Zirakpur, a small town in Punjab, also best known for their satellite connections. It is also known as Satellite Town, where most of the business and agricultural amenities, tops the list. Hence, shifting of not only household goods, but also industrial goods are done, with utmost care and consideration. Local shifting in Zirakpur is also catered for.

With the help of fabricated sheets, and thermocol plastic protecting the goods, from eternal damage during the process of loading and unloading. Though it is a hectic schedule, for the people involved in this process, but it is always done with all the positive attitude of the work force. They are specially organised in a van, where the pets are kept safe and secured under the professional surveillance. The list of good packers and movers in Zirakpur, to get professional shifting practice, is as listed below.

Top Services From The Category


Metro Packers & Movers Pvt ltd

Metro Packers & Logistics are fully registered, as well as government authorised packers and movers, contributing all work in a very professional manner. Their work force consists of very professional people, having a work experience of 4 to 5 years in the arena of packing and moving.

One can rely on their team work for your smooth shifting easily and full faith. Wads of benefits of hiring best packer and movers in Zirakpur, are presented. Packers and movers in Zirakpur charges are applied, with all the official documentation. Professional yet economical supervision is always a need of everyone. Hence, this service offers the skill of professional and experienced crew. They look after all, work in accordance to the time period. Your valued time justly makes use by this packers and movers.

They have the online web site where one can update your enquiries and nit-picks related to any sort of disturbance while shifting. Their work techniques are completely adequate, as they work, conferring to the necessities of yours, similar to preceding official visit of your house and closing terminus that comes under their work progressed.

Piyush International Packers & Movers (India)

Piyush International Packers & Movers (India), are known for their well-established, yet client friendly services. They are well known for their relocation services for household goods and reliable house shifting services in Zirakpur. They always aim for good and positive quality assurance.

The varied services, of this particular company include four and two wheeler relocation, transference of household and firm goods, house itineraries and additional services. Promising quality assurance to their clients, they also are fully aided with specialized experts, catering the customers’ good supervision. The whole year they are functional, proving the recent shipment details, after updating them regularly.

Gati International Packers & Movers

Gati International Movers & Packers is known for its expertise in the field of migration of household goods, office or company goods. World-wide known, these packers and movers are at present at the peak of their prominence. Large fleet of transporters, along with specially trained drivers, always takes care of the safety issues of goods. The whole process of migration and documentation is always done with ease, for their revered clients. This goods relocation company is ISO 9001:2008 certified. One can always be rest assured of the services provided by the company, with closed eyes. It also comes under the criteria of local moving companies in Zirakpur. This particular service provider is located in the main hub of Panchkula. So, it will not be very difficult for the clients to search for or contact them.

Express Packers & Movers

Express Packers & Movers come under the most promising company, having the most reasonable and well- coordinated solutions. They, moreover, come under the cheap packers & movers in Zirakpur. Always good quality materials for packing are used, along with bubble wraps, cardboard cases and customised crates.

In order to reduce the pressure of their clienteles, insurance for cars, with proper paperwork is offered. All these are taken care for a penalty free delivery. 100% damage resistant delivery is always ensured by this company. Proper procedures for insurance is done by them, which call for the accidental losses.

Goyal Packers and Movers Pvt. Ltd.

Goyal Packers and Movers Pvt Ltd is supposed to be one of the leading team of Packers and Movers in Zirakpur, offering several moving and packing services, like the household items, transferable items, office items, and also the relocation of vehicles. Total care is taken, while the whole process of shifting is done.

They always ensure that by providing high end moving and packing services, the customers are in a relieved state of mind. If, unfortunately, any such incidents of accident, take place, they take the full care and the proper process of paperwork is done. Their whole lot of services are hoarded with fully organized and proficient workforce.

Shri Krishna Packers and Movers

Think of a user friendly and pocket friendly cargo service, then they can rely upon Shri Krishna Packers and Movers in Zirakpur. It is ought to be the right choice, as they always take the shifting and packing facility with utmost care and consideration.

Right from heavy duty machineries, two and four wheelers, huge vehicles and of course household itineraries, the lone packers and movers that is to be trusted is this one. They take the extra initiative for in-all solutions of packing and moving, along with Office and House shifting, warehousing, insurance and so on. 

