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10 Best Apps like Mobile Express To Use it in 2022

Best Apps like Mobile Express

When it comes to websites and applications that provide you with a passive profit, the only thing you need to do is set up an account and cash out. These mobile apps make it easy to use your smartphone to earn cash. Much better, registering for them is largely safe.

To those who want to make money from everywhere, phone applications are some of the common go-to. Seeing that most people own a mobile (Android or iPhone) they use every day, it makes sense to use these free (or cheap) money-making applications to monetize your devices and time with.

The extra money you receive will be used to pay off loans, save, plan for retirement, or even compensate for your indulgences.

That’s why we’ve assembled this list of the top passive income websites and apps like Mobile express. Run all of them at the same time and earn some additional income all year long. Better part? All those applications are 100% FREE. Having said that, let ‘s dive straight in. See one on the list which isn’t and should be? In the comments below please let us know.

Here Are The Best 10 Apps Like Mobile express:



Sweatcoin works in the phone’s context and gathers data from people when they wander around outside. Users receive Sweatcoins in return which can be exchanged for rewards, discounts, or cash.

Some of the lucrative Sweatcoin prizes require 1-2 years of work to achieve (for example, $1,000 is equal to 20,000 Sweatcoins, which certainly will take more than a year of work and some referrals), but there are some fun incentives.

One thing that was noticed, for example, was a free pack of razors for a fairly small amount of Sweatcoins. Consumers will have to pay $2 for delivery for this deal, but it still saves money on buying a razor pack so I’m cool with it.

Starting with Sweatcoin is so fast, and being on your way to passively earn money with walking. When your Sweatcoins collect and your balance increases, you’ll be able to buy stuff like:

  • Goods, including watches from Apple.
  • Experiences such as lessons in anti-gravity yoga.
  • Cash via Paypal.

Another plus is that you can donate your Sweatcoins to their partner charities, helping to make a difference around the globe.


savvy connect

SavvyConnect is a member of the SurveySavvy network, one of the web’s most common survey websites. To get paid, install the SavvyConnect software and keep it running in the background. Up to 3 computers per home – laptop, smartphone, and tablet – can be mounted on the system.

With every computer it’s mounted on you receive $5 a month. Have it installed on the maximum number of devices and you get $15 a month or $180 a year – definitely one of the most highly paid programs on this list. The explanation they should pay you is that Nielsen Device & Smartphone Panel will pay you for the same explanation.

They monitor how you use your phone, and then sell the information to businesses. You get a cash payout, in return. All the details are kept secret, once again. Companies would have no means of monitoring the details back to you.

The one amazing thing I love about SavvyConnect is its outstanding referral service as opposed to all the other services on this page. You receive from $5 – $15 everywhere for any “mission” that you complete your referral.

When your contact makes a recommendation, you will get another $2 – $6 discount. So invite your friends to participate, and encourage your friends to receive rewards for the referral.



ScreenLift was only launched recently, but with its user-friendliness, it already makes its claim to fame. It must be one of the passive devices out there. ScreenLift charges you to access your show any time you open your phone, by placing an ad on your computer.

The best thing is that the ad is not intervening in any way, and whether you're engaging with the ad or not you 're already being paid! That means you can keep unlocking your phone as you usually do but earn cash from it instead.

You need to cash out a total of 1,500 points, but we suggest saving up for more as the more you save for, the more important your points are.

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Frequent Flyer App

Frequent Flyer App

One of the easiest ways to begin earning a passive income is the recently launched Frequent Flyer App. The only step you need to take is to install the device and leave it behind. The software will compile details about your phone use after this is complete.

This covers, among other items, what applications you use and your mobile phone coverage. Leaving the device loaded regularly would cost you $5 a month, or $60 a year. Though not many, that's enough to purchase a small meal every month or make a free deposit into your savings fund for Acorns.

You are paid in points form by the Frequent Flyer app. The more points you receive, the higher the worth would be. You can pay for $10 at 12,000 points for starters, or wait until you receive 25,000 points and payout for $25.



Datacoup runs by keeping track of how you're using social media. All you need to do is connect your accounts to the Datacoup network and get a monthly bonus to allow them to collect your data.

All the information is being kept secret. If you want your earnings to go up, you can do that by linking more than just social media accounts. That includes also your credit cards and bank accounts. You don't have to think about hacking your financial records too – the only data they gather is how you invest your money.

If you connect all of your accounts to Datacoup, expect to earn some $5 a month. I find that I only have to come in once a year to make a $60 cash out to my PayPal wallet, but it's not that much. Setting up an account takes only a few minutes at most.

Google Opinion Rewards


Cross Media Panel (formerly known as Screenwise Trends) charges you to do what you do on a regular basis-surf the internet. They capture your data after you launch their app, and resell it as a market study. Instead of holding all this cash to yourself, they are sending you a part of it back.

