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Escorts Powertrac 434 Plus Reviews

Escorts Powertrac 434 Plus Specifications

  • Power (HP): 37 HP
  • No. of cyl & cubic capacity (CC): 3 Cyl, 2146 CC
  • Gear Box: 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
  • Location of Gear Box Shifting: Center Shift
  • Rear Axle: Inboard Reduction
  • Speed Forward (KMPH): 2.7-30.6
  • Speed Reveseve (KMPH): 3.3-10.2
  • Maximum speed (KMPH): 35
  • Type: Single 540
  • Hydraulic Lift Capacity (KG): 1500
  • Total Weight, KG: 1805
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (ltrs): 50

Escorts Powertrac 434 Plus Overview

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Escorts Powertrac 434 Plus keeps running with 3 cylinder engine with a Displacement of 2146 cc with 30 HP motor with assessed rpm of 2200. Its fuel tank limit is 50 liters. Its gearboxes are pulverized with 8 forward and 2 reverse center shift gearbox. The best tractor forward road speed @ Rated ERPM is 2.1 - 28.8 KMPH and invert @ assessed ERPM is 2.8 - 10.6 KMPH with the most phenomenal speed of 35.00 KMPH.

Escorts Powertrac 434 Plus runs with Balanced Power Steering/Mechanical Single drop arm choice. The braking element used is Multi Plate Oil Immersed Disk Brake. The tire measures 6.0 X 16 as Front and 12.4 x 28/13.6 X 28 Option as Rear.

It has smooth transmission control and it has sliding cross part to affect a transmission obviously. It licenses major and smooth contraption moving updates thusly ensuring a more drawn out life for the gearbox and less driver depletion.

The XTRA POWER motor partners most lifted power at top load conditions with scarcest fuel use with the through and through continuing on work transmission that draws in the headway hustle free and Multi-Speed Reverse PTO choice upgrade the execution and effectiveness.

Escorts Powertrac 434 Plus is portrayed out with 3260 mm length, 1700 mm in width and a wheelbase of 2010/1810 (for twisted axle) mm for smooth and comfortable riding. It has a ground clearance of 375 mm. It diagrams 1805 kg can lift up to 1500 Kgs.

Escorts Powertrac 434 Plus is performing thrillingly with rotavator, cultivator, sprinkling, haulage, sowing, gatherer, confining and over different things like grapes, groundnut, cotton, and castor and so on.

Escorts Powertrac 434 Plus is used as a couple of specific sorts of use also. It has an extraordinary engine especially and paying little notice to the braking and handling structure with Standard stacked with premium highlights i.e. OIB, uncompromising lift, QRC coupler.

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Escorts Powertrac 434 Plus Reviews

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