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How to Pack and Move the Bedroom

If you are getting ready for your relocation, then I must tell you that packing up the master bedroom for your relocation can be very challenging and exhausting if it is not planned, organized and well executed.

Since most of us keep our personal belongings in this area, I would recommend making a detailed and precise planning for packing the bedroom so that all your personal and valuable items reach the destination in pristine condition. If you hire the best professional packers and movers, you will get the best service throughout the entire moving process. Here are some of my packing ideas which will help you to ease your packing process.

Prepare a list and sort out items:

Before you start packing, it is a good idea to sort all the items which are important and worth keeping and items which are not required to be either sold off or tossed away. Direct and explicit packing will ease both packing and unpacking.

Gather all the necessary items including sturdy cartons of various sizes with flaps that can be completely closed and sealed, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape to seal and pack cartons and felt tip markers for labelling. Make a list of all the items available in the bedroom to avoid any mess, which can actually make the whole process time consuming.

Packing closet:

Even if you have hired a moving company, you have to extend your full co-operation in packing every single item in your wardrobe. You can pack your clothes both in travel bags or moving boxes. But before you start with packing, get your clothes out from the closet and dresser & lay them on the bed/floor.

Categorise them based on their fabric, colour and sizes. Grab some special wardrobe boxes available in the market to hang your dresses, coats and gowns to avoid any wrinkles. If you are moving during the summers, pack your woollens in a separate box and label them with marker and vice versa. I will advise leaving your lightweight items such as your inner wear, socks, t-shirts etc in your dresser drawers.

Packing bedroom furniture:

Wooden furniture are of great weight, hard to lift and more susceptible to damage during a move. Moving companies are well versed with packing process of furniture. But if you are not hiring any moving agency, you have to start preparing your furniture by removing the casters, pulls and drawers.

Disassemble the furniture legs, glass tops, shelves and bed frames to make them easier to move through the narrow doorways and it will prevent any damage or breakage. Wrap each unit individually with extra padding and label them properly. Keep the small pieces, screws, bolts and washers in a plastic bag and tap them individually on the specific piece of furniture. Use furniture or foam padding to avoid any nicks or scratches on the glass top.   

Packing soft goods:

Soft goods include linens, bedding, drapes, curtains, blankets, pillows, towels and rugs which are required to be prepared and packed well in advance. Vacuum and clean all the rugs and wrap them with plastic to protect them from insects during the transit.

Fold all your linens and beddings and pack them in plastic bags to protect them from dirt. Later on, place them in the packing box lined with clean paper and tape them securely. I will recommend using wardrobe boxes to keep your curtains and drapes otherwise pack in the same manner as linen.

Packing electronics items:

The electronic devices are very fragile in nature and require extra attention during the packing. Since all the electronic items are not wireless and come in sets, it is my advice to pack all the sets together.

Use the original packing boxes if possible for repacking to prevent any movement during the transit. If your electronic devices are battery powered, then remove the batteries as they may corrode and leak acid inside your device due to overheating.


Packing artwork and pictures:

Framed canvases, pictures and other valuable pieces are often prone to damage and difficult to move. Use the bubble wrap to wrap the artworks and pictures to avoid any damage or breakage.

Other miscellaneous items such as papers, books and ornaments can be packed and placed in a small different packing box.  


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