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Hire Best Pre & Wedding Photographers in Mumbai

Mumbai is a great place and if you are planning to get married in Mumbai then that is a great idea. However, preparing or planning for the wedding is not an easy task as there are many things that an individual has to consider while planning or arranging things for the wedding.

And one of those things that an individual has to consider while preparing for a wedding is to hire the best wedding photographer in Mumbai. And if you are looking to hire the best wedding photographer in Mumbai then we at Reviewsxp can help you with that by connecting you with the best and the most professional wedding photographers in Mumbai. And to connect with those best wedding photographers you just need to contact us. So, go ahead and contact us now!

Buying Guides for Hiring Local Pre & Wedding Photographers in Mumbai

Hire the best wedding photographers in Mumbai !

Planning a wedding in the city of Mumbai can be a hassle, with a lot of work and stress involved. However, we at ReviewsXP can help reduce that burden by offering you a selection of top rated wedding photographers that you can find in the city. 

Any event needs a professional photographer and videographer, especially weddings and engagements. We will help you establish contact with the best and most professional photographers in the wedding industry. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

Wedding Photography in Mumbai city

Being one of the most populous cities in India, the events industry is a thriving business with a lot of weddings, engagements, birthdays etc taking place regularly. To capture these moments, there is always demand for the best photographers and videographers by customers. 

Anyone will always want their most prized moments captured on camera with beauty and simplicity and to find the services that provide such a result can be tough. But we at ReviewsXP have formed a list of competent and professional photographers and videographers who will dutifully take photos and video of your precious and valuable experiences. 

The list has some of the most reliable and trustworthy professionals that are ready to help make your event memorable. They have great portfolios of previous works with each of the ready to provide what the customer requests them. If it is destination wedding out of Mumbai or a church or temple wedding, they will be there to click the photo. 

How ReviewsXP can provide you the best options?

We have compiled a list of the top photographers and videographers in Mumbai based on their prices and experience. We have verified their reviews, collected testimonials and feedback from previous customers to bring you an efficient set of options for you to select. 

If you require these services, all you have to do is log on to reviewsxp.com and leave your information about what you need and we will contact you with the most suitable options according to your desire.

We are here to help you find the best from the rest. Instead of calling every photographer in Mumbai, we have streamlined the search process to provide you a list of the finest photographers. 

Types of wedding photography package in Mumbai

There are various packages available for couples that range from before the wedding to rituals and ceremonies after the main wedding. You can hire photographers to shoot your entire wedding ceremony as well as take photos pre and post marriage. Depending on what your preference is, here are some types examples of the services availed to clients – 

1. Traditional Wedding Photography:

Formal and official, these types are a staple for any wedding. Including portrait shots of the bride and groom, group photos with family members and well-wishers and classic poses are used to show the couple’s love.

2. Candid Wedding Photography:

A popular style that has been used by many couples, these are also known as documentary or photojournalistic style. It captures moments with their full emotion, a blushing bride, preparation photos, close up shots of the ceremony and other examples. The photographer has to click at the precise moment to capture the presence and happiness present. 

3. Vintage Wedding Photography:

An old classic, the vintage style provides an ethereal feel to the photos making your wedding look like it lasted for centuries. A more rustic and natural feel with mostly monochromatic colours, vintage photos are a great style for pre-marriage events. 

4. Editorial Wedding Photography:

Wish to have your wedding photos be on the front cover of a magazine? This is the style for you! Inspired by magazine covers and photo shoots, this new style makes your wedding look glamourous and extraordinary with sets and extra styling. Though not recommended for the wedding ceremony itself, these are a great alternative for pre and post marriage shoots

5. Destination Wedding Photography:

Need a photographer to travel to your wedding away from home? No problem, there are options for the travelling couple to shoot photos for their wedding. They can stylize the photos to suit the landscapes and wonders around your wedding venue.

