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Hire Best Pre & Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a great place and if you are planning to get married in Hyderabad then that is an amazing idea. However, planning for a wedding is not that easy and this is because of the fact that an individual has to prepare and arrange for a lot of different things while preparing for a wedding.

And one of those things that an individual has to prepare for is to hire the best and the most professional wedding photographer in Hyderabad. And if you are looking to hire the best and the most professional wedding photographer in Hyderabad then we at Reviewsxp can help you by connecting you with the best and the most professional wedding photographers in Hyderabad. And to connect with those wedding photographers in Hyderabad you just need to contact us. So, go ahead and contact us now!

Buying Guides for Hiring Local Pre & Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad

Hiring Guide for Wedding Photographer in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has a population of over 68 lakh people as of the moment. Making it the 4th biggest city in India. Only a few months ago, Hyderabad organised over a lakh marriages over a span 3 days. Suffice to say, this paints a complete image of how many people get married each month, every day. Each person hires a wedding photography service of some kind or the other. 

In Hyderabad, weddings are not only an auspicious occasions, they also to contribute to a lot of jobs to photographers in Hyderabad. These special occasions are very important to the people who in the city, most clients look to hire professional wedding photographers in Hyderabad to capture every moment of their special day into wedding photo albums.

We at ReviewsXP are dedicated to collecting information on such professionals through meticulous research and hardwork. Our list of professionals is amongst the best that you will possibly find across the city of pearls. All wedding photographers in Hyderabad that are listed by us are hardworking professionals that will be worth every cent you can shell out, provided that you make the choice that is suitable to your own needs.

These professional wedding photographers interact with customers (such as yourself) on a daily basis and have honed their skills to fit the requirements of any kind associated with their work. As a customer, it's your duty to state your demands clearly before making the move of hiring photographers in Hyderabad. We here at ReviewsXP both preach and practice the belief “customers come first”.

How we (ReviewsXP) can help you explore your best options in wedding photography?

ReviewsXP makes a compiled list of the best of the best wedding photographers in Hyderabad, collects information about their service, any published work that they may have, their audience perception, reviews, testimonials or feedback and their contact information. The professionals in our lists are certified individuals who are the best at what they do, we guarantee it.

If wedding photography is on your list of services, reach out to us, leave your specifications, your contact information on our website (www.reviewsxp.com) and we will reach back to you within no time, with the best options based on your own requirements.

Our website is dedicated to providing you with lists and reviews of any such products and services. Our portal is also open to feedback and suggestions that you might want to give regarding your experiences with hiring these services. Your feedback is always appreciated. 

Categories of services of Wedding photographers in Hyderabad

A simple Google search will show you that there are more than a hundred different wedding photographers in Hyderabad. Each of them provide will list to you a similar roster of services that they provide, it may get confusing but we are here to guide you through it and ensure that you get your money's worth. Regardless of what the services are listed as, all wedding photographers in Hyderabad have the same number of services (wedding photo albums, videography, digital copies of photos and videos, etc.).

Services offered by wedding photographers in Hyderabad

  • Pre-wedding photoshoot & video shoot: This is like bringing a photo album of prewedding to life. A more newer custom, Pre-wedding shoots usually take a lot of planning and executing. Starting off anywhere from 6-8 months before the wedding itself. A small documentary styled video of the couples lives, their families and their limited interactions with one another. This is the most expensive service on this list.

  • Candid Photography: The job of a wedding photographer is not an easy one. They have to capture people at their happiest and purest moments. These special moments are always fleeting, it is their job to capture it for eternity. These are photos taken unsupervised and spontaneously. The idea is to capture people at their best unplanned moments, venting their purest of emotions. Candid photography is no easy task, so, it is expensive and the agency will provide you with fewer images. These fit best into wedding photo albums.

  • Traditional Photography: Traditional photography is as close as you come to staged photography. While the participants aren’t models or actors, it is the photographers job to make people feel comfortable and the results are refreshing. He has to ensure that they feel confident enough to open up in front of the camera. It is not as simple as asking people to look into the camera and saying ‘Cheese’. This is easier of the two so, more pictures can be expected for a lower price.

  • Traditional Videography: The videographer has to go across the venue with a video camera and recording people. Not much setup and staging is needed on account of the cinematography department. This is simpler than cinematic videography, so, the service is substantially cheaper as well.  

  • Cinematic Videography: Much like candid photography, cinematography is about capturing special moments of a wedding on camera, as a video recording. It is a daunting task for cinematographers to set up lights around the whole venue to get the best looking videos of all attendees while not making them aware of their presence. They must be ever present to capture each special moment of spontaneity and love. This is usually the short ranging from 20 mins to 40 mins. Professionals these days even make digital wedding photo albums with these videos. Plus, they look amazing on social media as well.  

Each of these services will cost you based on which company your hire, how much experience they hold, how long you hire them, etc. Cost is an important factor to consider when booking best photographers in Hyderabad. However, it shouldn’t be the only factor to consider.

