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The Top Wedding Trends

Weddings are truly amazing. These are the occasions when two people who are in love are deciding to finally tie the knot and spend the rest of their lives together. Because of this, it is quite obvious that you would want the best possible wedding of your dreams.

You would want everything to be perfect from top to bottom and wouldn’t want anything to be missed. Because of this desire to have the perfect wedding, you might also want to go for a more traditional option or you might want to have a trendy wedding. If you want a wedding that is more a portrayal of your fun personality then this article is designed just for you. We have come up with a list of the best or the top wedding trends that you can follow at your own wedding.

You can also give a twist and turn to these trends so they reflect more of your amazing personality. The list of the top trends is mentioned below.

1. The Balloons

Balloons are fun and are also quite festive. This is the reason why so many people have started to use balloons in the decorations of the hall or whichever place they have booked for their wedding. Balloons come in a lot of colors so this enables you to choose the best possible color of balloons that complement the whole vibe that you want to be displayed at your wedding.

You should further choose the kind of balloons that go along with the rest of the decorations that you are using to decorate the place which you have booked for your wedding celebration.

It is important for you to remember that you should go overboard and get as many balloons as you can. Instead, you should get the balloons in such a way that they mix and complement the other decoration pieces that you might be using.

2. The Entertainment

You and your family might be busy with thousands of things on your wedding day but your guests might not. And waiting around for the ceremonies to begin can be quite tiresome for them if not for you. This is why a lot of people are now hiring some kind of entertainment that is supposed to keep their guests entertained while the other preparations or wedding related details might be under process.

This is a great way to keep everybody engaged. This further ensures that all of your guests are quite engaged and that they do not feel the need to fidget and look around after every few minutes. Also, you should ensure that the entertainment you are hiring must not be boring or off-putting for your guests. You can choose to see a demo or some kind of work samples of the entertainment you are planning to add to your wedding celebrations. This will ensure that you hire the best people to keep all your guests entertained.

3. The Bold Colors

A lot of the Indian brides are deviating in the choice of the color of their wedding attire. It’s quite easy to find brides these days who might not want to wear the traditional red for their wedding. They might want to go for some other bold color of their choice. This trend is not bad and actually shows more an individuality amongst the brides.

You can take inspiration from this and pick a wedding outfit that isn’t just red in color. You can go for other bold colors. However, be sure to communicate that to the groom. He might like the idea too and would definitely want to pick his wedding attire in such a color and style that complements you.

4. The Multiple Course Meal

The meal or the food that you provide for your guests at your wedding is quite important. A good meal can put everybody in a good mood and a bad one can spoil their good moon. So, first, you should ensure that the caterers you hire are able to serve good quality food to you and all your guests. It goes without saying that the food should also be extremely delicious. If you have that ready then the other thing you can do is go for a multiple course meal for your guests.

Instead of serving the various dishes at the same time you should opt for a catering service that will be able to serve a multiple course meal. This gives your guests a chance to enjoy the all the type of dishes that you have got for them. You can pick the number of course in the meal that you want and then proceed from there.

5. The Destination Wedding

If you have pictured your dream wedding to be near a beach during the sunset or at some kind of hill station then a destination wedding is the perfect option for you.

A large number of couples are now opting for the destination wedding option instead of a traditional wedding at some plaza, hall, or another venue that is somewhere situated near to where the couple lives. The destination wedding is perfect for people who would love to travel or see a nice place even during their wedding. Destination weddings are fun, romantic, and just perfect.

6. The Huge Bridal Parties

This trend has slowly been picking up. And for you to be a part of this trend you just need to grab your closest friends and family member and get ready to party. You can have this party a few hours before your wedding. It is advised that you shouldn’t go too crazy at this party but rather try to spend some quality time with all the people that matter so much to you.

These are all the major trends that you can follow to have a great trendy wedding. You should remember that it is your wedding and you should try to personalize it as much as you can. Try to make this day as fun and memorable as you can.

If you think that we forgot something or if you have something to suggest to us then feel free to comment it down below.


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