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How to Move a Piano during Relocation

Wondering whether you should move your most precious antique piano gifted by your grandfather on your own or hiring a professional piano movers? And wondering what kinda moving equipment you’ll need to move this luxury and fragile piece of the property? I must tell you that moving a piano is a very difficult job if you are thinking to move it on your own.

Pianos are not only counted among those heavy and valuable possessions, but they are also considered as most vulnerable and easily breakable items.

These can shatter easily if they have not taken great care and protected carefully during the packing and moving procedure whether it is a local move or a long distance one. Nowadays, there are many Packers and Movers available specially dedicated to piano moving but if it not in your budget or timeline to hire any on these moving companies, you can move the piano yourself by following these simple tips.

Gather your materials & supplies for the move:

Before you start moving the piano gather all the materials and equipment such as:

  •      Packing tape
  •      High-quality working gloves
  •      Plastic wraps/ Blankets, cardboard pads
  •      Heavy duty dolly and dolly straps
  •      Weightlifting straps
  •      Van Ramp
  •      Helping hands (at least 4 people)

Ask for help:

Remember, pianos are not only bulky and heavy, they are super fragile too. You cannot possibly move a piano alone. arrange an extra hand, at least four people by asking help from your neighbours, family members or friends or hire a moving crew available on an hourly basis to avoid extra pressure on your back. Building a strong helping team will also prevent you from bumping or tripping into objects.

Plan the move:

 Firstly, access the area or environment you are planning to start working. Measure all the area thorough suchas doorways, staircases and hallways from where the piano will pass through.

Keep the exit paths clear. The exit path, floors and stairs should be free from any obstacle. Furniture such as wardrobes couches and tables should be removed prior to the moving as they might hit the piano during the move.

 Prepare the piano for the move:

           Protect the fragile keyboard by closing and seal the lid with the packing tape. This will ensure that the lid stays in place and prevented from opening and damaging during the move.

     Wrap the piano with the help of plastic wraps and secure them with packing tapes. Give special attention to the corner edges of the piano while wrapping. To keep the piano extra protected, wrap the surface of the piano with a thick blanket over the plastic wrap.

     Avoid rolling the piano on its metal casters.

 Move the piano:

  •      Keeping the safety in mind, put on the high quality work gloves before you start working on the move.
  •    Place the lifting straps underneath at both the end of the piano and lift the piano with the help of combined strength of at least two helping hand. Keep the piano in the upright position as soon as it is in the air. There are high chances of injury and damage to the instrument if it is tilted or laid on its side.
  •     Slid the piano safely on the dollies underneath it by keeping the position upright and confirm the balance and movement.
  •     When you reach the moving vehicle, place the treble clef side of the piano first on the van ramp with the assembled team.

 Your piano should be the first household item which is to be loaded first into the truck and once the move is done, re-tune the piano and give it a good clean.



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