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10 Best Free Backlinks Checker Tools in 2022 (Paid & Free)

Backlinks Checker Tools

Would you like to see where your backlinks come from? Or search on the backlinks of a competitor? Backlinks will help increase the rankings of your searches and increase your traffic.

We’ll compare the best backlink checker tools in this guide that you can use to audit the backlinks of your site as well as the backlink profile of your competitor. A great way to boost your page rank and get more exposure in search results is to get quality backlinks to your blog.

Looking out the rivals and seeing where they get their ties is one way to get stronger backlinks. Through using the many resources on the market, you can quickly find out what backlinks your rivals have. To help you spy on your rivals, there are both free and paid choices. 

So many things have changed in the last couple of years about SEO, but the only thing that remains the same is the backlink. Your connexion profile is crucial to understand, as this will give you a good understanding of whether or not you are on the right track.

You’d see nothing more than high quality, appropriate links leading to your site in a perfect world. Here are our picks for the top 10 resources for backlink checkers.

Why are Backlinks important?

So, generally, a backlink is a link from another website to yours. Backlinks are a bit like votes for your site in the eyes of search engines. The more links you have, the higher the search engines would likely rate your site.

Not all backlinks, however, are equal. Big, respected websites have the best backlinks. Your site can be deliberately harmed by backlinks from spam or suspicious websites.

The next move is to think about your backlink strategy after installing a WordPress SEO plugin like All in One SEO or Yoast and following the best practices.

There are numerous ways to get backlinks to your website, and the process often begins with the use of a backlink checker to check whether your site is for established backlinks, and your rivals do. Having said that, let’s look at the best resources for monitoring any website’s backlinks.

Here are the 10 Best Free Backlinks Checker Tools in 2020:


SEMrush - best tool for checking backlink.png

SEMrush is a platform that I have been using for almost 6 + years, and it is becoming a highly versatile SEO suite with the extra features they are adding.

Before I talk about SEMrush’s backlink checker function, I have to note that SEMrush is a full suite of SEO tools you could ever need. SEMrush has a comprehensive database that is updated daily to enable you to check the backlink status of your website accurately. 

Notice that your Domain Overview report shows information such as which zone of the TLD is connecting you to most sites. You can also find information about the country you get most of the links from.

You can use SEMrush to search your website or your competitor’s website for backlinks. They also have a comparison tool for backlinks that you can use to compare the backlinks of your domain with others and get a full report. Overall, as your backlink checker, SEMrush is a tool you should be using right now.


linkminer - best tool for checking backlinking

LinkMiner is designed to search backlinks specifically. It’s a tool from Mangools, so to use it, you will need a Mangools account. LinkMiner helps you to filter links by nofollow, removed, fresh, and lost, as with other tools.

The ability to ‘favorite’ backlinks is one useful function you’ll want to try, so you can quickly return to them. This may be a perfect way to make a shortlist of backlinks of competitors to the goal. This function may also be used to keep track of any of your backlinks you want to patch. You might, for instance, create a list of missing backlinks that you want to work on restoring.

Although LinkMiner isn’t as fully featured as SEMRush, if you’re on a tight budget, it is a great choice. In combination with Mangools’ SiteProfiler, you’ll probably want to use it to display information such as total backlinks of a site and top referring domains.


ubersuggest - best tool for checking backlinking.png

Oh, Ubersuggest is a Neil Patel app. The main tool includes features for keyword analysis, but there is also a tool for Backlinks that you can use to view backlink information on your website.

Ubersuggest has features similar to the other tools that we’ve been looking at. It will show you new backlinks, backlinks that you have lost, which backlinks are marked as nofollow, for instance, and more.

You can use the free version to display this content, but for each domain, you will only get the details of a limited number of backlinks. If you want anything, you need to upgrade to a paid version of Ubersuggest. The other tools from Ubersuggest will analyze traffic and help you come up with ideas for keywords and content.


ahrefs - best backlinks checker.png

Another strong keyword study method is Ahrefs. It is easy to use, like SEMRush. It will give you an overview of your chosen domain, and you will be able to drill down and look at several backlink information.

Also, Ahrefs makes it very easy to see backlinks you’ve lost. These are relations that you once had that have disappeared now. Perhaps, for instance, the website owner removed the page that connected to you.

Backlinks that are broken may also be found. These are links leading to your website, but using a broken URL that will land on your 404 pages. To repair them, you might need to contact the site owner. You can filter these by ‘Link sort’ and pinpoint domains that you want to target yourself while testing competitor backlinks.

