The land of rajas and maharajas, Jaipur is one of the most exquisite and vibrant city in India that emanates a big amount of rich royal reminiscence from anyone who visits the place. It is not a mere town where you can travel, it is a saga in itself, a deeply mythical and mystical place with the old-world charm of a bygone area still looming behind its newly built modern apartments and roads. With an abundance of forts and palaces making the essence of the city, you are sure to not fall short of places to visit on your voyage to Jaipur.

In a city that basks in the glory of history, tradition and culture, capturing the moments in such a city is sure to be an experience that you will cherish forever. What better way to capture your queen style entry into the wedding banquet of your dreams; that is basically one of the forts in the city than a professional photographer who knows all the tricks of the trade? You surely would not want such precious moments to go wasted unless you don’t capture it for prosperity. So here we have a list compiled after much research which is sure to help your cause.

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Jaipur is a great place and if you are deciding to have your wedding ceremony in Jaipur then that is a great idea. However, to ensure that you have a great wedding ceremony it is important for you to prepare and arrange for a lot of different things. One of those things for which you would have to arrange for your wedding is to hire the best wedding photographer in Jaipur.

And if you are looking to hire the best wedding photographer in Jaipur then we at Reviewsxp can help you with that by connecting you with the best and the most professional wedding photographers in Jaipur. And to connect with those best wedding photographers, you just need to contact us. So, go ahead and contact us now!


Established in 2008, Siddharth Pruthi is a team of creative artists with a great passion for photography. Committed to mastering each click of the shutter, their philosophy is to be the unique eye for every detail. In their casket consists of brands from across India as well as around the world. Over the years, they have developed and pioneered in Fashion, Lifestyle and e-commerce platform.

The team is not only made up of photographers but also has a host of other professionals like stylists, designers, make-up artists, etc. Specially curated to suit all your needs, the whole team makes sure to soothe the process for you. Not only this, they handle every aspect of shoot production in-house, in their 3000 sq.ft studio. Their list of clients includes big names such as Myntra and Limeroad.


A venture by Mitesh Punjabi, a fashion photographer based in Jaipur who captures and freezes moments based on his creative instinct. His belief is in the power of visuals - a language we use to see into each other’s lives, one frame at a time.

The images he produces are done with quality in mind as a benchmark. Not just limited to fashion photography, the team also caters to the category of baby shoots, maternity shoots, pre-wedding shoots, etc. His website portrays the various shots he has done and one can see creativity and finesse in his entire work. To know more, visit his website and see the amazing work on your own.


A group of ace photographers, they are a quick solution to all your photography needs as they cover areas like wedding photography, sports photography, pre-wedding shoots, maternity shoots, food photography, interior photography, etc. They live by the simple belief that in the end what they aspire to achieve is provide premium quality products for their clients and keep working till they achieve complete client satisfaction in all their work.

The highly skilled and experienced team at AVRS Effects works hard at your event so that you can be sure about the seamless work they do and all you have to worry about is enjoying the event with the assurance that your event is being covered by the best. They not only invest in clicking good pictures but also finishing it up and editing it to the point they gain your approval, ensuring that they are with you during the whole process. If you wish to remain carefree about your event and are really looking forward to good pictures, ARVS Effects are your go-to photographer.


A leading and popular wedding photographer and cinematographer in Jaipur, the team at Walia Photography specializes in candid photography to capture all your intimate moments. They personally love weddings and act as those spectators who notice the tiniest detail of the event, from the groom’s twinkle in eyes to the bride’s mother’s tears – they can sense it all and capture it before it passes. They transfigure the wedding into a magical and marvelous piece of art.

The team at Walia photography believes that every single moment is just spectacular, and make sure that all memories are captured forever so that whenever the couple sees the images, they should feel like it’s their wedding day and bring a beautiful smile to their face. Apart from covering weddings, they also provide services in modelling photography, pre-delivery photo shoot and family photo shoot.


A master of the craft, KR Shoots covers all your photography needs. One of the beautiful aesthetics of photography is being able to catch someone in the act without creating a poised posture this adds life to your pictures and is the beauty of candid photography and the team of talented photographers at KR Shoots understand this, it is all about understanding the capturing the unplanned and beautiful moments of someone's emotions, be it cheerfulness or tears.

They bring their creativity, efficiency and superior knowledge on the table and just make sure that you get the best of everything possible with no complaints at all. All their processes are very clear and hassle-free. You will have all your doubts and queries answered in minutes. Be it wedding photography, modelling photography, product photography, event coverage – they have got professionals that cover them all.


Specializing in candid wedding photography, the team at Matrix Studios believes that to bring out the emotion and essence from a picture, one needs to look more than just from the eye. A wedding is the most important day in many lives and they make sure that your wedding album is curated with the same attention and care, personalizing it to suit your taste.

They are very stringent on selecting people who work with them, therefore, rest assured, all the photographers and cinematographers working with them have been selected after a rigorous selection process and have definite skills and knowledge in photography. Join hands with Matrix Studio to experience beautiful documentation of your moments and visit their website to see their spectacular and stupendous work.


A wedding should be a dreamy journey and Rajoriya’s convincingly makes it one, what you get is not just awe-inspiring, exquisite pictures but a piece of their heart, piece of art. Their passion lies in crafting memories with love, respect, integrity, honesty and care each time they hold our cameras. Their work is a piece of art in every sense and they pore a little bit of themselves in every click they take.

They know the art of placing the camera in a perfect angle against the lightings to give contrast colours and emphasise the love and beauty in a marvellous memory stored in the form of a photograph.


Pushpendra Singh Photography is a set of professional photographers, with a photographer’s eye for detail and quality. Their mission is to create outstanding pictures for their clients by using the best of their creative abilities to capture the true emotions of the people we are photographing.

In the wedding photography business since 2005, they are experienced and well-versed with the whole process and make sure that you get only the best. They cater to every type of client and have packages that will suit every pocket.


The popular face of 21st-century photography, Viresh Studios blends traditional and contemporary styles of pre-wedding and wedding photography, kids and fashion photography with a touch of modern and artistic approach. Their years of experience in fashion, jewellery, wedding, print and visual media helps them cover big events smoothly. They are experts in product launching, invitations, event coverage or any new thing that requires expert photography to ease out the stress.

Offering affordable packages to suit your needs, they work relentlessly to make sure you get only the best. Check out more on their website where they also have curated pieces of sample work which gives a fair idea about the quality of passion and dedication they put into the work.

So that was our compilation of the most skilled available photographers in the city of Jaipur. Have any further thoughts or queries? We would love to hear and respond to them, do let us know below. We hope this helped you get a better idea for your possible options.


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