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Renault Group is a French multinational automobile manufacturer. Controlled by the French government, it is the country’s largest manufacturer and exporter of automobiles. The company is headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt. Renault produces a variety of vehicles and other equipment. The major items produced by the company includes a range of cars and vans.

In the past, the company was also involved in trucks, tractors, buses and autorail manufacturing. The company is well known as the Renault Group which is made up of the Renault marque and a number of subsidiaries namely Alpine, Automobile Dacia, Renault Samsung Motors and AvtoVAZ. The company was founded in February, 1899. Louis Renault, along with his brothers Marcel and Fernand Renault are regarded as the founders of the company. Renault is one of the biggest companies in the automotive industry.

The company generates a revenue of more than $55 billion annually. It also has a production output of more than 3 million annually. Renault is also well known for its role in motor sports. It also manufactures cars for Formula 1 and Formula E. Renault was the first company to work on mathematical curve modeling for car bodies. This was a landmark in the company’s history. Renault is known today as one of fastest growing automobile manufacturer. The cars produced by the company are reliable, durable and efficient.


Renault Group has a rich history with multiple success and failure phrases. The car industry came in trend in the late 19th century. During that time, people were fascinated about seeing a machine which they can control and drive on the road. Renault was among the first big manufacturers of automobiles. The strategy adopted by the company in the initial phase of their settlement helped in growth.

Renault’s history comprises of proper and strategic plan, definite implementation and prosperous results. The company was established in 1899 by the Renault brothers in France as Societe Renault Freres. The founders of the company were extremely fond of cars which was the most important invention in the field of transportation in that century. Louis Renault invented the first direct hold gearbox while he was working on the design of his first car. He succeeded to sell the gearbox to one of his father’s friend who was really impressed by it. After patenting the product, he set up the company with his two brothers and two friends. Renault factories started mass production in 1905.

The company started following Taylorism, a method of scientific management to increase economic efficiency in labour intensive industries. In 1913, the first cars were bought only by very rich people because of the price was around ten years’ worth of a normal workers salary. The company thus decided to diversify its product range by manufacturing taxis and trucks. Also, Renault gained benefit when it started fielding its cars in automobile races. This resulted in proper advertisement that was required. During the First World War, the company became the first private manufacturer of vehicles and military tools in France. The company therefore became well known due to its participation in the war and production of various ammunitions, military equipment, etc for the army. 

After the war, the company diversified into the agricultural and industrial sectors. But the competition in the automobile sector became harder because of cheaper cars being available on the market. At this time, Renault met some financial problems in a period that was hard for the social and economic environment in France. During the 1920’s, the company tried to overcome these difficulties. In 1920, the first Renault concessionaire appeared. A modernization process was launched in 1929 with the installation of the first assembly line in the Billancourt factory (in the West of Paris). Moreover, the demand for cars became very large especially for small automobiles designed for private individuals. Renault did limit its frontiers to the French market but enter foreign ones like the United Kingdom and its colonies.

It was also a period which saw a lot of technical improvements in Renault cars. During the Second World War and the German occupation of France, Renault produced trucks for the Germans but stopped the civil small automobiles because of the War. Louis Renault was arrested for collaboration at the end of the war and the provisional French government decided to nationalize the company in January 1945 which became the Régie Nationale des Usines Renault (the National State Control of Renault Factories).

The growth stage for the company went on until the beginning of the 1980’s. Many new models were launched and the premium products in particular- the Renault 25 and the Espace appeared and became big ticket selling items for the company. At the same time, the Renault brand grew strongly not in a small part due to the excellent performances in the Formula 1 world- the automobile racing championships. Nevertheless, Renault encountered big losses in the 70’s and the economic crises during the 1970’s accentuated the problems.

A drastic policy for reducing all the costs and refocusing on the core competencies was started and started paying dividends as seen in 1987 when Renault made profits again. The 1990’s presented new opportunities for Renault.

First, an alliance with Volvo was planned but it fell through. However, the real change came with the privatization of the company in the year 1996. 3 years later, in 1999, the company signed a merger deal with Japanese car maker Nissan a deal which through cross holding saw Renault getting 44.5% ownership of Nissan and Nissan getting 15% of Renault. n the 2000’s, the Renault-Nissan alliance has become stronger and the companies have found synergies which can only help in the alliance. The group internationalization is a big objective now and this can be seen the buyouts of Samsung Motors and Dacia.   They brought over 99% of the Romanian company and this subsidiary of Renault was the one that actually brought the Logan to the market. 

