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Hire Best Packers and Movers in Mumbai

ReviewsXP will be your helping guide to find out the best packers and movers for a reasonable price. We can help you contact the mumbai’s top-rated packers and movers that perform efficient and effective packing as well as transportation of your items at a budget-friendly price. 

Whether it comes to furniture, electronics or large appliances, they will make sure they are transported delivered to your new home (whether local, domestic or international) without any damage and stress for you and your family. You can find the best movers of Mumbai here at ReviewsXP and select from our list of recommended service providers to provide you with a hassle free experience. 


List of Top Packers and Movers with Reviews & Charges

Buying Guides for Hiring Local Packers and Movers in Mumbai

Mumbai, the city of dreams is notoriously known for its competitive real estate and rising rental value. The city is the financial hub of India as well as an aspiring place for arts, films and music. One of the most populated cities, Mumbai has one of the highest rents in India and is one of the most famous cities in the world. 

There has always been an influx of people into the city, either for jobs, education, pursuing careers, tourism or business. These reasons cause them to shift from one location to another in the city. This could be due to easier access to transport, larger houses, lower rents or closeness to work or school. But shifting can be such a tiresome task that it makes you want to delegate this task to someone else. 

That is where packers and movers come in. These professional tradesman ensure that your items are packed with the right protective measures and transported in the correct means to reach your new house and help you make a new house into a home. 

Finding the cheapest packers and movers may be easy but they may have malpractices and questionable practices that may lead to damage to your items or cheating when it comes to payment or delivery. 

How ReviewsXP can provide you the best options?

Finding the best packers and movers can be an uphill task, therefore ReviesXP can shorten that process by providing a rated packer and mover for your needs. Each of these packers and movers have been researched and analysed based on criteria of logistics and cost effectiveness as well as based on items they can pack and transport, whether household items or vehicles or electronics

Based on reviews and ratings, you can make an informed choice that will help you relocate stress free and happily. The ultimate decision of choosing a company can be nerve-wracking but with our help you can ease your tension by following the high rated companies that will be economical as well as dependable for you.These packers and movers can help you move inside the city of Mumbai or out of the city or even internationally to another country. These companies are experienced and reliable when it comes to shifting and relocation. 

How to book Packers and movers service in Mumbai

The need for a packers and movers service arises from deciding if you are shifting and relocating or not. Once it is finalised that the relocation is happening, the next step would be to research if you require a packer and mover service or you can pull off the shifting yourself. This step depends on if you have less items and have help in the form of relatives or friends and a tempo service you can rent. 

But if you have a lot of items and require professional help, it is better to consult a packers and movers company, instead of taking the tension of shifting and relocation all by yourself. Now the next step is to see the destination for the relocation, are you moving within the city, out of the city or internationally and what are the contents that are in need of relocation, such as household items, corporate and office equipment or vehicles and transport means. 

There are packers and movers for each of these criteria, with some specialising in moving household goods across the city or internationally to them shifting vehicles internationally or locally. 

The cost for each of these services may vary as the distance travelled internationally is often longer and costlier than shifting from one district to another in the same city. Companies also offer packages that are dependent on the area of relocation

  1. Local relocation package
  2. National relocation package
  3. International relocation package

Companies will offer these packages based on your destination and charge you based on the weight of the items and the distance that will be travelled in this relocation. 

When shifting in the city of Mumbai, you should go for the local relocation package from a company that specialises in packing and moving in the city itself.

National packers and movers help you shift from Mumbai to another city in the state or in the country with experience staff.

International packers and movers help you move from Mumbai to another country with all your items intact and safe. 

What to know about the packers and movers in Mumbai

When approaching a packers and movers service, prepare a lit of set questions that you want to ask them. These questions can be regarding the cosing of the package, how much time it will take to transport the items, what packaging will be use to safeguard the items, the cost of labor involved, what routes they will take to reach the destination and incase of international relocation, any taxes and duties that will be applied to the items during tranport by air or ship. 

There will be many factors that may increase or decrease the price of the relocation package, but ask them for a bill or reciept mentioning the various charges they will be adding such as labor cost, transport cost, vehicle cost, packaging cost etc. 

Also, always prepare a list of items that you are relocating and make a copy of this list and give them to the packers and movers too, so that they can recheck these items in case any missing items are reported or damaged. 

Lastly, do an informed reaserch of the process of relocation, whether local, national or international, to inform yourself about the various steps that are taken and the journey your items will take in order to reach your house or place. 

Long Distance Home Shifting: Here’s How to Prepare Yourself (from Mumbai to Other Cities within India)

Moving from mumbai to another city, with all household items can be tedious and a really stressful job. It is very difficult to remember each and everything to be relocated. If you don’t have a plan ready then it can get difficult on the ultimate moving day. So it’s better prepared for it a few weeks before and not leaving anything for the last minute.

