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Sonalika DI 60 RX MM Super Reviews

Sonalika DI 60 RX MM Super Specifications

HP Category: 52 HP Category

No. of Cylinders : 3

Clutch: Dual Clutch

Transmission type: Constantmesh

No. of Gears: 8F+2R

Lift capacity: 1600 Kg

Brakes: OIB

Steering: Mechanical (Optnl: PS)

Fuel tank Capacity: 65 Ltr

Front tyres: 6.0x16 (PS : 7.5x16)

Rear tyres: 14.9 x 28 (Optnl: 16.9x28)


Sonalika DI 60 RX MM Super Overview

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Sonalika DI-60 RX MM Super is a 52 HP 3 cylinder engine, which oversees 2100 evaluated rpm. It has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears with the Constant Mesh gearbox with side change that gives organized gear changing, more leg space what's more open in the select market and 1 SA DCV that partners while working and extraordinarily sensible for tipping trailer errand. 

Tractor has the Dry Type Pre Air Cleaner that gives better upkeep of tractor. Sonalika DI-60 RX MM Super has the Dual Clutch (Optional: Single Clutch) that is fitting for PTO driven applications which require PTO running amidst declutching Reverse PTO clears hosing in the gatherer, thresher, and so on with Constant Mesh Type Transmission. Outline of tractor associates with the agriculturist to the living arrangement development. It is equipped with Radiator Overflow Reservoir that promises you don't have to fill coolant over and over. 

With Diesel Saver Unit, the Hydraulic pump can be pulled over from engine power saving sensibly for haulage, sifting, Compressor, Generator and trailed harrow (Accessible with Dry Disk Brakes). It other than continues running with the adaptable front rotate that is appropriate for push crops like potato which require flexible track width. Also, with Multipurpose Selective DC Valve, the Single valve is made organized filling in as single going about and what's all the more twofold drawing nearer as showed up by central sensible for haulage and other close applications. 

It has dry plate brakes and OIB (Optional) that gives higher dependable quality, low upkeep, and the more broadened life of brake liners. The tractor is fitted with Mechanical Steering and furthermore Power Steering Wheel as discretionary. Tire estimation for front tire is 6.0x16 (PS: 7.5x16) mm and the back tire is 14.9 x 28 (Optional: 16.9x28) mm. Fuel tank limit is 65 ltr. 

Sonalika DI-60 RX MM Super is solid to utilize and simple to keep up. Sonalika DI-60 RX MM Super tractor can lift up to 1600 kgs and is performing splendidly with rotavator, cultivator, showering, haulage, sowing, gatherer, separating and over different yields like grapes, groundnut, cotton, castor, et cetera.


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Sonalika DI 60 RX MM Super Reviews

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