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I have bought 12 Bulq boxes - my thoughts

  • 2019-11-10 20:05:49
  • RATED 3

First, if you pick and choose correctly, you can get some great buys. I buy only for my family (I have lots of children and grandchildren) and what I have left over I give to a local ministry for the homeless. There's no way you could sell much of this merchandise online. Maybe at a flea market or garage sale, but not online. Here's my interpretation of some of Bulq's terms, and some comments: Brand New - Most boxes crushed, pieces missing. Toys - uninspected - bought two cases, most went into the trash because of missing parts and broken pieces. The kids actually asked me not to buy these any more. Bath and Bedding - this one is actually usable. Got some great sheet sets, comforters, etc. from these boxes. Electric items - most do not work and go straight into the trash. If there's an iron, for example, in a kitchen box, I know it's probably not going to work and going into the trash. Health and beauty - be careful and be ready to work. Almost every single box I have gotten, a bottle has opened and is poured all over the box. Standing at the sink for two or three hours washing off the shampoo is a real pain. Also beware of eye shadows. They are almost always broken and you get fine powder all over everything. Sometimes it can be washed off, and sometimes it can't. Thank God I'm not selling any of this stuff. Glass - Got a box of candles. All the ones in a metal container were dented. All the ones in a glass container were broken. There were glass shards all through the box and through everything else. Unknown - General Merchandise - Dollar store items and plain trash. I have purchased 12 boxes. This quality is consistent. I continue to buy because there are certain boxes that can be donated straight to the homeless and the poor in our community. And certain boxes I use for family (mostly bed and bath items). If you buy from Bulq, remember that they have a sister site, Blinq. What they can't sell on Blinq, goes to Bulq. In other words, they cherry pick the best to sell on Blinq and sell the rest in lots at Bulq. This is almost all Target merchandise which is not name brand. Maybe you can sell it at a yard sale for a dollar or two, but you're not going to make much money off it. When you watch the unboxing videos, these people think they can sell these items for a certain amount of money, but be careful. There was one woman who got something like 25 Brady Bunch games. She was all excited. She thought she was going to sell them for $10 each. Well, Amazon has them listed for less than $9, and they have two stars. eBay has over 200 of them listed for sale, and under their completed items 23 out of 119 sold, most under $7 and with free shipping. How much will she make from them? Not much by the time she pays the fees and the shipping.


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