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List of Best BS IV-Compliant Bikes Available in India to buy in 2022

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A motorbike is one of the most convenient ways of getting around at an affordable cost. In heavy city traffic as well as on deserted mountain roads: a motorbike is your best travel companion. Indeed nothing beats the rush of having the wind rustle through your hair as the world passes by you.

There may be several of you who are planning to purchase a new motorbike. Now, you may have come across the term “BS4 bike” many times. And you must be wondering: What is a meaning of BS4-compliant bike?

Starting 1st April, all car and motorbike engines need to abide by new anti-pollution norms due to an order by the Supreme Court of India. These new pollution standards are referred to as Bharat Stage 4 or BS4. As a result, most car and motorbike makers have had to change and modify their engines in order to comply with these new BS4 emission norms. Some companies have also introduced new BS4 compliant bike models.

Now, we know that researching while purchasing a new bike is a tough job. First of all theres so many brands and models to choose from. And now, thanks to the new rules, there are new BS4 bikes which have been introduced.

Relax: we did all the hard work so that you don’t have to.

Here is the list of the best BS4 bikes in India (Brand wise):

BS4 All Hero Bikes

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BS4 Honda Bikes

  • Honda Aviator
  • Honda CB Unicorn 160
  • Honda Activa 4G
  • Honda Activa 125
  • Honda CB Shine SP
  • Honda Dio 2017

BS4 All Yamaha Bikes

All BS4 Suzuki Bikes & Scooters

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BS4 All TVS Bikes

BS4 All Bajaj Bikes



Now that you know the best BS4 bikes in India, its time to go out and pick your favorite machine. With motorbikes, always remember to look at the one key factor: mileage and maintainance. Thanks to the new fuel emission norms, the best BS4 bikes in India provide a much better mileage as their engines burn fuel better. As a result, you save money while also helping conserve the environment.

Also, please remember to purchase a good-quality helmet along with your BS4 bike. Ensure that it is a sturdy one that covers your entire head and will keep you completely protected. Helmets save millions of lives every year and no self-respecting biker will be seen without one.

One you’ve selected your favorite model from the list of best BS4 bikes in India above, tell us in the comments about which one you decided to purchase and why. We would love to hear from you. Happy riding!

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