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10 Best Packers and Movers in India (2022) – Get Cheapest Quotes!

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Moving is stressful for all of us. However, there are two options; we can either embrace the change or resist it. It’s best to embrace the change.

Accept the move with a positive attitude, research the new area or city that you are going to move to and above all look forward to the new chapter of your life that is about to unfold and the new friends you are going to make.

However, the key to a stress-free move lies in hiring the best Packers and Movers in India.

With their expert packing and unpacking skills, they help ease our burden of moving; house, office or vehicle while ensuring that our precious belonging sand memories are moved with utmost care. But they are available a dime a dozen, how do we know which one to choose?

Some key features to keep in mind while choosing your Movers & Packers are –

  • Type of move – Is the relocation within the same city, or are you moving to another state or an international location.
  • Quality – The quality of packaging material used and the necessary skill required to pack and unpack fragile items like electronics, crockery, furniture or for that matter a coveted painting.
  • Safety – How safe are your goods during transit? Is it insured from damage and theft?
  • Timeliness – Time is of the essence when relocating and a company that delivers on set deadlines wins hands down.
  • Cost – Ultimately, we as customers all want value for our money hence a company that offers good quality services while being easy on the pocket is a bonus that cannot be foregone.

Another plus is if the company offers a cost calculator on its site to give a rough estimate of how much the move is going to set us back by.

Based on the parameters mentioned above, we have compiled a list.

Here’s the list of Best Packers and Movers in India (2018)  to shift your things:

1. Sehdev Packers & Movers

Sehdev packer & mover


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Location – Wide network of offices across all key areas within India, in Tier one and Tier 2 cities of India.

2. Urban Relocations Packers & Movers 

Urban Relocation

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3. Safe Express Packers and Movers


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4. Happy Packers and Movers Pvt. Ltd.

Happy Packers and Movers

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What’s striking about this company is the fact that it started off as a start-up in Pune specializing in their location of households and office furniture but in a short span of time has grown and forayed into warehousing, vehicular transportation, and transportation of Industrial equipment across India.

The option of ensuring goods against theft and damage helps in establishing credibility for the company.

Attention to detail and valuing and understanding customer needs sets this company apart.

Growth is on the company’s agenda and we can hope to see more offices sprouting across the Country providing better access and convenience to Indians.

Location – Wide network of offices across all key areas in Pune and in Tier one and Tier 2 cities of India.

5. Arya Packers & Movers

Arya Packers & MoversRead Arya Packers & Movers Customer Reviews

True to its motto “Excellent service is our assurance”, the company has an impressive 99% referral rate and is the 5th largest in its sector in India.

15 plus years of experience in the industry, trained and efficient staff and flexible timings is what sets this company apart.

They provide reliable service across India when it comes to Domestic and Office removals, and they also specialize in storage and packing facilities. What’s more? Their website allows you to get a free quote on submission of the free quote form.

Location – With Branches across all metros and other tiers 1 & 2 cities in India

6. Leoreliable Packers and Movers

LEO-Relaaible logo

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Leoreliable Packers & Movers One of the topmost packers & movers service providers. It started off as a start-up in Pune specializing in their location in 2005.The main service of this packers & movers packing, loading, relocation, insurance of house or office and unloading of stuff from your city to all over India. It also provides Doorstep service for in your own city, wherever you reside.

Contact Reviewsxp for Best deals:  +919306344986 (Also on WhatsApp)

Location – With branches across all metros and other tiers 1 & 2 cities in India

7. Kuber Logistics Movers and Packers Pvt. Ltd.

Kuber Logistics Movers & Packers
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An ISO certified company, their USP would be affordable relocation services without compromising on quality and delivery of cargo on time.

They boast of having rates that are 25% cheaper in comparison to other companies.  The goods are handled with utmost care and the cost levied is all inclusive comprising; packing & unpacking, transport, loading & unloading, reorganizing and stowage.

Their corporate client list is quite impressive and includes Industry majors such as Citibank, Dabur, and Hyundai to name a few.

Location – Offices across all major Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities of India

8. Maxwell Packers and Movers

Maxwell packers and movers
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Along with relocation of homes, offices, automobiles, and industries, Maxwell also specializes in the transportation of precious art and sculptures and warehousing and storage of crucial documents.

This Logistics company helps relocate both within the country and internationally at economical costs.

9. Omx International Packers and Movers

Omx packers and movers
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If you are moving to Maharashtra look no further than OMX.

This Pune based company is fast spreading its wings and now offers its services across the nation. Think relocation of household goods, offices, cars and industrial products. They do it all.

Equipped with smart technology that allows customers to track their cargo and provides information on the weight and quantity mass index of their goods, gives OMX an added edge.

Location – Stationed in Pune with an extensive network across Maharashtra and tier one and tier two cities of India.

10. Professional Packers and Movers PVT. LTD.

Professional Packers and movers
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An ISO certified company it specializes in household relocation and also renders services in car, office, shop and Industry transfer. They also provide cargo and warehousing facilities.

The company operates in both the domestic and international markets. Our very own veteran actor – Amir Khan has availed of their services. To list a few, they have rendered their services to the Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of India.

Location – Across all major tier 1 and 2 cities of India

11. Skywing Packers and Movers

Skywing Packers and movers
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It is a one-stop shop for all relocation needs be it household or corporate; local, national or international. They specialize in car transportation and offer some great value -added services in terms of acquainting the people with their new area. They impart vital information pertaining to: medical facilities, banks, public transportation, shopping malls and other leisure & recreational facilities.

They also offer childcare and elderly care for the moving individuals so that the process of relocation flows seamlessly.If you have pressed for time this is the company you want to call because they not only deliver your goods but also unpack them and place them where you want it.

Moving and Shifting tips:

In our case, when we were moving nationally, timeliness was not the highest priority but quality of packing-unpacking and arranging since we were carrying my granny’s 80-year-old cupboard!

In this era of hyper-customization, where your requirements may be a combination of your unique circumstances, we would encourage you to choose your relocation partner with care.

Cheers to new memories!

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