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Founded in 1937, Toyota Motor Corporation or Toyota is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer. It is currently the sixth-largest company in the world by revenue. Toyota is the first automobile manufacturer to produce over 10 million vehicles since 2012. It is a world renowned name, a brand dominating automotive industry and multinational corporations in Japan and Asia. The company was founded by Kiichiro Toyota.

The company had some ups and downs in the initial stages but later developed as one of the leading manufacturers in the automobile industry. The gradual improvement after the 1970s lead the company on path of constant economic growth and development. Toyota is doing very well and growing very fast globally. In the last few years, Toyota has become number one in automotive industry by selling cars worldwide. Toyota is headquartered in Toyota city, Aichi in Tokyo.

Along with automobiles, Toyota also provides financial services through its division Toyota Financial Services. The company also builds robots for different industries. Toyota Motor Corporation, its financial services and Toyota industries altogether form the bulk of the Toyota group and one of the largest conglomerates in the world. The company has more than 360,000 employees which is one of the highest in the world.


Toyota has a rich history. It consists of lots of ups and downs. The company struggled through the initial phase and setting up process but later developed to a bigger firm with high number of employees and workers. In 1939, the company established its first research center and in 1940, the Toyota Science Center was inaugurated. This was a dramatic and benchmark moment in the establishment of the company in the automobile market. The trademark of Toyota is that the company learned from its failures and always delivered a better and improved version of previous cars.

After World War 2, Toyota made the most out of wrecked and worn out trucks to make recycled vehicles. This process and work of the company is commendable. In 1947, the company designed the first structure of a small car that was ignored by the established American automobile companies. In 1949, this type of car was released in Japan. The car was small and had a capacity of four passengers.

The maximum speed of the car was 54 miles/hour. Japan was effected by the after effects of the war. Due to this the economy and the condition of the entire country but Toyota kept on producing cars and sold cars worth 2.5 million.

In 1951 Toyota introduced the famous Land Cruiser model. The company produced around 500 cars per month. Toyota focused on keeping the quality of vehicles and gave importance to keep the production cost as low as possible. With steady and constant development, it became a strong and recognized firm in the market. In 1984, Toyota joined hands with General Motors to form a joint venture called New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. After the merger with General Motors, Toyota started production in U.S.A. By 1991, Toyota had more than 40% of the Japanese car industry.

Toyota then started production in Latin America and Southeast Asia. It produced the first luxury car the ‘Lexus’. In 1990, Toyota also crossed record sales $4 billion. The establishment of the research center was a major step in the company’s overall growth. It has served the company well with providing information and useful strategies for better manufacturing and success in the market.

In October 1997, Toyota started developing the idea of manufacturing an eco-friendly which would reduce emission of CO2 from the automobiles. The demand of the vehicle grew very rapidly. The company was not able to cope up with the raising demands in the end.

Technologies and Innovations

Toyota is considered to be one of the most innovative and technology efficient company in the automobile market. There is a constant urge and work for betterment in the company. From its establishment the company has always tried to lower the production cost by keeping in mind the overall requirements of the people. Be it the idea of manufacturing eco-friendly vehicles or the hybrid electric vehicles, the company has always exceeded expectations.

In fact, the company is the market leader in sales of electric vehicles. Toyota encourages mass production and manufacturing of these electric vehicles. From the introduction of the Prius in 1997, the company is constantly adding new technologies to improve the efficiency. By doing this, it is also meeting the demands of the customers. The manufacturing and production of these vehicles is a huge step towards reduction of pollution and emission of harmful CO2 gas along with other chemicals in the atmosphere. Toyota is currently selling hybrid electric vehicles in 90 countries and the makers aim to achieve annual sales 1.5 million units. 

Toyota also started its Plug-in hybrid vehicle project in 2007 with road trials in France and UK. The official Plug-in hybrids were released in Japan in 2012 followed by United States in February and Europe in late June. The all electric vehicles produced by Toyota is another major stop in its beautiful journey. The Toyota RAV4 EV and Toyota IQ EV were all electric vehicles developed by the company.

The innovation and use of sources other than petro chemicals shows the developed ideologies and the work that the company has done for the planet. Toyota also launched a collaboration with Tesla Motors to produce electric vehicles. The other Toyota SUV’s have good navigation systems, LED lights and GPS installed in them.

Toyota recently installed the Integrated Safety Technology. It has a Pre- Collision System with Steer Assist and Automated Highway Driving Assist. Designed to take evasive action to avoid crash independently, the Pre-collision system with Steer Assist uses radar detection to spot pedestrians and other hazards.

AHDA has been developed to ensure a safer motorway driving without compromising driver enjoyment. Linking Co-operative adaptive cruise control, which ‘talks’ to vehicles ahead to maintain a safe distance; and Lane trace control, which helps steer the vehicle on an optimal driving line within a traffic lane.

Top Selling Models

Toyota has set a very high benchmark in car industry. The growth of the company has been revolutionary. It started from scraps and is now a giant and a fully developed company. The new technology and constant improvement in different aspects of the car is commendable.

It has received high success in the market and has reached an all high in the car market.  The Toyota cars are both adaptable and driver friendly. The drivers feel a sense of safety and superiority while driving a Mahindra. Some great cars provided by Toyota are as follows:

Build Quality

The build quality of Toyota cars are strong and damage free. The cars are made of material which is strong to prevent them from damaging. Further, the installed safety features remove the possibility of damage and destruction. Toyota cars are made with magnificent exteriors and high quality interiors. The exterior of the newer models reflect impressive combination of athletic style and modern design. The LED lights and tail lamps of the cars are of high quality and efficient in functioning.

The powerful 2.4l VVT-i petrol engine that reaches 165hp @6000 rpm is a beautiful and powerful addition to the car. The engine gives the car new dimension and high limits. This makes the overall performance of the car better. The cars have tremendous ride quality, luxurious and versatile interiors, spacious cabins, superior all-round features and class leading safety features. The stylish alloy wheels installed in the newer models of Toyota adds great beauty and magnificence to the car.

The comfortable seats are designed so that the passengers can get a great ride. The driving quality of the Toyota cars are excellent. They are not crampy and are totally driver oriented. The passenger safety features such as airbags and ABS are carefully installed to provide total prevention and safety to all the passengers. The cars now, come with integrated stereo, rear AC vents and parking sensors. The four-wheel drive (4WD) technology offers constant support and reliability on all road conditions. The cars are fuel efficient. Further, the environmental friendly cars have reduced the rate of pollution and are very beneficial for the environment.


The resale value of Toyota cars are quite good in India. There are number of showrooms and service centers where a customer can repair the car.

Further, presence of these centers help in maintaining the value of the car. The spare parts of Toyota cars are available but can be difficult to find. The presence of the showrooms and the customer service provided the officials of the company are factors that are enough to maintain the resale value of the car.


While Toyota remains one of the leading names in the automobile industry, it continues to face a large amount of challenges from its competitors. The company is currently doing very well in the market and is certainly at the highest level of sales and revenue generation. Regular struggle and continuous innovations have helped the company to become number one innovative company in the world. After merging with General motors, the company faced some issues and complains about the overall quality of the car.

It can be assumed that inevitably with hard work and effort, the company will overcome these difficulties. It should keep progressing and keep working towards giving environment and customer friendly cars. The company is in good shape as of now. Toyota has to maintain focus on hybrid sector of the market to meet its future expectations. Who knows, what other innovation the company has in store for the market.


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