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Massey Ferguson 5245 DI Maha Mahaan Reviews

Massey Ferguson 5245 DI Maha Mahaan Specifications

  • Hp Range: 50
  • Cylinders 3
  • Cubic Capacity (cc): 2700
  • Fuel injection pump: Inline
  • Clutch Type: Dual dry
  • Transmission Type: Partial constant mesh
  • Number of speeds: 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
  • PTO Type: GSPTO, six splined shaft type
  • Lifting capacity: 1700 kgf
  • Brake Type: Sealed dry disc brakes
  • Steering Type: Manual steering
  • Electricals: 12 V 75 Ah Battery, 12 V 36 A Alternator
  • Total weight (kg): 2020
  • Fuel tank capacity (L): 47


Massey Ferguson 5245 DI Maha Mahaan Overview

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The Massey Ferguson 5245 DI MAHA MAHAAN is a 50 hp, 2700 CC Tractor with the "SIMPSONS SJ327 TIII A" engine with a Displacement of 2700cc. It has Inline Fuel Injection pipe. Its fuel tank impediment is 47 liters. Its gearboxes are crushed with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. Its speed is 540 rpm @ 1790 ERPM and the sort is Live, six splined shafts outline. This tractor is especially satisfying a wide assortment of cultivating applications. 

It keeps running with Manual Steering mode. The tire measures 6.00*16, 13.6*28/14.9*28 for front and back simultaneously. It continues running with a Dual Dry Clutch. It has smooth transmission control and it has Partial Constant Mesh Transmission. It favors clear and smooth gear changing as necessities are guaranteeing a more widened life for the gearbox and less driver fatigue. It continues running with Draft, position and response control.

Links fitted with Cat 1 and Cat 2 balls (Combi Ball) three-point linkage and controls and 1700kgf lifting limit with 12V 75Ah Battery, 12 V 36A Alternator. Its forward speed @ surveyed RPM is 36kmph. 

It is 3400mm long, 1740mm in width and 2255mm in height and a wheelbase of 1920mm for smooth and upbeat riding. It has a ground freedom of 385mm. It weighs 2020kg. It has a base turning degree of 2950mm. 

Massey Ferguson 5245 DI MAHA MAHAAN has the solace and comfort highlights to keep you grinning paying little mind to amidst the longest days; the engine power driven ability to go up against difficult to-direct errands and planning, get together and packs are surprising. It is one of the world-class tractors which are utilized for titanic obligation field work. It has a brilliant engine particularly and besides the braking and handling structure.


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Massey Ferguson 5245 DI Maha Mahaan Reviews

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