Often times - cheap, inexperienced service providers do not live upto the mark. They do not give you desirable results yet take their share of money and leave. It is our job to provide you with the best available options, it is your duty ensure that you pick the right one.

Not to say that extremely expensive service providers will get you the most optimum value for your money, no. Your choice must fit the need of the situation. If your hire a large venue, you need to hire a big service provider. You hire a smaller venue, it would be pointless to shell that much money. Do you need wedding photo albums or are you okay with digital copies. All the above need to be put into consideration.

Type of services of Wedding photographers in Hyderabad offered by ReviewsXP

While all wedding photographers in Hyderabad, ranging from agencies to freelancers will give you a list of their services and the prices for each of them. The services provided by them are not as different as one would come to expect. Best wedding photographers in Hyderabad give you more than just a list of things on a list, their have years of experience in their craft, exude professionalism and confidence in their work.

All services can be boiled down to a list of activities that each agency/professional can give you. Some of those list of services can be broadly divided into:

  1. Pre-Wedding shoot

  2. Studio photography

  3. Candid wedding photography 

  4. Cinematography (cinematic recording of wedding)

  5. Videography (simple recording of wedding)

  6. Album printing

  7. Digital photo & video - with selected printed images 

You have to decide if it is absolutely necessary to get candid photos and videos of the ceremony or not. Choosing the more traditional options of wedding photography might save you a lot of money as these services don’t come cheap.

Things to know about best wedding photographers in Hyderabad

From the most average to the best wedding photographers in Hyderabad will charge based on the amount of work that they have to invest into your wedding day. They may also charge you extra money based on the extra/special requirements such as  - extra man power, lights, generators, over-time, added services, travel expenses, etc. 

All of the above added on services will be listed in your bill of things. Kindly, only make full payment after you have received proper bill of things. Some agencies may take half the money upfront. In that scenario, kindly ask them for a receipt if not provided by the professionals. If you make sure that all things are in order from your side, no mistakes will happen. It's better to be safe than sorry.

In case of misconduct or services that are less than satisfactory, kindly report to us about such an agency/professional. We will ensure that we remove them from our listings and make sure that no one else has to experience professional misconduct. As always, your feedback is most appreciated.

How to book best wedding photographers in Hyderabad

This is the simplest step of the process, you log onto our website (www.reviewsxp.com) and leave your specifications and your contact information. We get back to you (message and email) with a list of the best possible options based on your own specification, within no time at all.

We will share your requirements with the service providers as well. They will get in contact with you, then both parties can further discuss the terms of the deal, discuss prices and finalize the terms. We believe in connecting the professionals with the people. So, they can work towards meeting your needs more efficiently and you can help them grow further in their goals and ambitions.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions 

These are some of the most asked questions on the web about wedding photography services. Kindly, go through these as they might prove of help to you as well.

Q. What is the average cost for wedding photographers in Hyderabad? 

All things considered, there is in no way like a normal cost for wedding photography. You should choose your financial plan and your necessities. ReviewsXP has alternatives for all ranges of wedding photographers, incorporating spending wedding photographers in Hyderabad. Simply put in an inquiry into (www.reviewsxp.com) and be guaranteed that you will get you the best arrangement in your financial plan.

Q. Can you recommend areas for pre-wedding photography in Hyderabad?

They are sufficient of brilliant pre-wedding photography areas in Hyderabad which will guarantee an astounding setting. Recommend you to peruse ReviewsXP blog which will help you in settling an awesome pre-wedding shoot area in and around Hyderabad. In any case, choosing the correct area out of numerous alternatives relies upon various factors, for example, topic of your wedding, spending plan, and so on. 

Q. What would it be a good idea for me to talk about with the photographer before booking? 

Beginning from their style of photography to the your desire from the photoshoot , consistently detail should be talked about well ahead of time with picture taker to obtain greatest blasts for the bucks . Other vital inquiry that you should ask are : 

  • Timing adaptability 

  • Installment approaches including strategy on charges + Cancellation and discount arrangement 

  • Travel and convenience coordinations and lucidity on who might bear the charges (particularly if there should be an occurrence of goal wedding)
  • Financial plan 

  • Correct expectations and bundle consideration (Number of altered pictures and crude pictures, conveyance time, photograph collection or not) 

  • Impart every one of your capacities (even the littlest occasions like haldi, chooda and so forth). In case you're wanting to shock your visitors with an exceptional execution, don't astonish your picture taker. Ensure he/she knows heretofore about the pre-arranged exercises with the goal that he's ready to catch! 

  • Cost of additional administrations (ramble, photo-booths, LED screens) 

  • Timing of deliverable + Policy if there should arise an occurrence of expectations are deferred


It is your duty to ensure that all things go well, as the occasion is your own. If all prerequisites are taken care of and all formalities are followed through, you can enjoy the occasion without worrying about anything.

With that we wish you a happy wedding season!



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