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Making Military relocation Easy: A Few Tips

Being a family member of any military personnel, how would you react about the frequent transfers? Transfers are the imperative part of a military life. New workplace and a new home can be exciting as well as challenging for military families especially when kids are involved. 

Some kids get very excited, while some kids are often disappointed to know they’re leaving their friends, neighbours and society. But as quickly as you start focusing on the exciting opportunities & get ready to pack-up, soon the moving process will become a great family adventure. Understanding the entire moving process and a proper planning can make the move much easier and breezy for everyone.

Let’s find out how…

Start planning the move:

  • As soon as you know about the transfer order, prepare a budget for the cost of the entire relocation.

  • If you have decided to hire a moving agency, list out few reliable and reputed moving companies and consider collecting quotations or written estimates from them. Compare the companies based on their cost, services and experiences.

  • If you are opting for a DIY process, sort out items lying in the closet, drawers and cupboards to dispose of which is not required. Shred of old papers and throw out all the broken and damaged items. Order the supplies such as moving boxes, markers, sticky, bubble wraps, high quality packing foams and other moving supplies. Start packing the items which are less in use and label the boxes clearly mentioning the destination room. Clean up the cupboards and place the items in usable piles.

Take inventory:

Make an inventory of items such as bulky furniture’s, appliances, artworks and everything of value you plan to move.

You can also use the technology to keep records of inventory. By using a smartphone, you can record or click pictures of items lying in the cabinet to avoid any dispute with the moving company. You can also recommendations for inventory apps.

Share with kids:

Your child should always be your first preference and priority to know about the relocation. Once the relocation is finalized, tell your kid about the move.

An advance interaction will avoid the anxiety in them.

Create a moving binder:

Create a moving file or purchase a journal to keep all the receipts, journals, store quotes, notes such as to-do list, important date etc related to the move.

Compile all the important papers and records such as medical, dental records, legal, financial and school documents to store them in the moving folder.

Follow guidelines:

It is mandatory to follow the guidelines set by the military housing authority if you are staying in the military housing. It is important to keep the house clean on the moving day.

If you are renting an apartment, inform the landlord about your moving date and finalize the rental needs if you have paid any security amount.

Share the packing:

Reach out your friends to rescue you at this time.

You can either contact your most reliable friends individually to join your aid or you can use the social networking sites and let all your friends know that how much you would need their assistance during your relocation.

Your friends can come up with insightful and constructive ideas to finish the packing more quickly and efficiently. Treat them with their favourite food and drinks and turn the backbreaking relocation process into a delightful moving experience.

Do some research and explore the new location when you get the orders. With some advance preparations and relocation skills can make the entire relocation daunting free.


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