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Founded in October, 1887 Yamaha Motors is a Japanese multinational corporation and conglomerate. The company has a wide range of products and services, predominantly music instruments, electronics and sports equipment. The diversity and variety produced by the company delivers huge amount of profits and sales. The revenue of the company is growing continuously.

This efficiency had made Yamaha one of the largest scooters manufacturer in the world. The former scooters division became independent from the main company in 1955, forming Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd, although Yamaha Corporation is still the largest shareholder. The Japanese company is well known for its musical instruments, but in 1955 it began producing scooterss.

It began with simple and inexpensive machines but has grown to its position as power sports powerhouse, offering some of the best sport scooters, cruisers and off road scooters on the market. It ranks second only to Honda as the leader among Japanese manufacturers. Since 1950 the company has also become a major producer of audio products, semiconductors and other electronics products, furniture, sporting goods, and specialty metals. The founder of Yamaha motors is Torakusu Yamaha.

Yamaha also runs music schools in Japan and 40 other countries, owns and operates a string of resorts located throughout Japan, and holds a 33 percent stake in the separately managed Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd., the world's second largest producer of scooterss, and a producer as well of boats, snowmobiles, golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, engines, and industrial robots. Nearly three-fourths of Yamaha Corporation's net sales are derived from its musical instrument and audio products operations.


Yamaha has a beautiful history. The company has faced lots of ups and downs. The World War times were very difficult for the company. The company remained persistent and was able to cope up with the tragedies. Yamaha has now established itself as the biggest scooters manufacturer. The founder of the company was very educated and a man of motivation. He started with building musical instruments and went on to create a big scooters firm.

Yamaha founder Torakusu Yamaha's venture reflected late 19th-century Japan's enthusiasm for new technologies and the ability of its middle-class entrepreneurs to develop products based on them. Yamaha has developed many scooters since its establishment. The impact of the company on the scooter market has revolutionized the industry.

Many scooters such as Yamaha Ray and Yamaha Ray-Z have been a great impact on the scooter market. Yamaha has been very versatile in the automobile market. The economic and growth of the company sets an example for new companies. Yamaha has produced some great scooters and generated huge revenue from them.

Technologies and Innovations

The development of technology and new innovations can be seen in Yamaha Ray and Ray-Z. The Yamaha Ray offers what it advertises: being a stylish-design scooter. Fitted with an air-cooled, four-stroke engine, with a 113 cc capacity, the Yamaha Ray offers quick passing acceleration that has even been voted best in class. To top it, its engine is able to achieve a good fuel economy in the practical-use speed range, and a power output that enables riders to have a smooth start-up acceleration. Engineered to give easy handling & manoeuvrability, the Yamaha Ray aims to attract the growing interest in urban youths and women. It is equipped with an air-cooled 4-stroke 113cc engine with CVT (Continuous variable transmission) that boasts excellent reliability.

To attract greater woman customer-base, the body of the Yamaha Ray has been innovatively designed to give it a "Sophisticated & Dynamic" look, with essential aerodynamics for stable riding. The seats are designed for easy reaching of legs to the ground and ample under-seat storage. The side stands are easy to operate, and the lightweight of the scooter makes it better to handle for women riders. The upgrade to the Yamaha Ray the Yamaha Ray Z are the telescopic suspension for smoother rides on the non-uniform urban city Indian roads. The Yamaha Ray Z also has better fuel efficiency and good emission characteristics due to the engine being fitted with a BS type carburettor with a throttle position sensor (TPS). All in all, the Yamaha Ray Z ensures better performance over the Yamaha Ray.

Then there is the all new Yamaha Fascino that has added to the list of amazing scooters by Yamaha. Style is not just limited to looks, and Fascino is a testimony of that fact. Fascino smartly uses plastic-resin parts and thorough weight reducing design measures, it offers you easy handling for daily use. Fascino has been casted in seven exciting colors so that you never run out of options. The Fascino's 113 cc Blue Core air-cooled engine with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and BS24 carburettor with Throttle Positioning Sensors (TPS) delivers outstanding running performance, excellent fuel efficiency and good emission quality.

Yamaha has set a trend of developing high technological scooters. They have considered the wants and desires of the customers. Certain objectives set up by the company have reduced the cost of ownership and increased the revenues. High innovation in the engine quality, different parts and overall quality of the bike has increased the sales of the company. There are various innovations introduced by the company which are famous worldwide. The various features give a new dimension to the overall driving experience.



In conclusion, it can be seen that Yamaha has made great scooters with efficient technological innovations. They have blended a mixture of style and technology which has helped the company to gain revenue from this source. Yamaha has provided great business and marketing strategy in the market. This has resulted in growth of revenue and brand loyalty. The customers are satisfied and amazed by the quality of vehicles produced by Yamaha.

The automobile sector is a growing industry. The bikes, scooters and other automobiles produced by the company has resulted in amazing development of the company. The effort put in by the officials of the company is commendable. There is no doubt in the ability and what the company can achieve in the future.



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