B.K.N Packers & Movers

B.K.N Packers & Movers, are the dependable movers and packer caterers in Zirakpur.  They are quite old service providers, and very matured compared to the others in this field. An entire range of transfer services, as well as car and bike transference, domestic and office goods services and others also.

They have very accomplished and much knowledgeable work service, helping the clienteles the perfect mixture of supervision and operation. This company has transported means of transportation. They can decidedly be commended for the guarantee of super-fast delivery.

Leo safe Packers & Movers

Leo Packers & Movers, caters for the all-inclusive range of repositioning facilities, catering for home and company goods. With a hoard of dedicated and skilled workforce, the shifting process id done smoothly, and easing tension of their customers. Correct certified procedure is always done, without any second thought. Hire crew and professional supervisors are always on alert, for any unfortunate mishaps.

A wide range of transference service also caters for two-wheelers and four-wheelers, heavy machineries, as well as cargos. They take the whole responsibility to cover-up via insurance, if any accidents occur. They are widely acclaimed local logistics in Zirakpur. Within the city, one can always ask for their anticipated services, over a telephone call. They are valued highly amongst the other repositioning services, too.

Maruti Express Packers and Movers

Maruti Express Packers and Movers is a distinguished transfer facility benefactor in Zirakpur. An all-inclusive range of transfer amenities catering for the home goods moving facilities, car and bike transportation facilities, heavyweight machines’ transportation, insurance of transport along with world-wide cargo transportation facility.

It is always made sure by then, of the fact that the goods are delivered on time, and in good condition, with the aid of an employed crew of professional experts.

If at all, any misfortune takes place while moving, they take the complete accountability to cover-up the loss in a correct manner, whereas providing with the assurance of transference along with correct certification. If one has the wish for an extremely accomplished and devoted crew in handling the shifting procedure, they can have complete faith in this specific firm. 

India King Packers & Movers

India King Packers & Movers come up with the specialized moving and shifting facilities, while making sure that the transfer of itineraries is always simple.

They provide with the thorough assurance of the domestic itineraries, ensuing the right official measures. Hassle-free, protected and quick delivery is hence always safeguarded by them. Over wide channels, an enormous flotilla of carrier vehicles, similar to the trailers, tempos and Lorries is contained within, for transferring of all the goods.

Thinking of shifting your base? Will you be moving to in and around places of Zirakpur? Do not think twice, as the packers and movers of Zirakpur caters for all the facilities of shifting, while making your work easy. Packers and movers always take extra initiative on caring of your precious time and whole work process, in accordance to the time required. Talking about professional techniques, this service will give the full on professional assistance of every work, playing an essential part in shifting.

One should not think twice, before hiring one of the best packers and movers of Zirakpur area. Knowing, now fully the lot many choices or preferences, one should be firm with the decision, of transference of goods. So, get moving all!


With the growing opportunities in terms of career, investment and much more, Zirakpur has become a popular destination. It offers beautiful landscapes, modern living standards and countless amenities.

Located in the foothills of the Shivalik range, in the state of Punjab, district Mohali, is situated a developing town ‘Zirakpur’. Being surrounded by popular destinations like Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali and many others from the sides, it has emerged as a place worth living in the recent years.

 So, if you are at Zirakpur, in no time you can easily move to any of the aforementioned places. Moreover, the newly constructed highways, i.e. Shimla-Kalka-Zirakpur highway and Chandigarh-Zirakpur-Ambala expressway, provide exceptional connectivity to the residents of Zirakpur. 

Good connectivity, low operational costs and high disposable income also contributed to it being declared India’s hottest emerging city. From 2004 onwards, the city’s population started to increase rapidly, with booming property prices and the arrival of a large number of residential projects in the suburbs. 

There are a number of individuals who are planning to shift their home or office by themselves hence they have to hunt for manpower that can assist them in loading and unloading all the belongings. But this is a kind of risk, they are not aware of the harmful factors of shifting all the household material by themselves that comes with its own risks.

However, the shifting companies in Zirakpur have capable and sedulous team who can assist you; numerous of others successfully got their home relocated to the other areas with the help of movers.

Tips for Moving Heavy Objects during Relocation

Whether you are residing in an urban apartment or a big home in the suburbs, the process of relocation comes with its unique challenges which are associated with lifting and carrying heavy objects such as filled cardboard boxes, electric appliances or furniture pieces.

