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Feel Cheated

  • 2021-02-20 07:12:23
  • RATED 1

I approached Homelane thinking it will be a one-point contact for my home interiors. Till I made my initial advance payment of 10%, they assured me that they will take care of everything which suddenly changed to only non-civil work, non plumbing work, non shifting work and lot of other not in their capacity work, but as the initial payment was non-refundable I agreed and made the 40% payment after designing phase, and the rest 50% before installation. And then it all started. To my surprise, the designer smartly removed one unit from my quote which was a major requirement from day 1 and was a part of every discussion even just before I made the final payment. For me, the payment I made includes the price of that unit and was a major factor for me to go ahead with the project in that amount. The company representatives are not giving me any solution and after repeatedly contacting them, have stopped responding to my calls also. I do not have any option but to accept it as it is as I have already made the complete payment but I want to warn everyone reading this about the kind of fraud a company can do. Even if you are extremely busy and not clear about their terminologies like masking, D2, 2d drawing, 3d drawing, please get them thoroughly checked by someone who is aware of these terminologies and also get each and every component of your quote checked in detail by someone outside the organization even when you have to pay that person a little amount. Also attaching herewith the images of the wardrobe we have received as a part of the project just to let you know the finishing for which we have received the feedback that it will be like this. Will not recommend anyone I care about. They spoiled my kitchen look and my guest room. For them it might be just a project gone bad (according to the feedback we are receiving from them) but for me it is life long savings gone completely waste. My old kitchen and wardrobe was anytime more beautiful than this weird new construction.


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