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Tata Motors Limited, a member of Tata Group is one of the largest multinational automotive manufacturing company. The company produces various products such as passenger cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, sports equipment and military vehicles.

The company is headquartered in Mumbai. Tata also has auto manufacturing and assembly plants in various Indian cities such as Jamshedpur, Pantnagar, Lucknow, Sanand, Dharwad and Pune. The current chairman of the company is Natarajan Chandrasekaran. The company was founded in 1945 and captured a majority part of India very rapidly. It is widely regarded as one of the most successful Indian automobile company. The company has produced over 4 million vehicles since 1954. The company also has manufacturing plants in Argentina, South Africa, Great Britain and Thailand.

The company manufactured its first commercial vehicle in 1945 and has been unstoppable since then. Tata motors is the first company of the Indian Engineering Sector to be listed in the New York Stock Exchange. The company has definitely emerged as an international automobile company. The foundation of the company is based on careful understanding of the economic and customer needs. The company is striving forward due to its good marketing strategy and understanding of the market which it possess. Besides product development, the company’s R&D is also focusing on development of eco-friendly vehicles to further expand its market.


The history of Tata motors constitutes of great struggle and shows the determine nature of the company and its officials. Tata Group was first established in 1945 when the company was still under British rule. The starting phase of the company constituted with manufacturing of trucks and heavy diesel vehicles for commercial use, excavators, industrial shunter, dumpers, heavy forgings and machine tools. Tata entered in the commercial vehicle sector in 1954 after forming a joint venture with Daimler-Benz of Germany. In the year 1959 they set up a Research and Development Centre at Jamshedpur. In the year 1961 they started to export their products and the fist truck being shipped to Sri Lanka.

In the year 1966 the company set up the Engineering Research Centre at Pune to provide impetus to automobile Research and Development. In the year 1977 they manufactured first commercial vehicle in Pune. In the year 1983 they commenced manufacturing of Heavy Commercial Vehicle. In the year 1985 the company produced first hydraulic excavator in collaboration with Hitachi. In the year 1986 they produced the indigenously designed light commercial vehicle Tata 407 followed by 608. In the year 1989 they introduced third LCV model Tatamobile 206.

In the year 1991 the company launched first indigenous passenger car Tata Sierra and in the next year they launched Tata Estate. In the year 1993 the company signed a joint venture agreement with Cummins Engine Co. Inc. for the manufacture of high horsepower and emission friendly diesel engines. In the year 1994 the company launched Tata Sumo and LPT 709.

During the year the company signed a joint venture agreement with Daimler - Benz / Mercedes - Benz for manufacture of Mercedes Benz passenger cars in India. Also they singed a joint venture agreement with Tata Holset Ltd UK for manufacturing turbochargers to be used on Cummins engines.

In the year 1995 they launched Mercedes Benz car E220 and in the next year they launched Tata Sumo deluxe.In the year 1997 the company launched Tata Sierra Turbo and in the next year they launched Tata Safari and Indica in the market. In the year 2000 they launched Indica 2000 and CNG buses. In the year 2001 they launched Indica V2 CNG Indica and Tata Safari EX. In the year 2002 the company signed a product agreement with MG Rover of the UK.

Also they launched Petrol version of Indica V2 EX series in Commercial vehicles Tata Sumo+ Series and Tata Indigo. In the year 2003 they launched Tata Safari Limited Edition CityRover 135 PS Tata Safari EXi Petrol and Tata SFC 407 EX Turbo in the market. In July 29 2003 the name of the company was changed from Tata Engineering Co Ltd to Tata Motors Ltd.

In the year 2004 the company acquired Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company and renamed it as Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Co. Ltd. This company launched the heavy duty truck 'NOVUS' in Korea. Also the company launched Tata Indica V2 Tata LPT 909 EX Sumo Victa and Indigo Marina during the year. In the year 2005 the company acquired 21% stake in Hispano Carrocera SA Spanish bus manufacturing Company. The company launched branded buses and coaches namely Starbus and Globus in the market. Also they launched Tata Ace Indigo SX series Indica V2 Turbo Diesel Tata TL 4X4 and Tata Novus. During the year the company inaugurated a new factory at Jamshedpur for Novus. Also they unveiled Tata Xover at the 75th Geneva Motor Show. 

Technologies and Innovations

The Tata Motors Company have ingeniously worked towards technology and innovations. The company has gone forward in innovation with every vehicle that it has launched in the market. Tata motors have developed and skillful engineers who have strong leaders and officials to guide them. The company focuses on current and future vehicles to enhance the look of their vehicles and create an overall supreme driving experience for their customers. Innovation is deeply embedded in the company’s DNA and is shown by consistent improvement in quality of vehicles.

