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Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation which is headquartered in Minami-Ku, Hamamatsu. The company was founded in 1909 by Michio Suzuki and the main business of the company was to build weaving looms for the giant silk industry in Japan.

The company was highly successful in loom business however Suzuki realized that he wants to diversify and expand the operations of the company, therefore started looking at different options. Realizing the consumer demand, the company decided to build vehicles for which the project started in 1937. The company officially changed its name to Suzuki Motor Corporation in the year 1954. Today, Suzuki Motor Corporation specializes in manufacturing of automobiles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, outboard marine engines, wheelchairs and small internal combustion engines.

It is the 12th largest manufacturer in the world automotive industry and has production facilities in 35 main production facilities in 23 countries around the globe. Suzuki Motor Corporation operates in 193 countries and areas worldwide and is ranked at number 1 position in the world of compact automobiles. Suzuki’s domestic motorcycle sales volume is the third largest in Japan. The current chairman of the company is Osamu Suzuki. The company has a net revenue of over $25 billion. Suzuki is also specialized in building boats and underwater vehicles. This diversity and proper manufacturing of vehicles give the company a big brand name in the market.


The Suzuki Motor Corporation was founded due to a new venture started by Suzuki Loom Works. Suzuki Loom Works was founded in 1909 by Michio Suzuki. The company would build weaving looms for the silk industry and would produce weaving machines that would be exported overseas. By 1920 the company would become incorporated as the Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Company. The company would receive much success from its designs and would begin to diversify itself starting with the production of small vehicles. In 1937 Suzuki would start building prototype vehicles for the company and within 48 months would have first vehicles ready for production.

During the World War II Suzuki’s auto manufacturing would cease due to the Japanese government as the factories would need to be used for wartime efforts. During the years of the Second World War some of Suzuki’s factories and offices would be heavily damaged due to bombardment. In the wake of the war Suzuki would go back to manufacturing its looms. Due to importation of cotton, Suzuki would capitalize off of the market until it collapsed in 1951. With the market and importation of cotton falling as well as labor difficulties would cause Suzuki to make drastic decisions in order to save the company from bankruptcy.

In 1952 Suzuki would enter the motor vehicle field once again with its 36cc two-stroke motorized bicycle known as the Power Free. The motorized bicycle was simple in design and allowed the operator to either pedal under their own power or be assisted by the engine or disengage the pedals completely to allow the engine to be the sole production of power. This design would be well received by the public and government which would allow a subsidy for the Suzuki Company to assist the company in continuing the engineering and production on motorized-bikes and motorcycles which would lead to the start of the Suzuki Motor Corporation in 1954.

In 1955 Suzuki would produce what would become the popular Colleda 125cc 2-cycle sales nearing 7000 total motorcycles sold per month and later on in the year Suzuki would introduce its Suzulight minivehicle which would run off of a 360cc two-stroke engine. By 1961 Suzuki Motors Corporation and Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co. would separate in order to form their own individual divisions.

In the same year Suzuki would also complete its Toyokawa factory which would specialize in the lightweight trucks with its first production vehicle being the Suzulight Carry which had a semi-cabover design placing the 360cc engine underneath the cabin.  In 1963 Suzuki would establish the U.S. Suzuki Motor Corp. with its headquarters located in Los Angeles, California. In 1965 Suzuki would enter into the outboard marine engine manufacturing with its first model D55 which would be at two-cycle outboard rated a 5.5 hp. And later in the year Suzuki would introduce the Fronte 800 which would be a subcompact passenger vehicle running a three-cylinder 785cc two-stroke engine.

In 1967 Suzuki Motor Corp. would build its first assembly plant outside of Japan would be located in Thailand. Following a year later Suzuki would introduce the Carry Van 360 which was based off of the Suzulight Carry. With Suzuki purchasing the Hope Motor Company, this would and should use the first Suzuki branded four-wheel-drive vehicle, and in April of 1970 Suzuki would introduce the Jimny 360cc 4×4 vehicle. In 1973 Suzuki would introduce Suzuki Canada Ltd. in Ontario, Canada as well as making introduction into the medical equip field with the company’s first motorized wheelchair the Z600.

Suzuki would also introduce its first prefabricated houses as well as storage sheds placing the company into the housing field. In 1980 Suzuki would introduce its now iconic GSX line of motorcycles starting with four different variants with multiple sized engines for the series. It was during this year that Suzuki would also introduce its first generators. In 1981 General Motors would purchase a 5.3% stake with the Suzuki Motor Corporation. It was during the 80s that Suzuki would continue to expand its international presence as it would introduce vehicles to countries such as India, China, Germany, Spain, and France.

Suzuki would also establish its motor division subsidiary for the American market under the name of Suzuki of America Automotive Corp.

