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Hire Best Pre & Wedding Photographers in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a beautiful place and if you are planning to have your wedding ceremony in Gurgaon then that is a great idea. However, if you want your wedding to be perfect then for that you would need to hire or arrange for the best possible services for your wedding.

And one of those things that you would be required to arrange for your wedding would be to hire the best possible wedding photographer in Gurgaon. And if you are looking to hire the best wedding photographer in Gurgaon then we at Reviewsxp can help you with that by connecting you with the best and the most professional wedding photographer in Gurgaon. To connect with that best wedding photographer in Gurgaon you just need to contact us. So, go ahead and contact us now!

Buying Guides for Hiring Local Pre & Wedding Photographers in Gurgaon

Here's The Guide for best wedding photographers in Gurugaon

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About the city - Gurgaon, the city that keeps on growing

Gurgaon has changed how the startup scene in India works. It has grown substantially in the last decade. According to business analysts across the world Gurgaon is becoming the new IT hub of India. Gurgaon, the 3rd biggest city in terms of the per-capita income in all of India. It also drives about 40% of all capital influx of its parent state of Haryana. It's a city that is moving fast and multiplying fast. However, it is still deeply rooted into the culture of Haryana. Weddings are an integral part of the northern hemisphere of the country. North Indians love to make their weddings grand and explosive.

What better way to go about such a celebratory culture than to capture its every solitary moment. To help you achieve this, ReviewXP provides you with a list of the best wedding photographers across the city of Gurgaon. When it comes to a wedding photographer in Gurgaon, there's a disproportionately higher demand for them in this city as opposed to other smaller cities and towns of Haryana. It has to do with the higher living standards and faster moving cultural growth in Gurgaon. All because of its progress in IT and business.

In a city with the highest professional workers per square kilometres - A good photographer will be both easy and difficult to find. A photographer in Gurgaon, will provide you with a detailed breakdown of his/her, types of services that they provide in a particular package and what add-on services that they will need to achieve your vision of photographing your special occasion. Remember this, transparency is a telltale sign of a professional at work.  

How we (ReviewsXP) can help you explore your best options in wedding photography?

We here at, ReviewsXP have sworn an oath to provide you with the best professional wedding photographer in Gurgaon. Our list involves professionals that are the best at what they do and are transparent in their business practices. We have curated these lists with meticulous research based on approval ratings, testimonials, company’s online information, the years of experience they have and their public reviews. It is our very duty to provide you with the best options available in your city.

In the scenario that you do face unfair business practice from any one of the names of professional photographer in Gurgaon listed, feel free to reach out to us ( https://www.reviewsxp.com/contact ) with your complaint. We will make sure to remove that name from the list to make sure it never happens again. As a customer it is your duty to make sure you put information about both your good and bad experiences on websites like ours. It is only way to ensure that other customers do not fall prey to unprofessional people. Websites like ours are built on a healthy interaction and contribution from both us and the public.

We simply provide you with things that make your job easier. It is your choice. So we would advise you to not be hasty about it and do your own research in areas of expertise that you want. Take for example, a big company will give you more services but will be more expensive each minute of work that they put in. Similarly, a cheap one will try to cut corners. You must be equipped with enough knowledge about your needs to pick the right one for you.

Categories of services of Wedding photographer in Gurgaon

Wedding photographers comes in all shapes and sizes. If you pick up a phonebook and dial the number of any random photography studio in Gurgaon, they will give you a list of services, charges, add-ons that will make things better, etc. It all gets very confusing but we’re here to guide you through it all.

Here are some of the categories of wedding photographers:

Pre-wedding Photo-shoot and Video-shoot - This resembles breathing life into a photograph collection of pre-wedding. Pre-wedding shoots for the most part take a considerable measure of arranging and executing. Beginning of somewhere in the range of 6-8 months before the wedding itself. A little narrative styled video of the couples lives, their families and their constrained connections with each other. This is the most costly administration on this rundown.

Candid Photography:

The activity of a wedding picture taker isn't a simple one. They need to catch individuals at their most joyful and most perfect minutes. These uncommon minutes are continually transient, they must catch it for time everlasting. These are photographs taken unsupervised and immediately. The thought is to catch individuals taking care of business impromptu minutes, venting their most perfect of feelings. Real to life photography is no simple errand, thus, it is costly and the office will furnish you with less pictures. These fit best into wedding photograph collections.

Conventional Photography:

Traditional photography is as close as you come to organised photography. While the members aren't models or performing artists, it is the picture takers occupation to influence individuals to feel great and the outcomes are reviving. He needs to guarantee that they feel sufficiently certain to open up before the camera. It isn't as straightforward as requesting that individuals investigate the camera and saying 'Cheddar'. This is less demanding of the two along these lines, more pictures can be normal at a lower cost.

Traditional Videography:

Best wedding photographers will to run over the scene with a camcorder and recording individuals. Very little setup and arranging is required because of the cinematography office. This is less complex than true to life videography, thus, the administration is significantly less expensive also.

Cinematic Videography:

Best wedding photographers should be ever present to catch every extraordinary snapshot of immediacy and love. This is typically the short running from 20 mins to 40 mins. Experts nowadays even make digital album collections with these recordings.

Furthermore, they look astonishing on social media as well. Much like real to life photography, cinematography is tied in with catching extraordinary snapshots of a wedding on camera, as a video recording. It is an overwhelming assignment for cinematographers to set up lights around the entire scene to get the most attractive recordings everything being equal while not making them mindful of their essence.

