Amritsar is a great place and if you are planning to have your wedding ceremony in Jalandhar then that is a great idea. However, planning for a wedding is not an easy task as there are many things that an individual has to prepare and arrange for a wedding ceremony. And one of those things that an individual has to arrange or prepare for a wedding is to hire the best and the most professional wedding photographers in Amritsar.

And if you are looking to hire the best and the most professional wedding photographers in Amritsar then we at Reviewsxp can help you with that by connecting you with the best and the most professional wedding photographers in Amritsar. And to connect with those wedding photographers in Amritsar you just need to contact us. So, go ahead and contact us now!

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Amritsar- The City with the Extravagant Weddings 

Amritsar is an incredibly beautiful city that is home to the marvelous Golden Temple, the historic Jallianwala Bagh, the religious Akal Takht, and many other equally mesmerizing places. But one more thing that Amritsar is known for is its people and the awesome wedding that the people here tend to have. The people in Amritsar tend to go above and beyond when it comes to planning their wedding and the outcomes are nothing short of awe-inspiring. However, with so much preparation it is natural that the people here would also want to document their weddings in an equally effective manner. And one way to do that would be to hire a professional wedding photographer. 

There are many benefits to hiring a professional wedding photographer. And one of those major benefits of getting a wedding photographer to document the entire wedding is that you get to have great quality pictures which will serve to replenish the memories of that beautiful day for the rest of your lives. And if you are looking to hire wedding photographers in Amritsar then we at Reviewsxp have got your back as you can find the best and the most reliable wedding photographers listed on our website. 

How Can Reviewsxp Help You Find The Best Wedding Photographers In Amritsar?

We at Reviewsxp know it fully well that you guys have placed your trust on us. And to ensure that we are able to fully stand up to your expectations we have compiled a list of only the best and the most reliable professional wedding photographers on our website. All the wedding photographers that are given a spot on our list have gone through a rigorous test to ensure that they are able to qualify our high standards of quality. That test has been made only after a thorough research which has been conducted after collecting a large number of data. 

The top wedding photographers in Amritsar also offer a number of different services that you can inquire about. They also have a number of different packages that they offer to all their customers. And this might seem a little confusing at first but we are always there to help you. However, you should make a decision regarding the amount of money you would want to shell out. From there it is just a matter of choice regarding the kind of wedding photographer services you would want. 

Types of Services Offered By Professional Wedding Photographers

When it comes to selecting a local wedding photographer in Amritsar you should also be aware of the kind of services you would want. This is because of the fact that many wedding photographers in Amritsar offer different types of services. And some of those different types of services are mentioned below. 

The Traditional Wedding Photography

If you are looking to getting those traditional wedding photographs then this is the right option for you. In this type of photography, moments are recreated and many photographs are taken with people standing together with their shoulder to shoulder intact. People are seen in those classic poses in those photos. The final product that you get is also quite similar to what other couples would have with them too. But all the photographs are equally beautiful and charming. 

The Candid Wedding Photography

If you are looking to get some unique and personal photographs clicked of you and all your guests then this is the perfect option for you. This is definitely one of the most modern ways of taking photographs and the simple idea behind this type of photography is to capture your real emotions without asking you to even pose for it.

There are million different ways through which this type of photography can be executed. And one of the best facts about this kind of photography is that the more creative you get the better you have. This type of wedding photography services in Amritsar also given you some of the most unique and personalized photographs that you can ever hope to get. 

The Photography + Videography

If you are looking to get that classic videography and photography done at your wedding then you should go with this option of services. Through this service, you can get the classic wedding documentation combo where the photographs and the video are taken in that classic way.

A number of people still tend to go for this documentation method. However, if you are looking to get something unique done for your wedding then it is recommended that you shouldn’t go for this services option. 

The Wedding Cinematography

In the last few years, a new wedding trend has emerged. And this wedding trend basically involves a couple of photographers or videographers to make a film that documents the entire wedding. And in that film, the bride and the groom are obviously the main lead for the film.

This is a rather unique way of documenting any particular wedding. This method also ensures that the couple gets a rather unique end product once the professionals are done with the shooting and editing the entire film that they made of the wedding. 

