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12 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas You Can Steal Right Now

Weddings have become so much more glamorous, quirky and fun. They’ve become week-long celebrations with family and friends who just want to let their guard down and celebrate your love. And what better to capture this amazing vibe than through beautiful pictures? Awkward photographs of guests you hardly know or surprised invitees in midst of a big bite of a kebab are so passé! The happy couple desires picturesque compositions, candid moments and quirky clicks of the most special days of their lives.

And this starts right from the pre-wedding photoshoot! Pre-wedding photoshoots are so in vogue and typically takes place three to six months prior to the wedding.

A pre-wedding photoshoot is not only a great way to keep the chemistry alive as the wedding stress descends on you but it is also the perfect occasion to bond with your photographer and for him or her to understand the couple, their chemistry and the creative space best suited to their personalities. In short, it is great fun and really useful.

So with the wedding coming up and so many themes and kinds to choose from, we bring you 12 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas You Can Steal Right Now.

1.     Food

Food is a great theme for your pre-wedding photoshoot! Do away with tiring, grand settings, a shower of rose petals and heavy gowns and let the photographs capture the loving couple and their common love for food.

You can incorporate other ideas within this one such as recreating your first dinner date or the first cup of coffee you went out for. This pre-wedding photoshoot idea really clicks because it is relaxed, fun and looks so true to life. Who wouldn’t be happy to pose with their loving spouse and some amazing food?

2.     Involve the Pets

For animal lovers, a pre-wedding shoot with your pets will be so the most adorable way to go.  If you have a pet, you can always include your furry friend and make it a fun affair.

And if you don’t have pets, nothing would be kinder than going down to your local animal shelter and spreading awareness via this pre-wedding photoshoot idea about the cause of caring and adopting strays. Both ways, the cuteness quotient will definitely increase manifold.

3.     The Traditional Theme

A traditional pre-wedding shoot explores the vibrancy of your cultural roots. For those who are opting for a very traditional wedding, this pre-wedding photoshoot idea would set a good tone for celebrations to follow. Choose a location that is synonymous with your customs and has an antique feel to it.

Choose your attire likewise. But keep in mind that the traditional outfit for the shoot must be simple because your wedding dress will be heavy and detailed.  Black and white or sepia tone will add an authentic feel to it.

4.     Include your Friends

Right after your spouse, are your friends. Your friends will be your support system throughout the wedding, making you blush with the inappropriate humour but ensuring you get some food in you. They were there with the dating advice. They will be there to take your side in the silly little fights that will come.

The best way to thank them and immortalize all those moments would be a pre-wedding photoshoot idea that involves your close ones and gives you fun pictures to remember the good times.

5.     Thematic Shoots

A thematic pre-wedding photoshoot revolves around a specific theme that your partner and you choose.  The décor, composition of the photographs and your clothes are all adjusted in sync with the selected theme.

Themes can be general like vintage, bohemian, or antique and the atmosphere created is also rather generalized. Or you could go with very specific ones like recreating a particular era, a film or say a theme related to travel. Let your creativity flow and choose a mesmerizing theme.

6.     The Indigenous Shoot

This is a very fresh pre-wedding photoshoot idea that has come up in the last few years but needs experienced photographers. For couples who do not enjoy posing and want to keep it natural and free-flowing, this is the perfect option. The photographs will be taken as you go about your daily activities, capturing real and candid moments.

This is the exact reason why one should be careful with choosing their photographers for this theme as not all can dexterously take candid photographs.  Select a natural setting; an activity that your spouse and you do quite often and enjoy yourselves as your photographer creates the magic.  

7.     The Glamorous Shoot

Thinking of elegant flowing gowns, classy tuxedos and the clinking of champagne glasses? If sophistication is your thing, a glamorous shoot is a way to go.

Some recurrent motifs in this pre-wedding photoshoot idea would be fancy dresses, an iconic monument or landmark in the background for a grand feel, a black and white scheme or very vibrant, daring colours. If you enjoy elegance above all else, you will surely love this pre-wedding photoshoot idea.

8.     The Casual Shoot

A casual pre-wedding photoshoot is just the opposite of the glamourous shoot. The bride and groom do away with extravagant dressing and grand backdrops and opt for a more modest and toned down approach.

The attire should be simple; a nice, cute dress or even shorts and a t-shirt. Some of the common themes are the recreation of the first date, the first time they met or hobbies they enjoy. It is a fun, relaxed pre-wedding photoshoot idea so make sure you look that way and it doesn’t look completely orchestrated.


9.     The Filmy Photoshoot

If your partner and you love the movies, this is a great pre-wedding photoshoot idea. Recreate an iconic scene from a romantic film. If you love, Bollywood, dig into the good old DDLJ drama.

If you are a Hollywood enthusiast, this pre- wedding photoshoot theme should have you at hello (don’t we all love Jerry McGuire?).  A filmy photo-shoot will be the perfect start to the journey of marriage with the just right amount of drama, spunk and romance.

10.   Home Sweet Home

If you are worried that your photographs might wind up looking phoney, we have a great pre-wedding photoshoot idea. Ditch the long and tiring day at an exotic location and have a photoshoot in the comfort of your homes. Change into your comfortable clothes and take loving pictures in the warmth of your house.

The photographs would be truly memorable and remind you of the loving home and spouse you will come back to after a long day at work.

11.  A Boozy Photograph

 If you are looking forward to ditching those clichéd shoots with petals, umbrellas and rain, we have an amazing pre-wedding photoshoot idea for you? Ever considered an exotic photoshoot in a vineyard? Or a fancy store? Or a setup wherein you are surrounded by your favourite drinks?

These are some of the interesting ways in which you can make the photoshoot really one of a kind and toss those old ideas aside! However, make sure your photographer really gets the aesthetics right because you don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of oddly arranged bottles. But if explored beautifully, this theme can be breathtaking.


12.  Add those Crazy Special Effects

If you want your photographs to have some a quirky and crazy feel to it, definitely indulge in some Photoshop and artistic effects.  

Don’t waste them on the settings but focus on trying out new effects on your partner and you. Make things fly around, become miniature versions of you and include a wide range of fun elements made possible through special effects.

With the big day drawing close, we suggest you take a break from the hectic arrangements and enjoy a lovely pre-wedding photoshoot. Choose from this assortment of unique themes, talk it through with your photographer and just relax. The key to a successful photoshoot is being well prepared, starting on time and having a lot of fun. Keep calm and enjoy the process. It is the happiness of your partner and you that truly matters.


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