With the plugin enabled you can have a total of 3 computers. This could include desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Each device you install gives you a one-time installation bonus with a weekly reward of $1 just for installing it. This means we can earn a maximum passive income of $3 per week, or $12 per month if you calculate this out.

That's pretty good because setup takes less than 10 minutes. Once your account balance hits a minimum of $5, you can cash out to popular retailers like Amazon for electronic gift cards. As soon as you register and install their browser extension, you start earning rewards.

All the data they gather is totally confidential and you are helping them develop goods and services in real-life terms. You must be a resident in the US and can be using Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers to be considered for a Cross Media Line. Because of their quick payout times and ease of use, they are one of the best apps for cashout.

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Adfun App

Adfun App

The Adfun software charges you to leave your computer with the video runnings. Good part? You can run the app on as many phones as you want. The only requirement is that each household may have up to one account at most. The only downside is they may run out of ads if you have too many devices running.

Also, if you don't have a reliable internet connection, you may find it hard to run that many videos at once, as they take up a lot of bandwidth. We've narrowed that down to around $500 a year for five phones to live on the same side, which is still pretty sweet.

Mobile Performance Meter App

Mobile Performance Meter App

The Mobile Success Meter App is one of the least effort needed incentive services on this list. Simply install the app, and allow it to run in the data collection context. Except during the registration process, and when you want to cash out, you never need to touch it.

On average, you can earn $6 a month, or a total of $72 a year. Your battery life, the number of text messages sent, and the duration of phone calls is the type of data that is collected. Like the other features, all this data is anonymously uploaded. You shouldn't notice the app slowing it down at all as long as you have a decent mobile device.

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Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is one of the leading cash-back platforms around. On Rakuten, users earn cashback for shopping at partnered merchants through the Rakuten platform.

Rakuten partners with some of the largest eCommerce platforms and retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Macy's, and thousands of other stores. Rakuten is not 100 percent passive now since you need to be redirected to a partnered merchant from their website to earn cashback.

Nonetheless, you'll be reminded of earning incentives when you shop with the Rakuten plugin extension and can collect bonuses only by pressing a button. This is, in the main, an outstanding semi-passive way to save on shopping.

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PEI is a newer cashback app on the scene, and it's also quite robust with an extensive list of merchants and the ability to cash out with Bitcoin or cash, too. Once you connect a credit or debit card to PEI, you start earning cashback on their partners for shopping (they've hundreds).

Walgreens, Subway, Starbucks, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, etc. are some of the most popular PEI merchants.

Chances are, you'll find yourself collecting passive income with PEI without even knowing how many retailers they 're working with at the time of order.

PEI also has a loyalty offer, which grants customers $0.50 if they buy 5 days at the same store. Even some retailers offer a discount of $2 if you pay $20 or more.

PEI runs a $5 signup bonus, which allows users to cash out with $USD or Bitcoin when they reach $15 in their account. This app is also available on smartphones running both Android and IOS.

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While Paribus does not earn users’ passive income for their purchases, it helps people save money by detecting price changes on items that users have purchased and then recovering the difference (this is done through guarantees for price protection). By now, Paribus has helped people save more than $29 million.

They will monitor the email you use for online shopping to track your purchases from 25+ retailers once you create a Paribus account (including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more).

If the price goes down on something you've bought, Paribus will do its best to secure the savings. Paribus also tracks fall in hotel rates which can lead to huge savings and can also help reimburse consumers for late deliveries!

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GrabPoints is another popular rewards website that enables users to passively earn or complete points-exchange tasks (which can be redeemed for rewards). Users can win money on GrabPoints by contributing to surveys, completing sales, installing applications, or viewing videos.

Definitely, the video section is what makes GrabPoints a more passive earner. What's great with GrabPoints is that if you hit $3 you can cash out, so you can exchange your PayPal points for cash or a number of gift cards. This is one of the lower GPT website payout thresholds so that's a nice find!

Digital Reflection Panel

digital reflection

The Digital Reflection Panel is a system of rewards that monitors your internet use characteristics. You will gain quick your first month of $50 and your first year a total of $170.

Because you only collect the upgrade bonus once, every following year you'll gain $120. Not just that, but you get a discount every 3 straight months that you're participating in the system.

The software operates by telling you to get an Internet meter mounted on your wireless router. It takes approximately 5 minutes to install it will complete the guidance and you have any concerns about full support. 

The sort of data they gather is for the websites you are using, the browsers you are using, and the search engines you are using among other items. This intelligence is then marketed to companies privately to further develop their goods and services.

Registration is absolutely free and it only takes 5 minutes to decide whether you apply for the service.


Such applications can be a fantastic way to improve your profits if you're trying to earn some extra cash or are in between jobs. They take no energy to sustain, giving you effectively a passive profit. If both of these services run concurrently, you will receive an additional $1,200+ in passive income each year. That's fantastic given the minimum expected period of time.

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