Before packing, walk through every room, open each storage place and separate the things you want to take to your new home. Make a list of important thing and classify them into two sections - one extra important/delicate kinds of stuff which might require insurance and general stuff.

After this, research on movers and packers companies in mumbai, select the best-insured company according to your need and book the best price quoted company at least a month before. Always have your booking done in a hotel before shifting to your new place. There are chances that you will not get ready to move in your new apartment, also research on storage place for your belongings. All the above activities should be done at least a month and a half prior to shifting.

When you are a month away:

Start the packing with the rarely used items like decorative items which are seasonally used. Such items should be packed first and kept aside so that you have a clear view of next action. Mark all the packed items with its content and the room it’s destined for in the new home. Daily used items like television, utensils, and clothes should be only left for the last day as they are a necessity for daily routine. You might have to carry some while travelling too. Always keep spare boxes in order to put some random stuff in them.

Measuring furniture’s dimensions is mandatory. You should be aware of which furniture can fit in your new home and which you have to get rid of in order to have no surprises on the final day. Utility services need to be transferred from old to new home which can take at least 15 days, so inform the companies to disconnect the connection from the day you will be moving and continue it to your new house. Documentations like the change of address should be done before shifting. Your bank, service subscription companies should be aware of your relocation.

Two weeks before the move:

As you approach near the shifting day connect with the Mumbai's moving company and confirm with them of the move. Cross check all the insurance documents. Clear out the storage unit. Take your time off and pack the stuff which you won’t be required for next two weeks.

When you are one week away from moving, pack all the general household items like utensils, clothes, toys etc. this will reduce your work on the final day. You should have one bag for each family member which can be carried while travelling. This bag should have few clothes, basic toiletries, one pair of footwear, phone charger, laptop, cards, check book, license, passport and important documents. In short, all your basic necessary items for daily routine.

Few days before the move, check with the moving company about the truck; finalize the time and all other arrangements. Ask for their driver’s cell phone number and the payment method and mode. Have the keys of your new home handy if want make a duplicate. Donate the extra food and other items which will be an extra weight. Pack the small furniture and plastic items in those extra boxes and label them as you might require them as soon as you shift.

Moving day:  

Ensure that no item is left behind in any closet by taking a walk through the house. Clean the house before leaving. Keep the valuable items with you. Make sure all the loading is done in front of you.  His time is most emotional time so be strong and focussed.

Packers and movers charges for shifting within and from Mumbai

Charges for professional packers and movers within and from Mumbai can depend on a variety of factors such as distance, weight and number of items, fragility of items etc.Here are the estimated charges for relocation from and in Mumbai 

  • Relocation cost within Mumbai can be around Rs 6,000 to Rs 15,000 (approx.)
  • Relocation cost from Mumbai to other metro cities can be around Rs 6,000 to Rs 25,000 (approx.), depending on which metro city. 
  • Relocation cost from Mumbai to international cities can be from upwards of Rs 70,000 and more.


FAQ’s about hiring packers and movers 

Q: Why should you choose to hire packers and movers

A: You should hire packers and movers because they make your relocation journey smoother and stress-free with the help of their trained staff to handle packing, unpacking loading and transporting of goods. They are a safe and secure way of transporting your goods as they help by packaging your items in materials to prevent damage and offer safe and secure transport of your items to their new destination. 

Q: When should you contact the packers and movers before relocation?

A: You should contact the packers and movers preferably a month before the relocation, but in case of urgent relocations, you can contact them 24 – 48 hours before you have to shift. 

Q: What is the process of relocation that the company will undertake?

A: The first step is to survey as to what items are for relocating and what the destination is, the company will consult you and visit your place to check and inspect the items. On the day of the relocation, they will arrive with all the essential packaging materials and pack your items and load it into their vehicles and travel and unpacked in their new destination. 

In the case of national relocation, the items will be dismantled or packed for transport through the vehicle or air cargo to the city. From their arrival to the city, the items will be delivered to their destination by vehicles and unpacked in their final destination. 

The same process will be followed for international relocation but with more travel by air cargo and the same process of travel and unpacking will ensue. 

Q. How to get in touch with packers and movers services in Mumbai?

All you have to do is log on to wwww.reviewxp.com and search for packers and movers available in Mumbai. Inform us of your requirements and relocation needs and we will provide you with the options we have based on the information you have supplied us. Select the one you prefer and contact them to arrange the relocation and you are done!


While preparing for the relocation, be aware of the ongoings while shifting such as what box contains what and how many items are being shifted. 

Keep a prepared list of items at all times and contact information of the transport officer with you.

In case any goods are damaged, approach the concerned authorities to sort out these issues after the relocation is completed. 

Keeping these points in mind, you are now ready to shift to your new place and start a new life. 


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