To review internal connexions on your blog, you can also use Ahrefs. To search for internal connexions you unintentionally haven’t followed, you can filter these, so you can repair them.


openlinkprofiler - best tool for checking backlinks.png

While testing backlinks for your blog, OpenLinkProfiler provides you with different choices. SEOProfiler gives you this free backlink checker app.

For example, Connection Diagnosis allows you to do all of this if you need a thorough report or optimization, or if you want to check backlinks for a single page or a whole website. It also provides different performance styles and other functions.

This is a free backlink checker tool that helps you to check the freshest backlinks leading to your site (and all other backlinks). 1000 of the newest backlinks in .csv format can also be exported. This tool is probably the best free alternative available to review your site’s connexions.


BuzzSumo - best tool for checking backlinks.png

One of my favorite content marketing tools is BuzzSumo, and they offer a free version as well as a pro version. The pro edition also has an added feature that allows you to search your domain or any individual page backlinks. You may also export existing connexions to the .csv or Excel format as well.

Buzz Sumo is a paid tool, but it offers extensive details about who is connecting to your rivals, how content performs as a result of those connexions, and what pages are most frequently shared. Not only can you recognize connexion openings, but you can also figure out what kind of content draws the most links.

Congnitive SEO

creativeSEO - best tool for checking backlinks.png

Several internet marketing resources are offered by cognitiveSEO, all of which can help propel your company forward. We’re going to concentrate on the backlink analysis tool for the sake of this post. It may not be as common on this list as others, but it is every bit as powerful. For example, to build triggers and alerts about your website or your competitors, you can use cognitiveSEO’s warning system. The information is delivered straight to your inbox with this feature enabled, saving you time.

You’ll want to learn more about the immediate backlink checker and site explorer for an inside view of your link profile. This is a convenient way to display your backlinks, including real-time statistics, historical information, trends in development, and much more.

The way that the data is presented is the thing that I like most about this backlink method. Run a free search for your website to see what it has to offer if you have never played with cognitiveSEO. You’ll like the presentation and accuracy of the data if you’re anything like me.


kerboo - best tool for checking backlinks

You don’t want to hurry through the process of learning more about this business with too many Kerboo instruments to use. There is one, in particular, however, that is intended to help you understand your connexion profile better. This gives you an overview of what Kerboo Monitor is all about, but before you sit down, run a search, and check the results, you can’t really understand the Webmaster tool.

The ability to build a list of links that you consider most important is one of the coolest features of Kerboo. These are the ties, no matter what it takes, that you want to hold. With this activated, the system will check the connexion automatically every day.

You will be informed if, for some reason, the connexion is taken down or not followed for three consecutive days. This gives you the chance for answers to dig around. Kerboo will also assist with this if you want to keep poor connexions out of your profile, which you should. 

Not only can you delete the links using the tool, but you can also track each one to make sure they don’t reappear in the future. There are many ways to use Kerboo, so be sure to get acquainted with its features. The more experience you acquire, the easier it becomes to understand your connexion profile and to handle it.


LinkResearchTool - top backlinks checker.png

This tool’s name says it all, but to decide whether it’s right for your website and plan, you need to learn more about the features. Its integration with data from 24 connexion backends is one of the key features of this tool. With this, you can rest assured that you get the best possible backlink search. The company describes another feature that you’ll enjoy as the “most full backlink profile view.”

With that, through 97 unique metrics, you can analyze every connexion. Even better, the filters and metrics on this connexion checker tool can be tailored to suit the needs of your study. Together with many others, filters include control, trust, buzz, contact data, and effects.

Don’t sleep on LinkResearchTools when the time comes to audit your link profile. This is one of the most detailed resources out there for connexion checkers, giving you anything you need and nothing you don’t.


One of the trade-offs of using free SEO software is that some of the ease would have to be sacrificed. In the case of backlink checkers, to meet all your backlink testing needs, this may mean using a mix of different methods.

Optimizing search engines is not nearly as complex as it sounds. For results, there is no magic pill, but there are things you can do to work towards it, such as maintaining a healthy connexion profile.

You don’t have to look far in today’s online world to find the right marketing resources for your business. Take advantage of what these link checker instruments have to offer and you’re going to get closer to your objectives. If you know of any other tools that allow you to search backlinks in the fastest possible way, let us know.

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