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Pathetic & Worst Experience good i did not opt services and left with Rs.27299/-

  • 2021-04-21 10:01:49
  • RATED 1

Pathetic and worst services, I had realized in the initial stage so the loss fro me is Rs. 27299/- somewhere I guess I had some luck that had stopped me from loosing Lakhs of rupees becoz of Home Lane. When I entered into (28 March 2021) the Home Lane, receiving was very good Mr. Shashidhar he looked like so innocent and very helpful (fact is people who look innocent are always cheaters). They have assigned Designer Mrs. Anusha shared, my thought of what exactly am looking for, I was there for 4 hrs (around 2:30 pm – 6:25 pm) they designed just a normal view of the appearance for Kitchen as per my request. After completing the design Mr. Shashidhar started convincing to confirm booking with 10% advance of the quote which was provided by team,I told them that agreement was not done so I would come back once the agreement is done, they said “we are always there to help you don’t worry“ quote was not accurate as the design was just made temporarily for understanding. Mr. Phanindra entered, now all three started convincing me saying that word cost will increase twice as they already got approvals to increase but they were waiting for April 1st 2021. They had sent the quotation @ 6:02 pm, I made the payment @ 6:07 pm, quotation was sent thru the email, accessed in mobile and check the charges. Unfortunately my agreement for new property by that time it was only one time I visited , they did not even take the measurements within 15 days I had called them and informed about the situation. They said they have to go as per company policy, its already 15 days the payments were done to the project vendors, I was surprised, without out even taking measurements and nothing how can they finalize vendors and make payments, initially they said we can give vouchers in case of cancellation , I never had intention to cancel but the situation I ended was helpless, this so called National company is depending on the advances received in thousand. Even 3d design of my project was not provided, when they were showing just sample design the designer couldn’t show the colors I requested for I want understand for what reason they are charging me Rs.13599/-, balance amount of vouchers that they are providing is also another trap, to get that half amount we go and shop at urban ladder to get discounted amount I don’t know how much I had to spend to get 13599/- discount, so this is another shit. Home Lane will benefit as they get commission from Urban ladder for purchase, is this the National company. National company is looking for their revenues in thousands. Their rates are extremely high, they are quoted around 12000/- just for 2/10 false ceiling only for the box, electricity etc will not be included. They are costing Rs.15000/- 3/3 granite for hob in Kitchen. Please better do not prefer.


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