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Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation which is headquartered in Minami-Ku, Hamamatsu. The company was founded in 1909 by Michio Suzuki and the main business of the company was to build weaving looms for the giant silk industry in Japan. The company was highly successful in loom business however Suzuki realized that he wants to diversify and expand the operations of the company, therefore started looking at different options. Realizing the consumer demand, the company decided to build vehicles for which the project started in 1937. The company officially changed its name to Suzuki Motor Corporation in the year 1954.

Today, Suzuki Motor Corporation specializes in manufacturing of automobiles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, outboard marine engines, wheelchairs and small internal combustion engines. It is the 12th largest manufacturer in the world automotive industry and has production facilities in 35 main production facilities in 23 countries around the globe. Suzuki Motor Corporation operates in 193 countries and areas worldwide and is ranked at number 1 position in the world of compact automobiles.

The current chairman of the company is Osamu Suzuki. The company has a net revenue of over $25 billion. Suzuki is also specialized in building boats and underwater vehicles. This diversity and proper manufacturing of vehicles give the company a big brand name in the market.


The Suzuki Motor Corporation was incorporated in 1920. The entire history of the company defines excellence. Suzuki has faced glamorous times in the late 80s and 90s after some tough struggle during the time of war. The company always had a forward going approach and was very essential for the motorcycle market. The incorporation of the company is looked today as a landmark day in the biking world. During the World War II Suzuki’s auto manufacturing would cease due to the Japanese government as the factories would need to be used for wartime efforts.

During the years of the Second World War some of Suzuki’s factories and offices would be heavily damaged due to bombardment. The war brought huge damage and the revenue of the company started falling. The cotton and other production mills of the company were shut down because there was no presence of workers. Also, the other industries lacked supplies which meant that Suzuki was not able to recover from the war before 5-6 years. The only advantage of the war was that Suzuki found a new path to enter into the motorcycle market.

In 1952 Suzuki would enter the motor vehicle field once again with its 36cc two-stroke motorized bicycle known as the Power Free. The motorized bicycle was simple in design and allowed the operator to either pedal under their own power or be assisted by the engine or disengage the pedals completely to allow the engine to be the sole production of power. This design would be well received by the public and government which would allow a subsidy for the Suzuki Company to assist the company in continuing the engineering and production on motorized-bikes and motorcycles which would lead to the start of the Suzuki Motor Corporation in 1954.

In 1955 Suzuki would produce what would become the popular Colleda 125cc 2-cycle sales nearing 7000 total motorcycles sold per month and later on in the year Suzuki would introduce its Suzulight minivehicle which would run off of a 360cc two-stroke engine. This was a huge success for the company as it developed a great environment for it in the market. The bike earned great revenue and the people were satisfied with the overall functioning of the bike.

Suzuki also gathered and strengthened its marketing and propmotional skill at this moment. Certain competitors were also rising in the motorcycle market and Suzuki was keen to tackle them in order to have a sustainable market share. The company started mass production of bikes in its plant in Japan. In 1960, two new models of bikes appeared in the market. These were over-priced but certainly worth it when it came to the performance. The primary focus of the company was towards the luxurious customers. This made them earn huge amount of revenue.

In 1967 Suzuki Motor Corp. would build its first assembly plant outside of Japan would be located in Thailand. The next year Suzuki also introduced CarryVan 360 in the market. The overall production of the plant in Thailand was huge and Suzuki produced efficient bikes in order to satisfy the customers. In 1970, Suzuki also purchased the Hope motor company.

They further introduced their first four wheel drive which was much liked in the market. The four wheel drive had a great exterior look. Again, focused was laid on the luxury market but the company was progressing day by day due to the effort put in by the officials and the workers. In 1980 Suzuki would introduce its now iconic GSX line of motorcycles starting with four different variants with multiple sized engines for the series.

It was during this year that Suzuki would also introduce its first generators. In 1981 General Motors would purchase a 5.3% stake with the Suzuki Motor Corporation. It was during the 80s that Suzuki would continue to expand its international presence as it would introduce vehicles to countries such as India, China, Germany, Spain and France. 

Throughout the 1990’s Suzuki dominated different countries and continents. The vehicles of the company were produced and sold in huge numbers to different dealers. The biking experience was prolific. Suzuki Hayabusa was an amazing success. The bike still rules the mind of many customers. Suzuki was able to produce and land these amazing machines in the market which gained total attention of the customers.

The build quality along with the innovations used in these bikes were amazing. The speed and the driving experience of these bikes were tremendous. People appreciated the making of these bikes in different countries. Further, Suzuki also kept constructing different manufacturing plants to increase the overall size of production in order to attain good revenues.

Technologies and Innovations

Suzuki has graced the market with certain new innovations and technologies. The properly trained workers and engineers help in developing good and proper vehicles. Also the positive ideology of the company is beneficial for its advancement and growth. There are many technologies and innovations of Suzuki and these are discussed further.

The different functionalities used in different Suzuki scooters have made them customer friendly and much used by the public. In this article we’ll take a closer look on the specifications and technology used in each of these scooters.

The Suzuki Access 125 is a sporty scooter designed exclusively for every member of the Indian family. It is powered by an air cooled, four-stroke engine. The automatic transmission present in the scooter makes the drive easier. This also allows easy driving in heavy traffic. It is also equipped with "Xtra Torque Performance" or XTP, which enables the scooter to draw power and have a faster pick up from its 125 cc engine for excellent riding quality. Suzuki Swish is a scooter design modern young adults of Urban India in mind. The scooter has a very sleek design which allows easy and smooth ride. The scooter employs a CVT transmission, telescopic front fork suspension and drum brakes at either ends that makes for smoother rides on rough, ill-maintained roads.

Further, the scooter is available in many different colours. Suzuki Burgman Street is another efficient and excellent scooter manufactured by the company. It has definitely exceeded the expectations of the company. The new BURGMAN STREET packs in a 125cc, 4-stroke air-cooled engine with SOHC 2 valve single-cylinder BS-IV Engine.

The scooter is also powered by SEP or Suzuki Eco Performance technology which makes it a fuel efficient and environment friendly vehicle. It has a very beautiful design and with perfect combination of LED lights and tail lamps, the Burgman is definitely one of the best products made by Suzuki.

Build Quality

Suzuki scooters are well designed and well manufactured. The company has worked hard to reduce the overall price of the scooters and reduce the overall cost of ownership of the scooters. Suzuki has focused on building comfortable seats along with perfect and advanced mirrors and LED lights to give a great riding experience to the drivers.

The aerodynamic styling of the Suzuki Access 125 ensures rust free body, reducing maintenance expenses by a great deal. This is certainly true for all the scooters. With its proper marketing and understanding of customer wants, Suzuki has set up various service centres which reduce the overall maintenance cost of all its vehicles.


Suzuki Motor Corporation is one of the leading companies in the automobile industry around the world. The company operates in more than 193 areas around the world which makes it a global player. The global presence of the company helps them to understand the requirements of people of a country depending upon their demography.

The company has delivered some tremendous scooters in the market. This is expected from Suzuki which has a large stature. It would be beneficial if the company actively tries to participate in the electric scooter market. . Also, the wide variety of the products being manufactured by the company helps them to overcome any financial or non-financial losses incurred in the production or sales of different products. Suzuki has great planning and strong fundamental strategies. It can definitely reach new heights with more inspiration and efficiency.


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