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12 Things You Should Look For In A Good Photographer

Does an expensive camera make a good photographer? The truth is that a good photographer should not only be the master of his equipment but must also have a clear vision to see beauty even in the most unexpected and neglected places.

A good photographer should have a perfect blend of creativity and technical skills. Here is a roundup of must-have qualities that a photographer should cultivate.

1. Creativity And Imagination

Undeniably, photography is an art. It requires an innovative and creative mind. Even the most ordinary things must bring about a storm of interpretations in the mind of the photographer.

Plenty of imagination plays a very significant role in capturing a perfect picture. Paying the appropriate amount of attention to the artistic aspect of this craft makes a good photographer.

2. Eye For Detail

A good photographer should have a keen eye for little details because even the smallest bits can make or break a photograph.

A good photographer must ensure that every aspect of lighting and composition to the subject, work harmoniously to transpire the right emotion and to depict the hidden story. Every good photographer should be meticulous in scrutinizing all the minute details and ensure cohesiveness to produce the perfect picture.

3. Patience And Flexibility

Even if you make all possible efforts to control all the little aspects of the picture, things seldom go your way. There will be times when the lighting is not right, your subject may be non-cooperating or a dozen other things that can go wrong. You may have to take a billion pictures searching for that perfect one. But the job of a good photographer is to be patient enough to deal with troublesome subjects and non-cooperating variables. He should also be flexible enough to capture the best shot in the middle of unfavorable conditions.

4. Good People Skills

A professional photographer has to interact with a huge number of people; people of different statures having different backgrounds. So, a photographer should have good people skills. He should know how to build powerful networks with clients, communicate effectively and to build cordial relations with people.

Being a good photographer is not just about clicking pretty pictures but also about making the subjects feel comfortable and relaxed to extract the best emotions out of them.

5. Passion

Passion makes a photographer stand out from the rest. If a photographer is passionate about his work, his pictures will reflect the same.

It is a very difficult task to establish oneself as a professional photographer; the ones who sail through this struggle towards success are the ones who are passionate about the craft of photography. It is only the passion which makes a photographer push himself and strive forward towards betterment.

6. Networking

Being good at taking pictures does not complete the job of a good photographer. Professional photography is a fiercely competitive field; it requires the photographers to establish a strong powerful network with brands, clients, models etc.

No matter which photography genre you target, it is always important to build connections in order to publicise your work, learn more and make money in the photography biz. Networking will help photographers to let others know about their quality of work and consequently find more clients.

7. Technical Skills

Big dreams have to be coupled with technical skills. The work of a photographer will only get recognised if they are technically sound. They must have thorough knowledge about the latest equipment, the correct use of aperture and shutter speed and they must know their camera inside out.

Photographers must know the consequences that the different features of their camera and the lenses can have on the look of the pictures. So, instead of looking for a convenient short cut mode they must dig deep into the technical stuff.

8. Coordination

The most vital aspect for the career for a photographer is coordination. A photographer must have brilliant hand-eye coordination because the best shots may be lost within a fraction of a second.

A good photographer should also have steady hands and control over his body because even the slightest movements and trembling actions can drastically affect the picture. Some exercises that target the hands will help photographers to have a better grip and steadiness. So, these things also have to be worked at before stepping into this field.

9. Good Exposure

Once all the technical features of the equipment are at your fingertips, then the photographer needs to blend them all so as to strike the right balance for creating the right exposure.

The definition of ‘good exposure’ is always misinterpreted by people. In simple words, it means how bright the photographer wants his image to be. There is no right or wrong in this; it depends upon the photographer to adjust his settings accordingly so as to get the desired exposure.

10. Master Light

It is often said that photographer are like the slaves of light. It is quite true because a picture is heavily influenced by the lighting conditions.

Lighting is a very fickle condition; hence the various different subtleties and facets of lighting have to be understood. It is a variable and uncontrollable aspect so the photographer should look for the right moments and try to adjust to the available light.

11. Perspective

Perspective is one of the most under-appreciated qualities that a good photographer must possess. Perspective means the spatial arrangements of the elements of the picture. The positioning and depth of the objects in the frame will decide that which part of the picture the viewer will focus at.

The photographer should have a clear vision of what he wants to portray through the picture and which emotion or object of the picture has to be prominent.

12. Composition

Composition broadly encompasses shapes, lines, depth, frames, forms, colours, textures, reflections, patterns and much more.

There are some basic rules about composition which every photographer should memorise by heart so that every picture of theirs adheres to the norms of composition. It is important to find ways by which the desired idea or emotion can be conveyed through the image; that’s what composition does.

Learning is a journey, not a destination. Hence, there is no such rulebook to create a good photographer. But these 12 tips will definitely give you a start. So, keep learning and get going. 



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