The Drone Photography

This is another new photography trend that has emerged in the whole wedding scenario. It might come across as a little pricey but this service will also get you some really great shots of the wedding. The drones are known to capture some of the best shots from a variety of angels while they are flying. This is definitely not something that can be achieved by any other easily available technology. 

The Pre-Wedding Photography

A number of different companies that offer professional wedding photography services in Amritsar also offer the couple a pre-wedding photoshoot that they can get done before the actual wedding is taken place. This service option has been a hit amongst a number of different couples from all across the globe. There are also a number of different people who tend to go to a number of different places to get those pre-wedding photographs taken. 

These are all the major services options that are offered by a number of different companies in Amritsar. And we at Reviewsxp bring to you all of these services so you would have enough options to choose the kind of services that you need or want the most. 

How to Book Professional Wedding Photography Services in Your City?

We at Reviewsxp always have your ease and comfort in our head and because of that, we have made the process of acquiring the professional wedding photography services extremely simple for you. To get this kind of services in Amritsar you just need to contact us. Once you contact us, we will share the details of the best wedding photography service providers with you.

You can inquire about all the little details from those service providers and then you can go ahead with hiring the wedding photography services of the company that you like the best. It is important for you to remember that if you have any doubt throughout this process then we at Reviewsxp are always there to help you. 

The Costing Factors

There are a number of different wedding photography companies that are present in Amritsar. And each of those companies charges a different price for the photography services that they offer. Hence, it is not feasible for us to estimate any particular amount that getting a professional wedding photographer could cost you. However, the price of getting a professional photographer could cost you anything from a total amount of 20,000 INR to the amount of 2,00,000 INR. There are a number of reasons behind why there are so many different prices that are charged for professional photography. And some of those reasons are mentioned below. 

The Technology

When it comes to professional photography, there are different types of equipment that any particular photography team will require. That equipment could include the number of artificial lighting, the type of camera, the number of stands required, and other technical equipment. This can also have an impact on the total cost of hiring the photography services at a wedding. The quality of the equipment used also has a huge effect on the overall cost of the photography services that are being hired. 

The Team Members Required

It is a well-known fact that some weddings are smaller and more private while other weddings are huge. And both of these types of wedding require a different number of individuals who would be working as the professional photographers for the day. Hence, this little fact can also have an impact on the total estimated cost of the photography services that are being charged. 

The Days 

Sometimes, various couples ask for a few days of photography services from the different companies. And in this scenario, the total cost of the photography services is impacted by the number of days during which the photography services of the company is required. The number of days there are the more is the cost of the photography service. 

The Types Of Services 

As we mentioned above, there are different types of photography services like the drone photography, the traditional photography, the candid photography, and many other types of services. All these services require a different level of expertise and the different technologies for carrying out those photography services successfully. And this can also affect the total cost that is charged from the customer. 

Hence, we advise you to directly contact the company to know about the exact charges of the photography services that they provide. This will also help you in selecting the cheapest wedding photographers in Amritsar.

The Ultimate Destination Wedding Checklist

Weddings are fun and incredibly romantic but they are not that easy to plan. Similarly, planning a destination wedding is quite hard but just like the other weddings, it is totally worth the work and the wait that goes into the whole planning process.

However, we know that you will need some kind of help in planning your big destination wedding. And we are here to pick up the slack and do our share of the tasks. We bring to you the ultimate destination wedding checklist that you will definitely need while planning your awesome destination wedding. The list is mentioned below.

1. Decide The Place And The Time

So your partner has finally asked you to be with him or her for the rest of your lives. And you have said yes and both of you agree that you would want a destination wedding.

So, the first thing you guys need to do to start the planning is to decide the place you want to get married at. It could Italy or any other romantic place that holds some kind of significance for both you and your partner.

Once you have decided the place where you want to get married at then the next thing you need to do is to agree on a date on which you both want to get married. This is the most of important step in the whole destination wedding planning as most the steps that are mentioned below will be influenced in one way or the other by the decision you make at this step. So, it is advised that you should spend a considerable amount of time while making a decision regarding the place and the time of your destination wedding.

2. Confirming The Legalities

Once you have selected the place or the country where you want to get married and the date then the next thing that you need to do is to contact the foreign embassy of that place and make yourself more familiar with the various requirements that you will need to fulfill to be able to get married in that country.

