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Buying Guides for Hiring Local Packers and Movers in Nagpur

Moving from one place to another with whole luggage can be tedious and a really stressful job. It is very difficult to remember each and everything to be relocated. If you plan to do it on your own, it can be tough as you have to manage each and every step of the journey.

Hiring movers and packer company can ease out your worry, as they will be responsible for each and everything, whether it’s packing or loading or unloading.

The only concern here is to choose the right shifting company. Selection of the best shifting company can make your work easy and give a peace of mind in the whole journey whereas wrong company can cause you unrecoverable damage.

Hiring Movers? 6 Mistakes You should not be Making

 No prior planning

Always plan before and never keep anything for the last minute. Start looking for the moving companies in advance. Inspect the house carefully, walk through every room, open each storage place and separate the things you want to take to your new home.

Make a list of important thing and classify them into two sections - one extra important/delicate stuffs which might require insurance and other general stuff. Start visualizing new home, and see if your entire luggage will fit in your new space.

Get rid of extra things and furniture. Try to consume perishable items before moving. Fix a date for packing and moving. If you leave all these things for the last minute, you can end up in trouble.

Hiring movers at the last moment

Packing and moving is a complicated task, one need to hire a professional for it. Don’t wait for the final day to hire one. You never know you might not be able to find one or the one which you found can be fraud.

Hence always do a proper research earlier and choose the best shifting company for a hassle free shifting. Always plan in advance for the shifting company. Hiring in rush will cause damage to you only.

Getting quotes over the phone

Never talk on the phone regarding the quotations. This will cause confusion and might land you in trouble. Always ask the company to visit your home, show them your house and ask them to generate a quotation. This will help in transparency and remove unwanted confusion.

Not comparing quotes

Always select 3 -4 companies and ask for their quotations. Always compare the quotations and select the best shifting company with the best price. Doing this in advance will help you in saving money and time.

The quotation depends on the service the company will provide, you can tailor made your need and convey them and accordingly the company will quote.

 Not asking the basic question

Always ensure that you are aware of each and every detail of the company. Always ask the below question before hiring:

·        Basic introduction of the company

·        Since how the long the company has been in this business?

·        How many branches do they have?

·        How the unloading is going to be handled at the destination?

·        What’s the process of handling customer complain?

·        How long it may take to deliver the goods?

·        Process of handling damages of items in transit

·        Do they offer any value-added services, and is it included in the quote?


Not checking the Credentials and certification of the moving company

Whenever you choose a moving company for house shifting always ensure the following information and documentation are present with the company:

·        Trade license/ Sopex licence/ Municipal license

·        Certification of incorporation

·        A current account in the name of the moving company.

·        Service tax and other details like PAN card etc


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