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10 Best Online Shoes Shopping Sites in India (2024) with Reviews

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Shoes were invented to protect and comfort foot around 8000 BC and emerged as a fashion statement with passing time. Earlier shoes were made from leather, wood, and canvas but in recent times use of petrochemical products like rubber and plastic in is increasing rapidly. The price may range from the cheapest to the most expensive ones.

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A huge variety and design of shoes are now available in the market for various activities from mountaineering to sports from the red carpet to mining. The value of a good pair of shoes is constant. Whatever the occasion may be befitting shoes paired with an outfit is the need of the hour.

The intention of providing shopping assistance has led us to compile a list of the top 10 best footwear websites to go shoe hunting.


Here is the list of 10 Best Online Shoes Shopping Sites in India:

1. Amazon

amazon Logo

A fashion extravaganza to serve you the trendiest footwear collections. Choose from a plethora of collections available under every price tag. Best offers to quench your thirst for the most expensive and exquisite Brands.

This website here offers an amazing collection of Kids footwear along with men’s and women’s footwear collections. The perfect place to shop for people with a fetish for foreign Footwear brands as imported footwear collections is also available on Amazon.

2. Flipkart

Read customer reviews before buying

The Indian fashion paradise is a hoarder of all shoes trendy! The huge collection of up-town ethnic wear footwear is what makes this website an exclusive marketplace.

Trading under all price tags and serving all categories ranging from women’s footwear, men’s footwear, kids footwear, sports footwear to flip-flops and slippers this website fails to disappoint any of its potential buyers.

Brands are here to please the buyers with eccentric and unbelievable offers. The no1. Footwear shopping site to indulge in Guilt-free shopping is finally here, so go ahead and save even when you shop!

3. Jabong

JabongRead customer reviews before buying

This one here is another in-vogue online shop for all your footwear needs. An elite class collection of shoes never fail to impress the inner shopaholic in you.

Get-free splurging is totally possible when it comes to shopping due to their offers all-round the year paired up with surprising festive season offers.

A good customer-care ensures smooth and hassle-free transactions to suit your comfort.

4. Paytm mall

Paytm mall

Read customer reviews before buying

A good collection of footwear for girls and boy paired with extremely profitable offers and deals to choose from. This website is an online wallet and shopping site combined into unity.

The website enjoys a hefty sum of customers owing to its online wallet system. Paytm money can be collected from cashback offers to be redeemed against any purchase made from the Paytm mall.

Purchasing footwear online can become a tragedy if the footwear doesn’t make you feel comfortable and getting a refund can become a cumbersome job. Not with Paytm as the paytm cash refunded can be used anywhere ranging restaurants to multiplexes.

So bis farewell to all the stress and choose your favorite pair of footwear from the infinite styles offered at Paytm.

5. Myntra


Read customer reviews before buying

Presenting the current reigning shopping website on the Indian horizon. The exclusive footwear collection ranges from women’s footwear, kids footwear, Men’s footwear to Sports and fitness footwear.

This website doesn’t only host Brands of Indian origin or Indian availability but also trades in Brands from foreign fashion houses to stay in vogue.

Another safe Haven for people fearing their size selection, this website here allows you to try your footwear before deciding to keep it. The one-of-a-kind feature is a characteristic specialty of Myntra making it a popular choice among buyers.

6. Bata


An absolute delight for Footwear shoppers, this website trades exclusively in footwear and merchandise associated with footwear ranging from shoe polish, socks, whiteners, false soles and foot rollers to name a few.

An enormous collection of footwear ranging from women’s shoes, kids shoes, men’s shoes, sports shoes, flip-flops, rainwater shoes, gumboots, industrial boots and shoes for people with special needs are available on this website.

This popular name has become a staple in every Indian household, let it be school shoes for kids or fashion sandals for women Bata is the hallmark of quality. This website here only stocks in-house footwear lines along with their affiliate brands to ensure the best-in-class quality.