Any professional photographer in Gurgaon and their prices will be completely dependant on the agency that you desire to hire - the amount of hours needed, extra manpower and equipments needed to pull it all off. The agency/professional will give you an estimate price if you’re clear with your list of demands beforehand. It is alway quite necessary that you do so, as it gives a sense of clarity to both you and the professionals that you decide to hire.

You will find that expensive any wedding photographer in Gurgaon might not serve your need if its on a deadline, as they meet clients such as yourself on a daily basis. Even if they cater to your needs, the price is high. In similar fashion, smaller and cheaper wedding photographer in Gurgaon might not be equipped to handle grand wedding venues - he might not have the resources or the manpower needed.

You can iron out both these issues, if you sit down and research needs and volumes based on your wedding plans, no. of visitors and the size of the venue. After all, the quality of your wedding cannot be downsized for your photographic needs and vice-versa. Any good photographer in Gurgaon will let you know this on your first meeting.

Type of services of Wedding photographer in Gurgaon offered by ReviewsXP

The number of wedding photographer in Gurgaon available will never be a verdict at question, these individuals are ever present and growing as each day passes. Each agency/photographer in Gurgaon makes their own list of services based on their day-to-day interaction with their clientele, these may sound radically different, in essence, they serve the same purpose across the sea of different professional photographers in Gurgaon.

The assumption that the best agency is somehow better than the best wedding photographers is wrong. The aesthetic presentation around either is representative of the quality of their work couldn’t be further from the truth either. It is often services that seem most unlikely to deliver that do.

With all that jargon aside, here is a approximate breakdown of all the services that these agencies/professionals can provide you with. It is necessary that you go through with this list and know what is at offer. You might be delightfully surprised and might want to integrate it into your ever growing wedding plans. The services are:

  1. Pre-Wedding shoot

  2. Studio photography

  3. Candid wedding photography

  4. Cinematography (cinematic recording of wedding)

  5. Videography (simple recording of wedding)

  6. Album printing

  7. Digital photo & video - with selected printed images

Some agencies/wedding photographer in Gurgaon might include these in norm as a part of a package deal that they offer. They should be able to provide you with a printed/digital invoice which breaks down these elements and the cost they have on your pockets. Kindly, do not go through with the purchase until this is done.

Things to know about best wedding photographer in Gurgaon

An agency/wedding photographer in Gurgaon will charge you based on a list of several different things aside from the service that they provide you with. Although, any professional photographer in Gurgaon will tell you all this beforehand, it is healthy to assume that a bad one won’t. These will make you aware of what you’re being charged for or if you need it to begin with.

The list add-on services that the best wedding photographers in Gurgaon might include into your bill will be  - extra man power, lights, generators, over-time, added services, travel expenses, etc. These are essentials needed at a moments notice at times due to the drawback of the moment. Transportation of equipments is another thing which will definitely added to your list of headaches.

In case of misconduct or services that are less than satisfactory, kindly report to us about such an agency/wedding photographer in Gurgaon. We will ensure that we remove them from our listings and make sure that no one else has to experience professional misconduct. We only keep the best wedding photographers. As always, your feedback is most appreciated.

How to book best wedding photographer in Gurgaon

This is the simplest part of the process. Go to our website (www.reviewsxp.com/) and leave us your requirements through our contacts form. We will get back to your via email or WhatsApp messenger and provide you with the list of the photographer in Gurgaon who fits your needs the best.

We will also share your contact information with these professionals who will soon get in touch with you. From there you can take over and captain your own ship of negotiations. It is our belief which makes us connect professionals with people so that both the sides are served more effectively.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the average cost for wedding photographers in Gurgaon?

Everything considered, there is not the slightest bit like a typical cost for wedding photography. You ought to pick your monetary arrangement and your necessities. ReviewsXP has choices for all scopes of wedding photographers, consolidating spending wedding photographer in Gurgaon. Just put in an inquiry into (https://www.reviewsxp.com/) and be ensured that you will get you the best course of action in your money related arrangement.

Q. Could you recommend territories for pre-wedding photography in Gurgaon?

They are adequate of splendid pre-wedding photography zones in Gurgaon which will ensure a dumbfounding setting. We advise you to examine ReviewsXP blog (https://www.reviewsxp.com/blog/) which will help you in settling a marvelous pre-wedding shoot territory in and around Gurgaon. Regardless, picking the right territory out of various options depends upon different components. For instance, point of your wedding, spending plan, etc.

Q. What would it be a good idea for me to talk about with the photographer before booking?

Beginning from their style of photography to the your desire from the photoshoot. Consistently detail should be talked about well ahead of time with picture taker to obtain greatest blasts for the bucks. Other vital inquiry that you should ask are :


  • Timing adaptability

  • Installment approaches including strategy on charges + Cancellation and discount arrangement

  • Travel and convenience coordination and lucidity on who might bear the charges. (particularly if there should be an occurrence of goal wedding)


Financial plan

Correct expectations and bundle consideration (Number of altered pictures and crude pictures, conveyance time, photograph collection or not)

Impart every one of your capacities (even the littlest occasions like haldi, chooda and so forth). In case you're wanting to shock your visitors with an exceptional execution, don't astonish your picture taker. Ensure he/she knows heretofore about the pre-arranged exercises with the goal that he's ready to catch!

Cost of additional administrations (ramble, photo-booths, LED screens)

Timing of deliverable + Policy if there should arise an occurrence of expectations are deferred


It is your obligation to guarantee that all things go well, as the event is your own. On the off chance that all requirements are dealt with and all conventions are finished. You can appreciate the event without agonising over anything.



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