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10 Best Barber Shop Plano You Must Try them Once In 2024

Best Barber Shops In Plano

A head full of hair is a blessing, but do you know what’s more of a blessing? A head is full of nicely trimmed hair that makes you feel confident and looks dapper. Now, we all have bad barber experiences that we are eager to share. But have you ever thought of how it would feel to have a good experience for once? Well, if yes is your answer, then this article is just for you. Today we are going to list the top 10 barber shop in Plano Texas that can help you put your hair on fleek. Also, if you’re just bored of the regular neighborhood barber that you visit, this article might help you out as well. So if that sounds interesting, let’s jump right straight in.

Here is the list of the 10 best Barbershop in Plano You Should Try them Once

Finley’s barbershop

Finley’s barbershop

Now if you are looking for a premium haircut, then Finley’s is the place to go. Located at 2100 Preston road, suite 612, Finley’s barbershop might arguably be the best in the locality. Finley’s barbershop is the highest-rated barbershop in Plano Texas with a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Now, even if this goes to lengths to tell you how good their services are, let’s add another layer. Finley’s barbershop offers classic haircuts, straight razor shaves, color treatments, and even facial and waxing services.

Not only are their services top-notch, but their barbers are friendly and you feel right at home while getting a haircut. However, this does not take away even a pinch of professionalism from them as they are super careful with wha they do with your hair and hence can become anyone’s go-to place when it comes to getting a haircut.

As we stated earlier, they are a premium barbershop, so you get a nice and comfortable waiting lounge, which is much better than you may have in your local barbershop. These small things are what make the difference and hence this is what makes Finley’s barbershop top our list. If you haven’t tried them out yet, we highly recommend doing so

Boardroom salon for men

Boardroom salon for men

Talking about the best barber shop in Plano Texas, you simply can’t miss out on boardroom salons for men. This particular studio is built specially to cater to men and give them the best of services. Located at 4001 Preston road, suite 506, sits on a 4.5-star review on yelp, which is a lot considering it’s just a men’s salon. Setting the reviews aside, a boardroom salon for men offers a classic haircut, shave, facial, or any other spa services.

They have specialized in their craft, which is what makes them rank so high on our list as well. The locals love them dearly and for the men around in that area, the boardroom salon is the perfect masculine place to get a nice trim from. Diving deeper into the history of this place, the boardroom salon for men was established in 2004 which means it’s almost a decade and a half old and has enough experience to treat you and your hair as their topmost priority. On top of that, they have experience barbers which is what makes them one of the best in the locality. If you want to give your hair a nice trim that makes you feel confident, then a boardroom salon for men is the place to go.

Dapper Barber and co.

Dapper Barber and co.

As the name suggests, the next barbershop on the list is going to make you look dapper as soon as you step out of their store with a great cut. Dapper Barber and co is one of the best barber shop located in Plano Texas, which makes them a local favorite and hence a part of this list as well. Situated in 8240 Preston road suite 132, dapper barber and co. is an aesthetic barbershop to set foot in. they also specialize in men’s grooming services which include a classic haircut, straight razor shaves, facial and even mustache and beard trimming services.

On top of that, they are pretty adept at modern styles, which is what makes them the perfect place to go to, even if you are a millennial. Speaking a bit about their history, dapper barber and co. were set up in 2016, which gives them a bit over 5 years of experience, including the two in a pandemic.

However, they have climbed up the ranks and have become a local favorite with their great service and perfect haircuts. People come every day to get a transformation done which is why we highly recommend you to take a visit and get a haircut done. If you haven’t heard of them yet, then we highly insist on going to the given address and getting that nice trim.

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Razor’s edge barbershop

Razor’s edge barbershop

Closing in to the half with yet another local favorite, razor’s edge barbershop. They have one of the prettiest barber shop in Plano, which makes the experience of getting a haircut done even better. Razor’s edge barbershop, as the name suggests gets you a nice chiseled look with all of the services they have. With oak interiors and beautiful furnishings, razor’s edge barbershop is more than just a place to get a haircut done.

Located at 7301 lone star drive, suite A-112, razor’s edge barbershop is the best barbershop that you can find in the locality. Razor’s edge barbershop is a traditional yet modern barbershop that takes good care of your hair and gives you a look that you would fall in love with.

They have been in this business for almost 2 decades now and the owner has been at it for more than three. The level of expertise they have gathered as a barbershop and the skillful barbers that they have is what makes them an incredible barbershop in Plano Texas. If you haven’t heard of them yet, then we highly recommend you to check them out once.

Mike blend’s master barber

Mike blend’s master barber shop plano

Located at 17194 Preston road room 104, mike blend’s master barber is one of the most popular barbers in the area. This barber singlehandedly handles the entire shop and gives you one of the most aesthetic haircuts you’ve ever seen. Mike can give you one of the most creative designs on your head, which is what makes him different from another barber shop in Plano. The shop itself is pretty well built and has a nice waiting area.

