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Buyer Beware

  • 2019-05-10 13:08:02
  • RATED 1

I ordered a pallet of "customer returns" goods from from a seller called "BedBathBeyond_Stores." The pallet was estimated at $6,311.59 in MSRP value. When we received it and inventoried the contents, not only were the items disgustingly used, they value that we tabulated was just under $3700 MSRP. The items should have been sold as SALVAGE and not RETURN. We contacted to discuss the issue and filed a complaint and dispute with them. We were informed this day that the dispute was not concluded in our favor and that we were stuck with the JUNK items that we received. I would not recommend using BedBathBeyond_Stores and at this point we are taking off our vendor list due to their inept manner of handling customer complaints. There are many other companies to choose from and we are disappointed and dismayed at the service, or lack thereof from Just proves that the small fish get no respect from them. Please understand that I knew that there would be issues with some of the products. That's the nature of the business. However, the GROSS misrepresentation by Bed_Bath_Beyond_Stores and the support of that misrepresentation by is unacceptable. As a bidder, PLEASE take caution before you actually do the bidding and make sure you are prepared for a loss. Also, the shipping "quote" ended up being over $60 MORE than we anticipated, which ate into ANY profit that much more. Again, buyer beware before using this company and explore all other options. As this industry grows so will the opportunity to work with folks who care about customer satisfaction. THIS company does not.


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