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7. Ajio


Read customer reviews before buying

A website trading in shoes and renowned for its renowned in-house footwear collections. Footwear collections are gaining popularity worldwide due to an ability to make or break an outfit.

But fret not as Ajio’s up-town footwear collection comes to your vogue rescue. Exclusive designs offered at Ajio’s website are limited to their website altogether along with some of the finest deals and offers to choose from.

Collections range from infant footwear, kids footwear, men’s footwear, and women’s footwear leaving no stone unturned for providing an all-around shopping experience to its customers.

8. Fashos


An exclusive footwear house focusing only on the footwear trade have emerged as an e-commerce player very recently. Gaining momentum in the market did not come easy for these guys who are constantly improving on their deals and offers to build and maintain their cliché. Never the less, the collections are competitive with decent designs and budget-friendly price tags.



Read customer reviews before buying

Stay in-vogue forever with the trendiest collection of footwear from KOOVS your one-shop footwear destination. Fret not if you don’t find your footwear match anywhere offline as this website hosts its own line of footwear collections for the trendiest spirits living on this planet.

Terrific collections of in-house fashion steal your breath away and yet don’t know hefty price tags to worry about. Budget-friendly collections with superb offers make it a shoppers paradise.

10. Lifestyle


The cult-favorite Lifestyle store comes to your place, only this time with better offers and exclusive bargains. If you are someone who indulges in window shopping, you will realize the worth of this online shopping website.

Boasting of the greatest brands available in the country, it houses collections for men, women, girls, and boys.

11. BATA


Bata, the complete family shopping destination is the favorite footwear brand residing in the Indian hearts. With over 100 years of existence, the company has been passionately serving through the medium of 1000+ offline stores and online platforms that have great turnovers, all thanks to the branded shoes and heart-warming services.

With widespread popularity, the e-commerce website is suitable for all varieties of men, women and kids shoe items crafted with jaw-dropping designs, one that you would not be able to find easily in the market at such a price.

Head over to the website now and shop away quality products with bonanza offers and discounted prices.

12. Limeroad

Limeroad Logo

Fashion is the new language of today’s generation and one simply can never get over it!

Driving us crazy with an irresistible urge to shop fashionable picks, Limeroad, the online shopping website has been making its presence felt since 2012. With mesmerizing products that will make you fall in love, the company was born with one of the trendiest collections of apparels but is no more limited to that.

From in-vogue clothing pieces to beyond perfection shoes, from magnificent home décor to super useful kitchen items, everything on the display is a worthy purchase.

Not to forget, the fashion stories and look book section is the cherry on top, as the word of fashion news is spread out from the mouth of bloggers and divas here.



Did someone say sportswear?

When it comes to athleisure, one online brand that arrests us with its high-fashion and trending collection is Adidas. The fashion label is omnipresent in the world of sports and sweats. The online shop of Adidas can be credited much for the collaboration- SPORTS x Fashion.

Some legendary names from the world of sports endorse the brand, thus the wide customer base is self-explanatory. The most significant product sold through the website is branded shoes.

Look through and you will find a shoe for every sport. Even if you are not a sporty person, then the superstar sneakers will definitely catch your eye. Other categories of products include bags, clothing, and accessories for both men and women.

14. ZARA

ZARA logo

Owned by the sixth richest man of the world, Zara is a luxury brand that started with baby steps through a small fashion store in Spain that actually sold common designs and even lookalikes of trendy products at a lower price in its earlier days.

Things went pretty well for the label and its success story was jotted down in golden words. Now, it yields high revenue through 2000+ stores with collections adorned by celebrities and trend lovers.

The online platform ships to 96 countries and the innovative designs of the clothing line are always in the wishlist of the customers. The site also has subdivisions like Zara TRF- apparel edits for teenagers. The sale section on the site is a major attraction and you may get a good bargain there!

