of other online services. You can gather more data about customers utilizing extra field plugins. The discovery plugin offers profound insights into business activities.

The payment plugin permits you to acknowledge online installments through Paypal, Bitcoin, Dwolla, Skrill, and Zooz before a booking is affirmed.



Vocus.io is more than just a Calendly alternative in terms of online scheduling tools.

This full-stack email outreach stage is a Chrome extension for Gmail and GSuite that accompanies three items in a single spot: Inbox, Calendar, and Campaigns.

With Vocus.io, you get the most value for your money. It offers highlights traversing across booking meetings, email promotion set-up, and group collaboration, at just $5-$20 every month.

Several users of online scheduling platforms have switched from Calendly to Vocus owing to its pocket-friendly and feature-rich environment.

Vocus is a superior instrument as it offers the entirety of its highlights for just $5 per month. That incorporates scheduling utilizing Gmail, customized domain, customized form, customized filters, and reconciliations with CRMs, Zoom, and Native Salesforce.

It is affordable and simple to utilize. Its only drawback can be that it is only accessible as a Chrome extension; no help for mobile devices.

It also provides a free 30-day trial version.


Workiz: Alternative To Calendly

Workiz is a task planning and management programming software that allows organizations to appoint responsibilities to on-field service professionals. Administration-based organizations can utilize Workiz instruments to keep steady appointments and processing of payments, and ultimately boosting income.

Workiz is important for the requirements of the on-field service industry. For example, those that give fixing of electronic appliances, plumbing, and such.

The principal highlight of Workiz is its simplified and color-coded schedule. This highlight makes it simple to plan client visits dependent on their service regions. Workiz additionally makes gathering client payments speedy and bother-free.

The portable application allows professionals to acknowledge MasterCard installments right on their service location. Workiz has an online booking framework that you can add to your site. You can also add it to your online media profile to show your genuine accessibility progressively.



Drift is one of the most amazing Calendly alternatives that offer free live chat. You can also get your own tailor-made paid plans. It is available for download on both Android and iOS.

If you deal with a sales group, you’d realize how baffling it is when clients get doled out to the wrong salespeople.

With Drift, you will never have to deal with this problem again.

This well-known conversational advertising platform utilizes directing clients in such a way that ensures every client books a gathering with the apt salesperson from your group. Furthermore, you can even invite these clients with a hyper-customized message when they land on your site.

Its key features include lead directing and customized customer profiles. Drift’s existing customers claim that they can create profiles that look exceptional.

However, cost-wise, the Calendly alternative is not as cheap as the others on our list. They have steep fee structures. Most highlights (e.g., lead directing) are just accessible in Drift’s Premium and Enterprise plans.


To summarize, there is a great deal of Calendly alternatives accessible out there, so don’t simply adhere to the first one you attempt to use. What works for others might not be the best fit for you.

Make sure you jot down your exact requirements and then go through our extensive list to figure which one would meet your needs to the fullest. You can also always try out more than one option by taking advantage of their trial versions!

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