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Hire Best Pre & Wedding Photographers in Bathinda

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How To Get Great Portraits On Your Wedding Day

The guests are here. The stage is set. The makeup and hair are done. It is time for the rituals to mark the beginning of a beautiful journey. Weddings are wonderful celebrations of love and joy. But you can never overlook the hectic and chaotic side of things, the months of tedious planning and the desire in every couple to get tiny detail correct. And needless to say, wedding photographs definitely feature in your list of worries.

Social media, bridal and fashion magazines have you dreaming of great portraits but at the same time, you are left wondering if your photographs will be as magical as the ones you’ve seen. Will they capture the laughter, the madness and the splendor exactly how you envisioned it? But we’ll let you in on a secret.

There are some simple and very effective ways to ensure that you get great portraits on your big day. And these tricks apply to any location, theme and all other specifics. Let’s have a look at 7 tips to get great portraits on your big day.

1.     Find the Right Photographer

This is the starting point and the cornerstone of your quest to ensure great portraits on your wedding day. The right photographer, honest communication and high levels of transparency when it comes to the creative process are the keys to getting the best pictures.

You may choose a wedding photographer who has great references and testimonials but if you are not comfortable with him or her and vice-versa, it is very likely that the portraits will not be what you wanted.

Once you have narrowed down on your choice, be open to having multiple meetings. The photographer will be a patient listener and keen to both share and incorporate opinions. This interaction is a must because it is crucial that they get a feel of your personalities and fully understand what you’re expecting from the team.

Keeping this in mind, a pre-wedding photo shoot is often a good way to bond with your photographer a few months prior to the big day. It could be a perfect opportunity for him or her to understand your style and for you to judge the work and see if there is something lacking in communication. Be vocal and interactive. It makes a huge difference.

2.     Pick the Right Wedding Outfit

Your wedding outfit is a big deal; maybe even the most important thing! And you have no dearth of opinions when it comes to choosing it. Be it family, friends, social media or magazines, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to this special attire.

But while being spoilt for choice is always a great thing, it wouldn’t be the best if your outfit doesn’t gel well with the décor, backdrop or looks awkwardly coordinated with your partner’s. These tiny details are important and contribute to the overall composition of a great portrait.

So get in touch with your photographer and have a word with them regarding the colour and design of your wedding dress. Their keen eye for detail will make sure that your outfit is in harmony with the surroundings and your partner’s.

3.     Think about the Venue, Décor and Colours

It is very important that there is sufficient coordination between your planner, your photographer and the ones handling the venue. You have to, and there are no two ways about this, involve your photographer when it comes to finalizing on the décor and colour schemes of the venue. Your photographer must be aware of how you and your planner wish to do up the venue.

He or she can have great insights like how to create a contrasting background, add interesting elements to the décor that can add to the quirkiness of a great portrait, intricate floral arrangements around the seating area of the bride and groom and placement of lighting props like fairy lights. By involving the photographer, you can add cute little details that can go a long way in making a difference to your photographs.

4.     Plan Lighting at the Venue

It takes no genius to know to how crucial lighting is for the simplest of the photographs. Playful and ingenious lighting can transform a regular photograph into a magical, great portrait. But lighting at weddings can be unpredictable. While most weddings can be night events, there is a recent trend of early pheras.

With changes in the way weddings are being organized, it is important that you let your photographer know the exact timings of all your events. Discuss important aspects like how indoor and semi-outdoor events will be lit. Your photographer must have a strategy when it comes to lighting and should clearly outline his requirements so that the requisite arrangements can be made.

Experienced photographers are well capable of manipulating light but it always helps to be aware of the challenges they might face with respect to the timing of the functions or the lighting at the venue.

5.     Make Time for Portraits

Yes, we know how hectic it can get. But your wedding is such a special day and you have to make some time for the photographers to capture you in your resplendent best. Ideally, a good time for great portraits would be before you get involved in the ceremonies. Schedule your makeup session in a way that you have some time on your hands for photographs before the rituals.

In that way, your makeup remains fresh and you don’t look exhausted. For couple portraits, schedule some time before the main ceremony begins.  You must remember that while the team of photographers is ready to go to any length to get you your dream pictures, you have to give them priority and sufficient time to work on it.

By arranging for a separate session, everyone involved will be less stressed, more willing to experiment and the final result will be great portraits that capture the memories for a lifetime.

6.     Be Ready Before Time

Makeup and makeup artists are a very important part of the process. It is imperative that you have a trial before the wedding to finalize on the look and decide on the kind of makeup you want on the actual wedding day. On the day of the wedding, hair and makeup will tend to appear tired or run down in just a few hours.

It is always best to have a makeup artist’s assistant handy throughout the wedding and if that cannot be arranged, ask your friends to have a few makeup essentials handy. Involving your photographer in the makeup process is a great way to get some candid portraits of not only the brides but family and friends too.

If it possible, arrange for a separate room for the bride so that the photographers can get ample space to take some fun shots and you don’t need to get dressed in cramped spaces. Timing is crucial. Always schedule every session keeping in mind a spillover from the previous one.

7.     Keep Calm and Enjoy the Day

It is not a big secret that the best portraits are of happy and relaxed brides. While it is true that the months of planning have led to this one day and there are a thousand things to take care of, always remember that is it is your special moment above everything else.

Just let loose, have complete faith in your planning and everyone involved in the events. Feel free to delegate work. Don’t take it upon yourself. Let your wedding planner look into everything. Relax, celebrate your love for your partner and is the best source of great portraits.

To crack the code of getting great portraits on your wedding day, all you need to do is trust your photographer and enjoy yourself. Your photographer has been selected by you after careful consideration. If the communication has been open and a great rapport has been built, there is no need for the blushing bride to worry about her photographs. Indeed, don’t worry about anything at all! It’s your wedding. Take a moment to let that sink in. And when all the ceremonies are over, relive the entire thing through amazing portraits.


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