Throughout the 1990’s Suzuki you continue to expand internationally. The company would also strengthen its business by forming alliances companies such as General Motors. General Motors was been by in for a 10% stake in the company. Suzuki would also receive approval to start production for passenger vehicles from the Chinese government.

In 1999 Suzuki would introduce its iconic GSX 1300R Hayabusa which withhold records for the fastest production motorcycle with a top speed of hundred 188 miles per hour which would then be raised to 194 miles per hour. From 2000 to 2010 Suzuki would begin production in Argentina and would reach a cumulative mark of 30 million vehicles sold worldwide. 

Technologies and Innovations

Suzuki has graced the market with certain new innovations and technologies. The properly trained workers and engineers help in developing good and proper vehicles. Also the positive ideology of the company is beneficial for its advancement and growth. There are many technologies and innovations of Suzuki and these are discussed further.

The High Energy Rotation system gives you more precise control when maneuvering, superior low speed handling, more whole shots, and plenty of power to move and maneuver. Maintenance-free timing chains means no belt adjustment and no maintenance during the life of the engine.

This reduces your servicing costs over time, providing you better value compared to other outboard brands. At the 12th Auto Expo, SMIL has unveiled four new models consisting of three motorcycles – V Strom 1000, Inazuma and Gixxer,¬ and one scooter – Let’s. The new 110cc scooter. It is equipped with SEP to deliver 63kmpl with 8.7bhp of power and 9.0Nm of torque. Another vehicle to get the SEP technology is the new Gixxer, powered by a 155cc four-stroke engine. The engine and chassis of Gixxer was developed by the engineers who designed the legendary GSX-R series

Suzuki Eco Performance is developed by Suzuki Motorcycle India. The company implemented SEP in Suzuki Let's' scooter's petrol engine. Furthermore, Suzuki Eco Performance engine technology claims best fuel efficiency & performance. According to Suzuki, SEP achieves this by reducing all kinds of mechanical losses. It also involves the efficient design of components and attention to detail in the manufacturing process.

The latest Suzuki Gixxer bike also has SEP technology. Moreover, Suzuki claims that this technology gives an exceptional running performance with a broad low-end torque and dynamic mid-range power for strong acceleration. The Suzuki Gixxer is a sporty motorcycle with functional beauty combining edgy styling and performance for an exhilarating ride. Complemented by a light and stiff frame for steady handling Suzuki has developed a powerful new engine with advanced technology, which gives exceptional running performance with a broad low-end torque and dynamic mid-range power for strong acceleration.

Suzuki continues to innovate with models such as its futuristic B-King and its Hayabusa 1300, which essentially started the hyper sports bike revolution in 1999. Other exciting models include the to-be-released Gladius and GSR 600. Yet Suzuki continues to produce classics like the Bandit 1250 and the versatile DR650SE dual-sport bike.

Additionally, Suzuki produces a wide range of cruisers including the Maurader and Boulevard models. And for those who are looking for something simpler to ride Suzuki offers a comprehensive line of Burgman scooters in 125cc engine size all the way up to a 650cc. All these and many more technologies have helped the company towards the path of all round development.

Top Selling Models

Suzuki has revolutionized the biking experience. A good thing about the company is the continuous modification and improvement in every model that it has produced. The founders of the company had a motive of developing a company which will lead the biking industry and Suzuki has not disappointed. Following are the top selling models of the company:

Build Quality

Suzuki bikes are well designed and well manufactured. The company has worked hard to reduce the overall price of the bikes and reduce the overall cost of ownership of the bikes. The maintenance cost is quite high for the bikes. Suzuki has focused on building comfortable seats along with perfect and advanced mirrors and LED lights to give a great riding experience to the drivers.

The small screen available in front of the rider’s eyes show important details such as current speed, availability of petrol and other functions. The bikes have been designed keeping in mind the weather and road conditions. Suzuki is versatile and has developed bikes for different purposes. The normal bikes with high mileage and the powerful bikes to rule the roads. Certain eco-friendly bikes made by the company reduce the emission of toxic gases in the atmosphere.


Suzuki Motor Corporation is one of the leading companies in the automobile industry around the world. The company operates in more than 193 areas around the world which makes it a global player. The global presence of the company helps them to understand the requirements of people of a country depending upon their demography. Once the company has evaluated the demands of the customers from a particular demography, the company can modify its strategies to manufacture market and sell products to customers in some other country having similar demography characteristics.

This helps the organization to be proactive and to be able to meet the demands of the customers on a timely manner, therefore providing a competitive over its competitors. Also, the wide variety of the products being manufactured by the company helps them to overcome any financial or non-financial losses incurred in the production or sales of different products. Suzuki has great planning and strong fundamental strategies. It can definitely reach new heights with more inspiration and efficiency.


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