Professionals will offer these packages based on your preference and the events you want covered. These styles of photos can be seen in any type of wedding, whether a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Jain one, photographers will help you catch your special and celebrated moments on camera. 

How to book wedding photograpers in Mumbai

When you have decided the style and events you require the photographer for, all you have to do is log on to any trustworthy review site such as wwww.reviewsxp.com and inform us of your requirements and needs and we will provide you with the options we have. 

We have carefully articulated the best wedding photographers based on their reliability and dependability, so just leave your information with us and we will share your queries with the service and they will get in touch to help you. It’s that simple!

Trending Photo shoot Ideas for Couples

Being in a relationship is a great experience. It is one of the most beautiful and magical things that can ever happen to anybody. Every second that you spend with your loved one becomes a special memory and you might want to capture each one of those moments.

But that might not be possible. You can, however, get a professional photo shoot done. This photo shoot can be the perfect way to capture the love between you and your partner.

Though there are a lot of couples out there that are getting a photo shoot done but to separate yourself from the rest you can use a few of our special ideas that are not just trendy but can also provide your photo shoot with a uniqueness that is present in your love too. And that is why we have decided to bring you the best and trending ideas for a photo shoot for couples.

Those ideas are mentioned below.

1. The Night

Have you ever spend some quality time with your partner under a lamp or on a dinner date? If the answer to the question is yes then you can get a few photos clicked of you guys at night.

There is something so irresistible and romantic about spending some quality time at night with your beloved that you just cannot pass it. You can use this opportunity to do just that and you also get to take a few good quality pictures that are separate from the hustle and bustle of the city.

2. The Smoke

Has your love story been all magical and mysterious? If that is true for your case then you should definitely consider getting a few photos clicked with a lot of smoke in the background.

This idea is quite unique and can easily be accommodated to give your personal touch to it. You can choose the color of the smoke to be pink, green, yellow, or simply white. You should definitely choose a color that you think will be more fitting with your love story.

3. The Pets

If you own a pet whether it is a dog or a cat or any other animal it is always a good idea to include them in your photo shoot too. Pets tend to become a part of our families and every pet owner can relate so hard to that statement.

This will also provide a personal touch to your couple’s photo shoot and will also make the photos turn out much better.

4. The Traditional Dresses

We are Indians at the core and that is why we can never be too far away from our traditional dresses. You can choose to add a touch of your religion or your beliefs in the photo shoot by choosing to wear any traditional dress of your preference. You can choose to style that dress in whichever way you want to.

It is important for you to remember that this is your photo shoot and the photo shoot should depict your story. So, feel free to add anything or change anything to the photo shoot so that it turns out to be more like you and every photo should scream your story from the top to the bottom.

5. The Rain

Do you remember your first monsoon season with your beloved? Obviously, you do. Rain and love just tend to go together and that is why rain is very romantic.

And if it is the monsoon season in the place you live then you can use that rain to get a few good pictures. This way you get to spend some time with your partner in the rain with the added benefit of getting a few good pictures.

6. The Festivals

Every love story is unique and a festival might just play a great importance in your love story. If that is the case then you can use that festival atmosphere to get a few good pictures.

Whether it is Holi or Diwali or any other festival that has played an important part in your love story or you might have a special memory of that festival simply try to use it and being as much uniqueness in the photo shoot as you can.

7. Mother Nature

Nature is everywhere around us and though we might not appreciate it every day, however, we know it for a fact that nature is divine. Nature includes rivers, lakes, forests, a meadow, and what not.

And all of those places are incredibly beautiful both in the frame of the camera and out of that frame. This is why you can also choose to get a few pictures done with a natural background. This is specially a good idea for all the nature lovers out there.

8. Boating

It is fun to sit in a boat with your beloved and gaze at each other without having to worry about anything. And that is why you should take up this idea and get a few pictures clicked of both of you while enjoying a boat ride.

This will definitely be a very fun experience for both of you and it will further result in quite a few candid clicks. Try to be as relaxed as possible during this part of the photo shoot.