Once the wait is over, the master barber himself takes the tools up and grooms your hair. With more than 25 years of experience in this industry, mike claims to be one of the best barbers, not only in the area but in Texas overall. If you ever feel like getting a rather unconventional or unorthodox haircut, something that is different from cliche, then we highly recommend you to drop by this place. We’re sure that you will be happy with the service, be it a designer haircut or a regular lineup.

Alton’s old school barbershop

Alton’s old school barbershop-Barber Shop Plano

Talking about one of the best locally owned and operated a barber shop in Plano Texas, you can’t just miss out on Alton’s old-school barbershop. Even though it does say old school right in the name, you can get a pretty modern-looking cut from here as well. Alton’s has been in this business for a pretty long time and hence has just won over the locals. However, an interesting thing to note is that they opened up in 2020 and still have more reviews than a lot of the older barbershops in the area.

Speaking of reviews, they have a cumulative rating of 5 stars on yelp, which is crazy. If you ever wish to get a classic haircut, that’s going to make you look classy and masculine, then Alton’s old-school barbershop is the place we would recommend. Drive to 1911 abrams Pkwy Ste 102 Dallas to find Alton’s old-school barbershop and get your hair sorted.

Rooster’s men grooming center

Rooster’s men grooming center-Barber Shop Plano

Rooster men’s grooming center is situated at 5930 W Park Blvd Ste 1300 Gleneagles Plaza Plano is one of the best places to get a personalized and relaxed haircut. Rooster’s men grooming center believes that getting a haircut or general grooming done is a thing to be done while feeling relaxed. This is why they have an old-school type salon that separates two different customers from each other and gives them peace of mind while getting a haircut done.

On top of that, the quality of their services is top-notch, because they have skilled barbers who are adept at using older techniques as well as the current ones to give you the [erfect haircut. Since we all have had bad experiences at barbershops, rooster’s men grooming center prioritizes you and gives you the time and attention that you need to get the cut that you desire. They have a 4-star rating on yelp, which is self-explanatory at how good their services are. However, if you want a high-quality haircut in a relaxed environment, then the rooster’s men grooming center is the place we’d recommend going to.

Barbero men’s grooming

Barbero men’s grooming-Barber Shop Plano

Next on the list is yet another local favorite in Plano Texas. With an average rating of 4.5 stars and hundreds of positive reviews, Barbero men’s grooming is situated in 960W Ridgeview Dr. Unit 135 Allen Tx and has been at it for more than 20 years. With a ton of experience under their belts, the barbers at Barbero are the ones that you’d love getting a haircut from. The precision is so good that you can show them a photo of the type of haircut you’re looking for and they will get you the same cut.

Their famous services include classic haircuts, fades, shear haircuts, traditional razor shaves, mustache trims, and beard line-ups. Also, they have facial and waxing services enlisted, which makes them an all-rounder in the men’s grooming services. Barbero men’s grooming is the perfect place to be if you’re ever in need of a good and high-quality haircut. They have expertise in both old-school and modern hairstyles, which is why they have quickly become the local favorite. 

The fade shop

The fade shop-Barber Shop Plano

Last but not the least, the fade shop is really one of the most popular hair salons in Plano Texas. They have been in this business for almost 2 decades now, which is a pretty long time. They are a unisex salon which means both men and women can go here to get a nice cut and have a good time as well.

The fade shop specializes in, fades, classic cuts, razor shaves, facials, waxing, and even color treatment. They are not as expensive as some of the premium barbershops mentioned on this list but their services do come with a decent price tag. Other than that, the quality of their haircuts is amazing as they have skilled and trained barbers, with years of experience in the shop. We’re sure if you go in for a haircut, you won’t be disappointed by their services at all.

Wright’s barbershop

Now coming in tho the list is a veteran in the barbershop history, wright’s barbershop. They have been here for decades and hence are a much-loved place to go when it comes to getting a haircut. Wrights barbershop is a small and cozy place for you to get a haircut done without much hassles and worries. People of all age groups come in here to get their hair done and every day you can find multiple people coming in to get a fresh cut.

Some people have also claimed that the barbers that work there have cut their grandfather’s hair for over 40  years and hence they feel amazing coming in the shop to get a cut done. Yelp reviews are positive and the rating is also at par with the ones we mentioned before. Located at 1301 Custer road, suite 334, wright’s barbershop is the perfect place to get a haircut done and get a bit of nostalgia in. we‘re sure that you will love their hospitality and their experienced barbering services. 


If you ever happen to be in Plano Texas and in desperate need of a haircut the ones mentioned above are your best bet at looking dapper. They have high-quality services and the types of cuts that you can get are innumerable. So pick something close to your place and just try them out once, if you haven’t. We’re sure that you’ll love their services. Till then, happy shopping! That’s all about some of the best barber Shop in Plano.

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