This step can be quite tiresome but you should ensure that you get to know as much as possible about the legal steps that you will need to take to ensure that you can host your wedding in that country. It is often advised that you should contact some kind of foreign consultants who will be able to guide you through the whole legal process much more effectively.

Get to know about the documents that you will need to submit and keep them prepared so you can submit them as soon as possible. Also get to know about the timeframe in which the whole legal process can be concluded.

3. Revise The Date

Once you get an answer regarding the confirmation of your destination wedding from the authorities in the country and place of your choice then you might have to revise the date.

This could be due to many reasons like you not being able to plan your destination wedding by then or some other reason that you hadn’t thought about till now. If that is the case then you should revise the date and if not then you can simply proceed with the planning of the wedding.

4. The Budget

It is obvious that the destination wedding won’t come cheap to you. You will need to spend a considerable amount of money. However, you can reign on a few extra costs and try to save as much money as you can. This can be achieved by setting up a budget.

If you set a budget for your destination wedding then chances are that you will be more unlikely to spend money on things that you really don’t need for your destination wedding. Setting up a budget for your destination wedding further helps you in deciding on a lot of other things like the guest list, the amount of food that you require, and many other things.

Though, you should make sure to follow through your budget as much as you can. Try not to surpass the maximum limit that you have set for yourself while preparing for your destination wedding.

5. The Guest List

Once you have set up a budget for yourself then the next thing you need to do is to determine the number of people you want to invite to your wedding. It is advised that you should consult your budget to pick the number of people you want at your destination wedding.

Also, once you have finalized the list from your end then you should also confirm the number of people who will be attending your wedding. It is quite possible that a few people might be busy during that time and therefore might not be able to come. Once you have the final list then you can stick to the list and prepare for the other things that you require for your destination wedding.

6. The Wedding Suppliers

There are a lot of things that you need at your wedding. The most important things are the food, the decorations, the venue, and a few other things. You need to contact the various suppliers to ensure that all of this gets delivered to you at your wedding.

It is advised that you should hire some wedding planner to help you with the whole planning for the destination wedding process. This will ensure that you are able to enjoy the whole pre-wedding celebrations and everything without being constantly worried about the whole planning for the destination wedding.

7. The Accommodation

It is also important for you to arrange for the accommodation of all your guests. You should ensure that they are all provided for and that they have a comfortable stay.

These are all the major checklist items that you should remember to prepare for while planning for your destination wedding.

With this, we finish our list if you think that we missed something or if there is something that you would want to add then feel free to comment it down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to wedding photography, there are a number of different questions that people tend to have. And we have compiled the list of the most frequently asked questions here. And the list of the frequently asked questions is mentioned below. 

Q: We are not sure about the type of wedding photography services we want. What should we do?

It is okay that you might be confused about the kind of photography services you would want for your wedding. And in those cases, we often advise that you should try and look at the various portfolios that might have been done by the photographers already. This might help you in realizing the kind of photographs that you prefer. You can also decide on a budget and then select the kind of services you would want. 

Q: Will the photographer edit the photographs?

Most photographers do tend to edit a number of different photographs so that they are able to deliver only the best photographs to you. However, if you have any preference of specific suggestion related to the editing then you can discuss that directly with your photographer. 

Q: How can I be sure that I will get only the best wedding photographers?

We at Reviewsxp select only the best and the most talented wedding photography services providers in Amritsar. However, you can still choose to ask those photographers for references and their portfolios. This can help you in making an overall better decision. 

Q: How long will it take us to receive our photographs?

The time period that it takes for any professional to deliver those photographs depends on one particular company to the other. However, you can talk about these kinds of details with your wedding photographer and agree on a specific date that is feasible for both of you. 

Q: Can I get some of the photographs in black and white?

It is a great idea for you to get some of the photographs in black and white. However, you would have to talk about that with the wedding photographer that you decide to hire.

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The Conclusion

People in Amritsar tend to have huge extravagant weddings. And it is quite obvious that they would also want the best wedding photographers to document those big weddings. And to help that agenda, we at Reviewsxp have come up with a list of the best and the most professional wedding photographer in all of Amritsar. 

So, you can leave all your worries behind and hop on to our website now to find that perfect wedding photographer for your special day!


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