Professional moving companies have highly trained crews and modern amenities/equipment for lifting and carrying heavy items to make a complete a stress free move. But if you are opting for a DIY process, your relocation can turn up to be more exhausting and stressful.

You can even injure or hurt yourself in the process if you don’t know how to properly lift such heavyweight items. Here, I am going to share few easy steps on how you can move your heavy items like a professional without injuring yourself or damaging the house.

Pre-operation safety checks:

Firstly, consider planning your move to minimize the risk of injuries. Access the area you are planning to start working in.

Check the weight of the objects before you start to pick it up by yourself e.g. how heavy or bulky is the item. Furniture such as wardrobes, couches, tables and even boxes can weigh more than you think. Consider the maximum weight you can lift. Try to move or push the objects in advance so that you can get some idea of how much it weighs.

Keep the exit paths clear:

Before moving any heavy object to the logistic vehicle, ensure to keep the exit path, floors and stairs free from any obstacle. Remove all the randomly cluttered items or any trip hazards from the floor which can be a serious threat to the safety of each person involving during the move.

Wear appropriate footwear:

I have often heard that you are the key to your safety. Therefore wearing a proper shoe during the move will not only protect you beyond any doubt but will keep the unfortunate injuries and freakish accidents at bay.

Safety shoes, high-top sports shoes or closed high ankle footwear with rubber soles are the most flexible footwear and offer good traction while moving house.

Use lifting Aids to assist moving:

Ensure all the lifting and carrying aids are well maintained and are in good condition. Spend few dollars or rent a plastic slider, which can be placed under furniture legs to easily slide heavy couches, chairs and tables. Moving straps, hand trucks, moving blankets, shoulder dollies and furniture dollies can also reduce the weight strain.

Use purpose built trolleys to move stacks of chairs and tables. You can also use the devices such as bench skates, table and chair trolleys which reduce the friction and easily slide heavy objects tiles, wooden floors and carpets.

Keep a good posture:

Concentrate on maintaining good body posture and positioning to reduce any strain. Keep your back, shoulders straight and chest out. Bad postures can induce backaches, heart problems and sometimes can trigger a migraine. Avoid bending your back and alternately bend the knees. Use your arms, legs and core muscles to lift the heavy objects.

Take professional help or friends help:

Consider hiring a professional moving company to safely move your heavy furniture and boxes in case you are not confident enough to carry out the whole packing and lifting process entirely on your own. If you want to save your money, hire a local moving crew which is available on an hourly basis. Reach out to your friends to rescue you at this time.

You can either contact your most reliable friends individually to join your aid or you can use the social networking sites and let all your friends know that how much you would need their assistance during your relocation.

 Some of your close friends might not be able to turn up on a moving day because of their planned engagements. With honesty, tell your friends the kind of help you would need from them and how much it will take to complete the entire packing. Your friends can come up with insightful and constructive ideas to finish the packing more quickly and efficiently. Treat them with their favourite food and drinks and turn the backbreaking relocation process into a delightful moving experience.

Portable Moving Storages: Why they are Advantageous?

Renting a portable storage or moving containers for the relocation is one of the coolest options. You can get your moving containers right at your doorstep for the time you take to load it up. But, you must be wondering what is this portable storage all about? These moving options are like the babies of DIY moving options where ‘’you pack, they drive’’ is the only concept. This newcomer has totally revolutionized the packing and moving industry and is gaining the popularity across the globe. 

One of the most attractive features of this moving option is that you can load and unload at your own pace once the container is delivered. Unlike traditional storage where it is often required to rent an additional moving vehicle to transfer storage items from the office or home to the storage destination, the portable storage is circumferential.

It also gives you the liberty and flexibility to pack the storage unit without any time constraint. You can keep the storage at your convenient place until the entire packing and loading is completed. Once the unit is completely loaded, the moving company picks it up for secure storing at their local facility and later ship your belongings as per your convenience. Here are few more reasons why portable storages are an ideal option...

Pack at your leisure :

Here the packing timeline is flexible. You can keep the moving container at your disposal. Once the move is confirmed, you can book your storage container for a prearranged period of time (a couple of days to a couple of weeks).

