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Hire Best Packers and Movers in Yamunanagar

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Buying Guides for Hiring Local Packers and Movers in Yamunanagar

Yamunanagar is a city in Yamunanagar district in the state of Haryana. It’s just like any other urban city. Though it’s not a metropolitan city, your basic, as well as high end needs, will be fulfilled here. The place is surrounded by large industries and is known for its cluster of plywood units. The industrial town is also famous for its metal and utensil. 

A large part of the city lies in the Shiwalik foothills and their main crops are sugarcane, wheat and rice. The city developed from a small village with a population surrounding its railway station to a developed city today. After the partition, many expatriates from Punjab, Pakistan moved to Yamunanagar and called it their home, adding a splash of culture to the town. The main population of the city are Hindu Punjabi, Sikhs and minority Muslims and Christians. 

If you’re choosing to relocate to Yamunanagar or are choosing to shift within the city, you know the hassle you’ll face while moving. And sadly, over the last few years, there have been scams about a number of fake packers and movers in India. To protect you and also make your move easier, you need to choose a packer and mover company which is reputed and trustworthy. We know how chaotic it can get without the right guidance so here we are to help you make a wise decision. 

Top Damaging Items While Moving and How To Protect Them

Relocating to a new house or apartment could be a huge undertaking if you don’t pay extra attention during packing a few things tend to end up damaging certain items at all three stages of moving – packaging, transportation, and unpacking. It is not too difficult to guess which of the items that are most likely to get damaged during a move if aren’t packed properly.

Though packers & movers companies provide insurance facility to ensure your household goods, furniture home appliances and other valuable goods against any damage while moving, relying solely on them for items which are irreplaceable can be a bit risky. So it is always better to ask them to take proper care of all the fragile and vulnerable belongings during the move.

The top of the list would probably include fragile things like cutlery sets and glassware sets. But other than these two, I have compiled a few other things which are extremely fragile and prone to damage and need adequate precaution so that you can manage to avoid the risk of damage. Here is the somewhat surprising list of fragile items and some tips on how to protect them.

List of Fragile Items for Moving and Ways to Protect Them


Framed canvases, statues and other valuable pieces of art are not only unique but expensive as well. They are often very prone to damage and thus are difficult to move. Glass artworks often breaks because of insufficient cushioning in the moving box. Instead of packing yourself, it is always better to hire and invest either in an art transport company or a professional packers and movers company. They will not only pay extra attention but also insure for your precious art for the move.


The bulky, heavy and oddly shaped furniture often result in quality damage. You can disassemble whatever is possible and pack each of the elements separately.  Proper moving equipment will not only protect the furniture pieces, but it will also protect the floors and walls. Many moving companies offer specialty services to take care of this for you. Considering this offer will be a great option for you if you have a lot of delicate furniture to move.


Most of the moving companies DO NOT help in transporting plants as they might die during the long distance move if not attended properly.

But if anyone is moving the plants, make sure they have punched some holes in the boxes which are being used to transfer them. To avoid breaking of the loose branches, tie them together and give support for the high stems. Unpack the plants as soon as you reach your destination.

Electronics and sporting equipment

You cannot neglect the packing of electronic products and sporting equipment as they are susceptible to damage if not packed or handled properly either by yourself or the moving staff. Pack them in their original packing box and avoid tossing them while loading and offloading. Pack the cords of each device separately and avoid anything on the top of boxes containing electronic appliances.

If you own any sports equipment like shuttles, bats, rackets which are extremely delicate and attract higher chances of damage during the move, then add padding, the right amount of packing tape and arrange them adequately to prevent any shaking during the transportation.


Books can easily suffer damages during a move. Improper packing of books leads to their edges getting folded as well as the cover getting damaged. Use a proper book box instead of any local cardboard box. During packing, place the books flat, and stack them horizontally with the heaviest books on the bottom. Seal the edges of the box properly by using plenty of packing tape to avoid any kind of spillage inside the box.

Wine and Liquor bottles

Since these bottles are mostly glass made and fragile, they easily leak or break, damaging items inside and outside the box. Wrap the bottles individually with 3-4 layers of paper, carefully arrange them in suitable sturdy boxes and secure them with wrapping tapes leaving no loose ends. You can provide extra padding to prevent movement inside the box.

You can also label the containers as ‘FRAGILE’ in capital legible letters for everyone else to know how to handle them.

All other breakable items such as mirrors, pottery, figurines etc. can be treated the same way.

If you follow these steps, your move will be unbreakable. You can always do some of the packing by yourself and leave the rest to the professionals. You can also check the above list and see the things which you would throw, giving away or selling instead of paying for its move.


Q: How do I ensure that the packers are cheap but good? 

We would recommend you not to always choose the cheapest option. Good research is the good to picking the right company and lucky for you we have done the best research to ensure that you don’t fall prey to scams. The cheapest companies usually offer less manpower and that could result in double the time in packing your house. They also compromise on basic necessities so a good company with the right insurance is the way to go.

Q: What will the services include? 

Different companies offer different services. Though the most basic service includes reassembling and rearranging services. They will dismantle your furniture before the move and reassemble it after. They will ensure that your glass, marble, antique or unique items are taken care of. And they will pack it the best way possible in a 100% safe process. So you don’t need to worry about it. 

Q: Are the packers and movers accredited? 

We ensure that all companies in our list are safe to hire. These affiliations are proof that the company is trustworthy and won’t scam you. So we take responsibility to make sure that we put only accredited companies for you to choose from. But feel free to do your own research as well, better safe than sorry. 

Q: Will it save me time? 

Moving is a tedious process and doing it all by yourself will only add to the drama, as you don’t know the nitty gritty of the situation. Having professional help will not just save you the time but also make sure that your belongings are shifted in perfectly original condition. A reputed team of packers will ensure that you have enough manpower as well as save you time to make the job as hassle free as possible. They will do everything exactly how you require and make your move trouble free. 

Q:  Is it necessary to get insured? 

Insurances will keep your belongings safe from unwanted problems. Believe us, you don’t need added drama of figuring out how to replace a lost or broken item. If you get your belongings insured, you know that if something does happen the insurance will cover it. The company will pay for your losses and you don’t lose much in the crisis. 

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Yamunanagar is a fast growing city with people from nearby villages migrating for better work opportunities and better studies. The city offers various advantages as it’s still developing. The cost of living there is reasonable and posh neighbourhoods such as Model Town, Huda sector 17, 18 provide a clean and good maintenance system. There is no electricity or water problem so if you’re considering moving, it’s a great opportunity. 

Choosing a packer and mover company from our list to help you out will ensure that you get good business and learn the know-how of how things are done in the moving industry. You will get trained staff and premium material to make your move smooth as possible. 



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