15. Wildcraft


Wildcraft, the e-commerce website, aims at explorers and travel enthusiasts with its range of completely weatherproof products. Be it water-resilient rain suits or long-lasting rucksacks or trek-suited sturdy shoes, this site has got the best of everything.

Apart from the outdoor collection, the wide varieties of college bags here are sold in big numbers too! Engineering the technologies needed for increasing durability of products in different climatic conditions, the company has effectively embedded the items with the best kind of features.

The colorful design of bags is too cool to miss and you will be flaunting it all the way among your peers!

16. Skechers

Skechers logo

The graphic prints with colored splashes of the BOBS collection, the extremely flexible and breathable Sketch-KNIT pieces and the Sport collection that provides speed and power of running- SKECHERS has successfully rephrased the quintessence of shoemaking with the way of lifestyle.

The men and women apparels section sells basic sportswear to the customers. The online platform has created a BUZZ on the internet not only with the extraordinary shoe business but a variety of initiatives it takes.

The GOrun club, walkathons, and marathons are just a few examples to quote the athletic spirit of the company. Also, there are various categories of sale from 25% to 60% off that the site offers many times in a year, so keep looking for the opportunity!

17. PUMA logo

Puma- the online website that made the notion of ‘Forever Faster’ go viral on the internet with its exclusive range of products to match the speed. The branded label stands parallel in the league of world-leading sportswear companies including Adidas, Nike, etc.

The collection is not only the perfect amalgamation of fashion and sports but also brings these arenas a bit closer through its athletic wear. Even Hollywood gem Selena Gomez vouches for it!

The products have all price ranges from low to high and the collection is endless, so you will always find something good to add to your cart, taking budget into consideration. The innovative designs are dropped at intervals and the hot new SG x Puma is breaking the records!

18. Reebok

Reebok logo

The German athleisure brand Adidas took over this label and owns it since 2005. The merger gave stellar benefits to both the parent and subsidiary company; hence, Reebok can be termed as a fast-selling fitness company that operates online and ground stores.

Imbibing to its key motive of becoming the best fitness brand in the world, it has stood out as an unforgettable obsession of sports lovers. The online shop is known for its out-of-the-box ideas and its risk-taking ventures; as we remark that only the daring ones survive the market.

The latest drop of Aztrek, Flexweave and Sole fury pieces have set the trend-bars quite high!

19. TATA Cliq


Tata CLiQ is a complete online shopping store that will catch your attention at the very first sight due to the big offers for the shoppers. The billionaire brand Tata enterprises has been contributing to make our life easy and comfortable, and this venture is another add-on to its services.

You can buy genuine electronic appliances like Air conditioners, Washing machines, etc. and that too at huge discounts. You can shop for clothing, shoes, and pieces of jewelry as the site has the biggest fashion talk in the market.

The BRAND Boutique section stacks all the brands whereas the Most CLiQ-ed section picks the hottest trends so that you can shine in those stunning pieces.

No more rushing to the malls or shopping complexes when you can get anything at your doorstep on a single click here at CLiQ!

20. Clarks

Clarks logo

The online footwear shopping destination is among the favorite brands admired by men and women. Clarks has made quite a name when it comes to stylish heels and comfortable shoes.

Bridging the gap between fashion and comfort has always been the topmost priority of creators and designers of the shoe industry. This brand has achieved laurels in this arena and the high selling products prove this statement.

Scroll to the Originals section of the site to unveil featured products that are a bit expensive but authentic and skilfully crafted. The Editorial section is just like a beacon of knowledge to help you choose the best.


Amazon and Flipkart serve your purpose if you are looking forward to buying any specific design of shoes.Paytm mall is your greatest option if you are short on budget and need to manage your expenses.

Myntra is the best option for college-goers who which to buy fashionable yet budget-friendly shoes.Ajio and Koovs are the best if you have a flexible budget and do not wish to compromise on fashion. Shop Lifestyle if you are shopping for any special occasion.

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