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How to Get Rid of Your Boxes after Moving House

It is a tough job to move your house from one location to another and the other task is to clear out the boxes after shifting.  Once you finish with the hustle and bustle of moving and have also unpacked all the transported belongings then your house will be left over with a bunch of empty boxes which will be of no use to you and might only occupy storage space.

Clearing away the empty boxes is a big task in itself. There are several useful options rather than throwing away these boxes in the garbage can. Check out these amazing ideas about box disposal after moving.

1. Donate the boxes: Charity and goods deeds will get you to benefit in future and it is amazing that you can do that for free. You have already paid for the boxes to the packers and movers company and so now if those boxes can help someone for free it is a good deed. These boxes are of no use to you in any case.

You can donate these boxes to local libraries or schools that constantly need heavy-duty boxes in order to store books. You can find some needy organizations in your neighborhood too. Although this research will need some extra time it will make you feel good.

2. Recycle and reduce: Do some good to Mother Nature by reducing the waste and recycle the boxes that you have.  But you must do this if boxes are damaged and will not be of use in future. To recycle just break down the boxes and hand over to some local recycling bin. 

In many places, this work is often some by the government organizations upon request.  But you must take proper instructions and requirement details from these organizations about the type of boxes that they accept.  They may require some specific sizes or boxes in particular shape or flattened etc.  

3. Use at home: charity begins at home and you can prove this right by using some of the stuff that you already have.  Before donating or recycling make sure that you don't need the boxes at your home.  Else you would have to purchase it again.  You can use them to store some items or to organize some.

Cardboard boxes can be broken down and them perform several tasks.  If you are on rent and plan to move again sooner this will help you in shifting too. Use the boxes to give presents and gifts to loved ones.  It can also be used in creative art projects for children.

4. Sell those boxes: if you do not think of any way of using the boxes then the simplest idea is to sell the boxes that you have.  There will be many stores and even garbage pickers won wool be ready to but this stuff from you.  You can find about such companies on Google and toy will get loads of options for your boxes. 

Even your moving company would be able to suggest you about a few companies in your vicinity that will be ready to pay for your boxes.  There are also some websites that cater to these needs.  Even listing websites may help. 

5. Put the boxes in green compost: if you have spent your money and purchased recyclable boxes then you can do some good to the Mother Nature by putting the boxes in compost.  There are also green bins where you can dispose of the boxes. 

6. Give them away: if you are not looking to earn any sort of money from your boxes nor do you want to find an organization that would need a donation of boxes or recycles them the best thing is to give away to someone. If you don't find anyone to take your boxes give it to the person who comes to pick up your garbage.

These methods will definitely help you in finding the best way to get rid of your boxes after you move from one location to another. It is eco-friendly as well as a good deed that will be beneficial to you.


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