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Buying Guides for Hiring Local Packers and Movers in Patna

How to Get the Best Rates for Movers and Packers

 Relocation is never an easy process. This requires lots of efforts, time and money. Hiring a Movers and Packers can ease out the work and reduce our stress as well as save time, but hiring a shifting company can be a costly affair if proper research is not done.

Negotiation also plays a major role here. One should always select two or three shifting companies and negotiate with them with the rates and choose the company offering the best rates.

Every moving and packing company has a different set of rates for the services offered by them, the charges are not fixed. There is no fixed tariff and rate card because shifting companies have the liberty to charge depending upon various factors like:

·        Urgency and need.

·        Distance between the source and destination.

·        Volume of luggage and their weight.

Hence, if you want to hire a moving and packing company, always make sure that you understand the process and how the various charges work. Always make it a point to negotiate with the company. Your negotiating skill can help you in saving lot of money.   Negotiating is the last step in finalizing the price of the service.

Following are the few tips that will help you in getting the best rates with the movers and packers company:

                   Research on various relocation services:

To start with this, first find out various reputed shifting company who will be able to help you in moving. Make sure that you select reliable and companies with good past records. Once you have few set of choices with their quotations, it will be easier for you to negotiate.

You can speak to your selected companies and tell them about the various bids offered by other companies and ask them to beat it. This process will provide you with the lowest bid company. Only one precaution to be taken is that never trust insanely cheap quotes as they might turn out to be fraud, shady or might have some hidden cost.

Always have an open face to face discussion about the rates:

Always make it a point of calling someone from movers and packing company to inspect your luggage and then fix a price, this will remove the scope of increasing the charge later. The estimated price should be given in writing in order to avoid last minute confusion. If you don’t do this, there are chances of ending up with a bigger bill than agreed.

The company can charge for various unexpected things:

A shifting company can include extra charges for the following things too like:

  • Taking some other alternative route due to some unforeseen circumstances which is longer as compared to the estimated one.
  • Hiring a third party for assembling the furniture.
  • Hiring another truck to shift your luggage because of any reason.
  • Carrying the luggage up and down from the stairs, in case the lift is not working.

These are the few things on which negotiation can be done in order to cut short the cost. This cutting can help in saving the relevant amount of money on the total budget.
          Early bird:

Always book the company in advance. This will give you extra time to research properly and find the best shifting company. Also you will have the good amount of time to negotiate and book the best company for relocating your house. Leaving everything for the last will not give you the time to negotiate and saving money.

Saving on moving cost:

Moving companies offer the discount on offseason. You can book and shift in this season to get the cheaper price. Few companies also offer discounts on the weekend and in middle of the month. Booking in this time can also help you in getting the best rates.

All of the above points can help you to negotiate and get the best rates while boking shifting companies. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that this whole process is quite complex. So always think, research and then make a decision.

Ways to Prepare Your Cat before a Move

Relocating or moving to a new place is as stressful to your Pet Cat as it is for you. Change of habitat and fair chances of change in geographical & climatic conditions are always a major concern when it comes to animals. Apart from these, handling your Pet Cat during the actual transit is quite challenging as well. While little move can be as far as new region thousands of kilometers away, they can be as close as moving on to the next locality as well.

The latter as its own cons, such as, there are fair chances that your pet cat will keep paying frequent visits to the old house out of emotions. Special attention to the pet cat in such case is a must do. A right attitude and proper move plan can remove the emotional deprivation for your cat. If you are calm and casual, it will make your pet likewise.

Preparing your cat in advance:

Start preparing your pet 2-3 weeks before your move. Since your move will either involve a car travel or an air travel, it is necessary for your cat to get comfortable in their carrier. Help your cat to love their carrier by encouraging them to sleep in it. Make a comfortable bed inside. Start feeding them near their carrier and reward them with treats while keeping them inside. Leave the carrier gate open so that they can easily commute in that.

If you have more than one cat, buy the cat carrier for each cat and repeat the above process with each cat at least 3-4 times in a week. If you find them used to their carrier, start taking them out with the carrier on neighborhood trips and later for longer trips. The practice of travelling in the carrier will not only cut the chances of sickness of your cat, but it will also make your cat comfortable during the transit.

Keep your cat with you always:

If you have hired a moving company, never keep your cat with other loaded things at the back of the moving truck as it could harm or kill your pet. Always keep your cat with you during your move to your new home to avoid the injury and reduce trauma for the cat.

Maintain your cat’s routine:

Keep the normal schedule of your cat as much as possible. It is always better to stick to the feeding schedule.

The amount of play and the usual amount of attention or bonding to keep normal like other days. In fact, some extra attention and play time will ease the anxiety of your cat. You can also consult your vet in case your cat is very nervous and stressed. A proper medication for your pet cat will make the moving process easier.

Update the identification:

Update the ID tag of your cat if it has the residential address and any contact number on it since you are in a new place. Pet’s micro chipping is also mandatory to recover pets if it is lost.  

Follow pre regulation check list:

If you are moving from one state to another, follow the pre regulation check list as each state has its own laws and regulations. Health certificates and rabies tags of your pets are the most important things required by many states.

Some communities do not allow cats/dogs in their locality. You might have to buy a permit for entering your pet cat to your new home. It is better to know briefly about the place during hunting for new home.

Settling into the new house:


When the move is completely finished, cat proof the house by tucking all bare wire cables, remove any poisonous plants or any other danger that could harm your cat. Keep your cat in a single secured room and set up the room, bedding, food and water utensils and keep them in that room for first few days. This will allow your cat to get familiar with the new place.

When the unpacking is over, allow your cat to explore rest of the house, one room at a time. Keep a close watch on the health of your cat. If in any case you find their health is deteriorating, seek the nearest veterinary care immediately. Keep your cat indoors at the new house for a month or even better to wait longer and wisely start allowing them outdoors.



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