9. The Rides

This idea is perfect for the couples who love going on long rides on their bikes or in their cars. You can get a lot of good quality pictures clicked of you guys while riding or simply gazing at each other while standing near the bike or the car. Whichever it is make sure to add your own twists and turns to it.

10. The Beaches

Do you live near a coastal region or have beaches played an important role in your love story? If the answer to any of those questions is yes then you should definitely consider getting a few photos clicked for your photo shoot on a beach.

There are tons of ways through which a good quality photo can be taken. You can choose to a get a photo clicked of you guys walking on the beach or while simply sitting and gazing at each other or while playing in the sea.

These are all the major ideas for a couple photo shoot that you can use to make that photo shoot a little bit more unique and romantic. However, you should always remember that adding your own personal touch to these ideas will go a long way and will definitely give you better end results.

If you think that we forgot to add something or if you have any suggestions for us then feel free to comment them down below!

Charges for photography services in Mumbai

Charges for professionals from Mumbai can depend on a variety of factors such as the style of photos they specialise in and duration of the ceremony or event. 

Other costs that can be added on such as taxes, labour, vehicle rental, printing and publishing charges, add on costs and other factors.

Discuss with the photographer about how much will the final bill amount will be and what they are charging. The above-mentioned costs are some examples that will increase the base price of your budget. 

Here are the estimated charges - 

  1. Traditional including full wedding, videography and printed photo album can start from Rs 25,000 to Rs 45,000 (approx.)

  2. Specialised such as candid, cinematic or editorial styles (including videography and printed albums) can began from Rs 60,000 to Rs 90,000 (approx.) 

  3. Specialised and traditional that includes and traditional style photos with pre and post wedding shoots, video for the entire event and special albums can start from Rs. 1 Lakh onwards.

For destination and far off locations, the photographers may charge extra for living and eating expenses since they have specially travelled for your wedding and will be there to shoot the event. The amount may rise depending on the location the wedding is set to happen. Therefore, adjust the budget for travel and living cost for the photographer while approaching one for destination weddings. 

FAQ’s about hiring wedding photographers in Mumbai 

Q: What are the payment terms of professional photo services for weddings?

A: They usually take half of the full amount payment on booking and you can pay the rest of the amount after the wedding or within a week of the wedding’s schedule.

Q: When should you contact wedding photographers?

A: If you are planning to hire photographers, the best time would be to approach them 4 months before the wedding. This will give you time to select the best as well as plan and discuss the types of photos you need and moments you want to be captured. In case, you require a photographer for the pre and post wedding events, 6 months before the wedding would be a suitable time for the service provider to set their schedule according to your wedding. 

Q: How many days will the wedding photos and album be available?

A: The process will take 2 to 4 weeks depending on the number of photos and editing that will be required. The soft copy photos will be provided within this time period but it will take a month or more for printed photo album and video cd’s. 

Q. How many photographers will be required for the wedding?

A: This depends on the number of guests attending your wedding. 2 or more photographers are required for a standard wedding of 500 guests. But specialised photographers can be approached to take only certain ceremonies and events. 

Q. What equipment will be included in the wedding photography service? 

A: DSLR cameras, high resolution and voice quality video cameras, light stands, tri pods and racks, specific white screens, HD lens and microphones and other attachments are some of the equipment’s used to capture your wedding. If required, electronics such as drones, remote controlled cameras, photo booths can be provided at an extra cost. 

Q. Will the photographer have the copyright for the photos?

A: The images shot from various ceremonies and events are only used for promotion or marketing of the photographer, not for sale or commercial purposes. If you are not comfortable, the photographer can be informed about this beforehand and you can have full claims on your photos.  


We at reviewsXP, will provide you the best wedding photography services that will live up to your ideal wedding and help you capture some of the most precious moments of your life. Our list of reputed services will be at your beck and call to offer you great photos and printed moments from the happiest day of your life. 


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