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Zookr is cheating company

  • 2018-12-13 07:26:35
  • RATED 1

Zookr is not matured enough to handle online shopping. I have ordered phantom 4G smart watch with Bluetooth earphone (1999 RS) . Delivery was very quick in 2 days I received the delivery, when I opened the box it was a normal smart phone which is not even worth of 600 Rs in market. As soon I received I have sent an email to zookr customer care with photos or the product which I received. There was no response, next day I called customer care and explained the scenario. Agent asked me to send photos of the product to his Gmail ID. I have sent. Next day when I followed up to the same email, I received delivery failure notification that email I'd doesn't exist. I called customer care, another agent spoke to me and asked the same email to sent to him. After that there was no response.. until I again called customer care. With the frustration agent has replied " Ravi, Thank you for contacting us. We have tried to provide the best deal to our customers at the best price possible. Please keep using the products. If you face any kind of issue with them, we will help you in resolving them." Why should I start using the product which I have not ordered? After that that agent stopped attending my calls. Every time you call customer care they will asked you to send email with photos, but no solution Do not trust Zookr, I have contacted some more people who ordered from zookr they all have the same experience...


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