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Avoid this platform! Safe Haven For Scammers

  • 2019-02-05 15:56:13
  • RATED 1

Guys, avoid this platform like a plague. They do practically nothing to protect you as a client and allow dishonest sellers on their platform. They make it worse telling you they cannot do anything about the quality and accuracy of the description of items listed for sale on their platforms. They seem to be in it for the money and provide little to no protection for their clients. I basically flushed $2700 down the drain with a certain company/individual on their platform selling phones as used for resale with awful undeclared conditions. Total of Samsung S8+ phones with screen issues. Only one is in a good condition. All others have screen ink, gum at the edges showing the screens were recently shoddily gummed. Returns are not possible and the seller ensures he is unreachable. Company phone lines never work, emails are NEVER replied, yet Bstock does not find that strange . I did some digging and found tons of terrible experiences with them. Find the details of the individual/company below: Colton Wall 2770 NE Spring Water Pl. Bend, OR, 97701 United States Phone: 541-948-5552 Their website is : I will be deactivating my account on this platform and take my business elsewhere. For a small growing family-run business like mine, this hit us terribly causing us loses over a thousand dollars! We are having to invite people to come buy the phones "as-is" and getting terrible offers! Be adviced! Find more terrible reviews here;


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