Technologies and Innovations

Renault symbolizes excelling technology and innovation. The company has constantly worked for the betterment of customers by better usage and creation of technology. Certain innovations of Renault have been outstanding and have set a benchmark in the current automotive industry. It has been mentioned that the founder of the company invented the first direct hold gearbox.

This mentality is engraved in the officials of the company and this is proven by the constant innovation in the company. New innovations in the field of electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles have revolutionized the car industry. These services not only increases driving performance but have also acted to increase fuel efficiency and overall cost of ownership and production of the car.  The new vehicles uses over 30 exterior sensors (radars, lidars, cameras, ultrasound) distributed on the surface of the vehicle as well as its redundant embedded electronics.

The development of the whole was carried out on test vehicles but also on simulation bench reproducing in virtual the different driving situations encountered. "Mind-off" technology frees up drivers from driving and surveillance tasks when they switch into autonomous mode. The car itself has the ability to ensure safety in the event of an exceptional incident in its environment. This delegated driving gives drivers the time for other activities, be they personal or professional, their minds completely detached from the task of driving. 

In the new cars, the electric motor developing up to 500 kW (equivalent to 680 hp), is fitted on the rear axle of the vehicle. It brings a range of advantages in terms of driving pleasure, including immediate and continuous acceleration, better power-to-ground transmission, and enhanced power ramp-up. At-the-wheel pleasure is also maximized by the 4CONTROL chassis with four drive wheels. The new models of Renault have also improved on connectivity.

Connectivity as thorough as this brings drivers and passengers an enhanced and personalized experience when traveling in their car. The vehicle recognizes occupants via their smartphones and they can interact with the vehicle, including seat adjustment, air conditioning, music choices, navigation in multimedia screens, etc. Motorists can also interact remotely with exterior items such as their house, checking what is happening there using a 360° camera view on the L-Shape screen on the dashboard or adjusting heating settings after leaving home or before arriving. 

An instance of the improved overall technology can be seen in the Renault Kwid. The Kwid AMT or Easy-R gets the same 5-speed gearbox but with AMT shifter module but what makes it unique is Renault has given a rotary dial replacing the gear stick. This is the first time a small car has got such a funky feature and is certainly one of the biggest innovation of 2016. Renault has sold 73,676 units of its Kwid (800cc & 1L) in the April-November 2016 period.

Top Selling Models

The Renault Group produces a total of 3.5 million vehicles annually. This shows the efficiency level of the officials and the machines used by the company at certain manufacturing plants.

Not only that, Renault has overall captured the market in different countries by its strategized advertisement and marketing techniques. Also, we should not forget the contribution of the company in motor racing. Keeping all these things in mind, following are some of the most famous Renault cars:

  • Renault Kwid
  • Renault Duster
  • Renault Captur
  • Renault Lodgy
  • Renault New Duster
  • Renault Clio
  • Renault Megane
  • Renault Kadjar
  • Renault Espace 
  • Renault Trezor

Build Quality 

The overall build quality of Renault cars is great. The exteriors are hard made and well-built to prevent rusting. The rust free exteriors along with quality interiors gives a superior dimension to the car. The company not only focuses on good exteriors, but it has created certain internal and safety features for high precision and safety of the driver respectively. Renault is a leading manufacturer of cars which is growing its overall manufacturing.

The new cars manufactured by the company are both comfortable and convenient. An efficient Renault car defines style, enigma, durability, reliability and comfort. The company has established itself as a major dominant figure in the market. The high rate of development and economic growth in the organization clearly signifies that the company is maintaining the speed of growth.

The initial and the newer models of Renault are both efficient and reliable for the customers. The company should keep adding additional features for better performance in future.


With strong car built, futuristic innovations and technologies and brilliant marketing and sales strategy, Renault has established itself as a giant in the automobile market. The urge and the will of the company to work and produce in commendable. Renault has set an example for the upcoming car companies. The ideas and the virtues embedded in the company are both traditional and modernistic.

This blend ensures that the customers get the best part of the company always. Renault has won European car of the year award six times. The company is striving towards betterment and there is no doubt that with this pace, it will surely grow in stature.


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