Tata has recently introduced the Turbotronn series of diesel engines of 3L, 3.3L and 5L capacities which have been developed for commercial vehicle applications. These new generation vehicles improve the fuel efficiency, performance and increases overall refinement of the vehicle. The Turbotronn is suitable for all type of commercial vehicles from 7T LCV’s to 37T multi axle vehicles. This provides highest class fuel economy, which ensures higher performance, lower cost of ownership, along with better reliability and durability. It also offers lower oil consumption and longer service intervals. These engines have several innovative features such as off-set cylinders, top down cooling, rear gear train, solenoid central vertical injectors, cylinder block with bed plate for low NVH, centrifuge oil filter, VGT, etc.

Tata has provided multiple innovations in the market. Since the company’s inception, it has strived towards betterment of its vehicles according to the needs and wants of the customers. Tata is developing high functionalities inside and outside the vehicle to give best experience of driving. The design outside is sleek and very well furnished. The interior is a combination of powerful and attractive technology along with comfortable seats and good spacing.

Certain innovations such as Robotic Process Automation, ION Digital Evaluation, Reactive filler for leather from hazardous waste, Automation for enhanced learning and grading assessment, Smart Zoom5 which is a smart digital microscope, Seats with changeable orientation and many more. These innovations have certainly increased the market share of the company and has also improved the overall revenue and economic growth of the organization.

Top Selling Models

Tata has revolutionized the manufacturing of automobiles in India and around the world. The company is persistent and determined to succeed in every aspect. It faces tough competition from the growing Indian as well as foreign brands, but Tata knows how to deal with tough situations. The company has a current revenue of over $43 billion.

The cars produced by the company are exciting and give a great experience to the passengers. The cars are suitable for long distance travel too. Tata has made customer satisfaction along with social development as its main motive. Therefore, the company has been able to provide the following cars which are most famous among the customers:

  • Tata Tiago
  • Tata Nexon
  • Tata Hexa
  • Tata Tigor
  • Tata Safari Storme
  • Tata Indica
  • Tata Indigo
  • Tata Safari
  • Tata Bolt 
  • Tata Nano

Build Quality

Tata cars have excellent build quality. The good and strong design of the vehicles along with installation of supreme parts is the main focus of the company. Tata has given a wide range of vehicles to the customers. The exterior of the cars are well managed and strong.

The coating is very protective. The car goes through various safety and security checks before it is released in the market. The company takes proper care of the safety of the passengers. The exterior design is described through Exciting, Expressive and Extraordinary features. Exciting and strong proportions of body cabins give the cars a strong sense of dynamism. The Expressive surfaces gives a futuristic experience to the cars. Extraordinary detailing provides attractive feature and completes an overall fantastic design of the cars.

Interiors are a blend of practical needs of the consumers and the little details that add certain amount of cheerfulness in the car. The intelligent use of material choices along with the use of attractive color combinations is magnificent. The myriad storage and accessory options allows the driver to configure his own settings and drive according to his own comfort. The innovative and intuitive car technology strategically puts every piece of technology in the right place to create an effortless driving experience. This reduces the effort of the driver and gives supreme attention to what he wants. Tata cars are therefore driver-oriented and are developed to provide new dimension to driving.


The Tata company has various showrooms and service centers in India. The resale value of the car depends upon whether the car in maintained and is in a good shape or not. The newer models of Tata are doing well in the market.

This will boost up the resale value of these cars. Most customers prefer to go for the new Tata products. This is due to the bad maintenance of the vehicles. Although, Tata has a number of service centers in India, the resale value will eventually depend upon whether the car is properly nurtured and serviced at different intervals.


Tata motors have done an excellent job in the automobile market. The company excels when it comes to innovation through intensive research and development. The ability of the company to make the least expensive car, Tata Nano is commendable. This also shows the company is attentive about the consumers. They are willing to provide consumers with low budget cars having good features and technology. Tata Motors possesses high corporate responsibility.

They donate a portion of their stocks to a specific charity. This signifies the generous nature of the company. Tata motors have already opened doors for major innovative ideas. A huge percentage of India’s population do not own cars. Tata can use its skill and ability to provide cars to each person. The company has the ability to manufacture and sell to the prospective customers. Tata has every essence of a complete company which is consumer-oriented, socially responsible and works for the betterment of the society.



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