The storage companies quickly deliver the required number of containers and leave it at your disposal. You can pack and load your belongings at you own pace and once the loading is completed, call the company to arrange for its shipping to your new location. You can keep the container until the complete unloading.

Flexible storage solution:

The portable containers are available in multiple sizes to make the loading and unloading easier.  You can choose your container as per your household possessions. Each size is ideal for easy delivery, packing, loading, and storage.

There is a temporary storage facility for your belongings also. The storage containers are kept securely within the local facility and later ship your belongings as per your convenience.

Easy loading and unloading:

There are few difficulties in loading and unloading heavy furniture with a moving truck. Proper lifting aids are required to load and unload the belongings. Portable storage has easy-entry ground level loading.

You can walk right inside the container to store your belongings. No loading ramp or other specialized equipment is required for loading or unloading your belongings.

Cost effective:

A portable storage is an ideal solution for DIY lovers who prefer less expensive relocation. Professional packers and movers work & serve on an hourly basis. But the storage container can be hired for a prearranged period of time, a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

The payment is based only on the rent and delivery. Unlike full-service movers, the portable storage is budget friendly.

Containers are durable and secure:

Due to its strong built; the portable containers are protected from any environmental damages such as wind, rain, rodent as well as fire. These storage containers are designed to keep your belongings dry, safe and secure.

The moving containers are handled by well-trained professionals to ensure the safety of your belongings. The delivery vehicles are equipped with hydraulic lift system specially designed to reduce any movement inside the container and maintain the level of transportation.


To help you out, we’ve listed most commonly asked questions that can solve queries that you could have as well, regarding when and how to move to any city.

Q: Is it safe to hire Packers and Movers?

Hiring packer and mover service will make sure that your furniture, appliances, decorative items, etc. are safe. They use appropriate cushioning and soft wrapping material for packing. They also pack it such that it takes up the least possible space. More importantly, they pack and transport all your delicate items with extra care. Once at your destination, the crew will unload all your items and help you unpack. You can get your heavy furniture and large appliances set up right away and not have to worry about hiring more help later.

Q: How do I know if the company is licensed and certified?

 This is an important question you must ask before hiring a packer and mover. But lucky for you we’ve made sure that all the packers and movers listed in our line up are guaranteed and safe companies. Since you’re trusting the professional with expensive goods and furniture from your home, you can surely double check all the documents and personal identification to ensure that it is a legitimate business and not just an individual calling it a business.

But you can stay rest assured as we will do this procedure before you have to take matters in your own hands. We make sure that the company is safe enough as well as resourceful enough to handle premium clients.

Q: Should I be insured in case of any damage to the goods?

It is important to choose movers and packers that have ties to an insured company or a company that provides good insurance service on your move. This means that an insured mover will cover the loss if your goods are somehow damaged or lost in transit. You will find both services available in our list. We have both types of packers and movers for you to choose from. We would suggest that you take a company that provides insurance service into better consideration as it makes your move easier.

Q: What is the best way to hire movers?

 There should not be any doubt that movers and packers can help you relocate your goods without any hassle. But then, there are a number of things which matter and unless you get your act right, you may not get the maximum benefits of using movers services. But there isn’t really any right or wrong way. All you have to do it ask them and you will get the best of their services at a reasonable cost. They have been formed to help in any tricky situations.

Q: Is it cheap to hire movers?

If you compare the moving costs of handling the move yourself versus hiring packer and movers, you will realise that it is cheaper to hire movers from sites such as ours. They can also assist you in the arrangement of your items after they have been shifted to the new location. This task, if otherwise done alone will be very hectic. Here again, asking the professional help will always be a blessing to you.

Best Shifters From:


Besides amazing connectivity and incredible shopping facilities, Zirakpur is blessed with several panoramic views and tourist attractions. In the recent years, Zirakpur has turned to an impeccable residential and commercial solution for a number of people.

While the enormous infrastructure ventures deliver luxurious and high class living at the most affordable prices, on the other hand, growing commercial constructions promises better career opportunities.

Thus, it has a lot to offer, from posh living environment to countless amenities. And if you plan on moving, it is better to hire a professional movers and packers company and take maximum benefits out of your hire. Movers and packers companies in Zirakpur offer complete solution from packing and transporting, delivery and unpacking and rearranging.

There are really many benefits of hiring movers and packers over doing it yourself all alone. 


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