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Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super Reviews

Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super Specifications

  • HP Category: 30 HP Category
  • No. of Cylinders: 2
  • Clutch: Single clutch
  • Transmission type: Sliding Mesh
  • No. of gears: 8F+2R
  • Lift Capacity: 1200 Kg / 1000 Kg
  • Brakes: Oil immersed brakes
  • Steering: Power Steering (Optnl: Mechanical)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 29 Ltr
  • Front tyres: 5.0x15 / 6.5 / 8.0*12
  • Rear tyres: 9.5x24


Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super Overview

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Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super tractor is a 30 HP tractor that continues running with earth-shattering 2 cylinder engine, which is making 1800 investigated rpm. The preservationist plan of Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super makes it simple to access in an extensive variety of homesteads and locale crops like cotton and sugarcane, lower height and downdraft silencer for facilitating moving in a vineyard. It is even equipped with 4 wheels drive that upgrades it amidst untidy conditions. 

Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super has Dry Type Air Cleaner. It other than has the Single Clutch with sliding Mesh transmission type. It has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. Plan of the tractor makes the agriculturist the gift undertaking.

Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super is performing brilliantly with rotavator, cultivator, showering, haulage, sowing, gatherer, disengaging and over different harvests like grapes, groundnut, cotton, and castor and so forth. Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super is an anticipated tractor that can lift up to 1200 kgs with additional expansive floor space that offers solace to the riders to do task work and besides direct passage and exit from the tractor. 

It has mechanical brakes other than Oil Immersed brake (Optional) that makes braking smooth and gives a smooth endeavor work. The tractor is fitted with Mechanical and likewise Power Steering. Tire estimation is for front tire 5.0x15/6.5/8.0*12 mm and back tire 9.5x24 mm with 29 ltr fuel tank capacity. It correspondingly continues running with a Cooltech engine that gives unrivaled engine execution in field errands for longer hours. 

Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super is solid to utilize and simple to keep up. With cultivator, this tractor is performing incredible on farms. It also passes on Haulage with huge weight. With Rotavator more minute than traditional tractor is making more power so living courses of action can actually rotavate. With 540 PTO RPM, It is reasonable for PTO driven applications like sprayer. Amidst MB Plow, it performs easily in homesteads and task work.


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Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super Reviews

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