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Predatory Scam Company

  • 2018-10-13 14:28:24
  • RATED 1

B- Stock is an absolute scam and a predatory company that victimized small american businesses and companies by falsely advertising defective goods. They use fake pictures of seemingly nice product (new iPhones, samsung galaxies), misleading buyers, but the products arrive broken with missing pieces and not at all as pictured. The way they set up their bidding is predatory as well. With normal bidding, the seller sets the time and the highest bidder wins once the time runs out. B- stock keeps adding time if the seller is not satisfied with the bids, and even when the time runs out and it is obvious you were the highest bidder, they will send you an email saying you lost the bid. The worst part, however, is that if you dare complain about their unethical behavior, their so called “customer service” team led by a Sonja Nitschke will threaten to shut your account down and seize some of the money if you make a public complaint . Our first amendment right protects our right to speak out if we feel that we are being preyed on and treated unethically by a company. Sonja and B-stock openly violate that right, threatening you and your company to the point where you fear making a complaint. I am taking the risk and unveiling to the public the truth of what goes on behind how B- stock operates their business because I do not want other people and business owners to go through what I have gone through and lose money. Stay away from the B- stock bidding scam.


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