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10 Best SEO Companies in India You Should Try in 2024

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It is common knowledge these days that if one desires to succeed in any form of business, then they have to take the help of the internet. An area of global importance, the internet is the greatest platform for an advertisement that one can ever hope to have.

Billions of eyes, all at once, can be on your product or service. The biggest billboards in the world could not achieve the feat that a single post on Twitter, Blogspot, Facebook or Instagram can.

However, that fact that the internet can be used to exponentially boost one’s business is not a secret, and almost every company worth its salt puts itself online. What matters is how you make sure people see you, and not your competitor. This is where SEO companies come in.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. What needs to be understood is that people will always use a search engine to find things, rather than try and go to specific sites. For example, if someone wants to buy a bookshelf, they will search on Google for the best quality and prices before they go to specific websites.

SEO companies make sure, with a combination of digital marketing and website upgrades, that your website is one of the top results on any search engine. This increases online traffic to your website and ensures that people know about your business and your products. As such, SEO companies are the cornerstone of digital marketing today.

It is, therefore, imperative that you know which SEO company is best for your needs. Which is why, given below, are the ten best SEO companies in India.



True to its name, this Delhi based company makes sure that there is a steady traffic of people to your webpage. Delivering several stellar services such as Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, and Link Building, PageTraffic becomes the one stop solution to all of your marketing requirements.

PageTraffic also boasts of some incredible clients which include OLX, Stellar and Custom Embossers. It is definitely a top choice for those intending to popularize their online portals.

Vipra Business Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

Vipra Business Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. logo

Vipra Business Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. prides itself as being a company that not only helps you advertise your website, but develop it as well. From market analysis to cost estimation, Vipra gives you an all-around picture of the things that you need to do to make your business a success.

Their services, such as content marketing, content writing, and online reputation management, are state-of-the-art and geared towards making your band as recognisable as possible.

Digital SERP

digital serp logo

Digital SERP is the leading and fastest-growing SEO Company. They are dealing in Managed SEO, eCom SEO, SEO Audit, Local SEO, Content Marketing, App Store optimization.

They believe in delivering results. That’s why they have 100K+ Hours work experience, 50+ SEO Professional, ranked more than 200K+ keywords.

Icecube Digital

Icecube Digital logo

Just like any other company on this list, Icecube Digital also does the run-of-the-mill SEO services, but their claim to fame lies in their mobile app, WordPress and video services. While their SEO services are top notch, Icecube Digital also lets you branch out into different areas of the internet.

Today, almost every business has a dedicated app that lets its customers interact with them in an easy and efficient manner. Icecube Digital makes spectacular apps that serve as a mobile extension of your business.

The company also helps you create an excellent WordPress page where you can put up blogs regarding your business practices, as well as videos that you can put on your webpage or YouTube channel.


eBrandz logo

If you are a budding or small business, then eBrandz is the SEO company for you. Having been in the business since 2003, eBrandz has worked with business giants like Mercedes-Benz, Elgin Hotels and Disney World.

They, however, specialise in helping small businesses flourish. Their impressive catalog of services (which includes website design and development) will help businesses reach the zenith of their potential.


Techmagnate logo

Certain businesses need an online presence to bring business to them. For example, if you are a food delivery service, people need to know that they can come to you for their deliveries.

How this can be done is through search engine optimization and a good web design. Two things that Techmagnate excels at. Their excellent work has gained them the patronage of companies like LG and Network18, and they continue to rise through the ranks of SEO companies with their stupendous services.

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Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

A giant in the field of search engine optimisation, Cyber Infrastructure has work with companies specialising in travel to gaming.

By working with almost the entire gamut of industries, Cyber Infrastructure has an amazing foresight and can accurately access the steps that need to be taken to improve the presence of your business online.

YNG Media

YNG Media logo

YNG Media has been partnered with some of the most renewable brands today.

Their client list boasts of names such as Ritu Kumar, GRASIM, Satya Paul, Ferns n Petals and Pan Villas. They specialise in search engine optimisation, ecommerce, branding, ad creation and lots more.


Webnexs logo

As the days go by, search engine optimization is becoming more complex and innovative. One of the companies that are matching of technological innovation is Webnexs. It has become quite well known, thanks to its work software and script development.

Using its ground-breaking prowess in software engineering, Webnexs has proven time and again that it is a giant amongst SEO companies.

Webguru Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.

Webguru Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. logo


With age comes experience, and with experience comes excellence. This is the reason behind the fame and success of Webguru Infosystems.

Having been in this line of business for more than a decade, the company knows all the nooks and crannies of search engine optimisation. Webguru Infosystems helps you avoid pitfalls and unnecessary risks, while it creates the perfect online identity for your business.


 SurgeStream logo

SurgeStream takes a very strategic approach to search engine optimisation. It is their belief that merely sending traffic to a website is not enough, the visitors must take an interest in the business as well. In short, they wish to convert website visits into actual business opportunities.

They do so by studying your business competitors, state of the market and the services that you provide. This allows them to make an online campaign that will bring potential business opportunities right to your doorsteps.

These were the top ten SEO companies in India that can give your business an amazing boost online. Make sure to go through their websites, and choose the services that will help your business grow to its maximum potential.                   

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