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The Relocation Timeline and Things to Do and Keep in Mind

From the day you have decided to relocate until you have fully shifted into your new place, there will be many things that you would be required to keep a track of e.g. when to get the things done and how. Make a moving checklist and avoid any threat to your move.

Moving checklist covers all the essential points to complete the move. If the moving assignments are broken down into a weekly to-do list, the move will be more manageable and less stressful.

Let’s frame out everything week by week until the big day and make the move as breezy as possible because it is said that the road is always easier if you’re travelling with a good map.

With 8 weeks to go:

·        Prepare a budget for the cost of the entire relocation.

·        Research removals & get estimates: If you decide to hire a moving agency, list out few reliable and reputed moving companies and consider collecting quotations or written estimates from them. Compare the companies based on their cost, services and experiences.

     Check the online reviews posted by former customers for your satisfaction. Get recommendations from your friends and neighbours avoid getting scammed by rogue movers.

·        Ask the prospective moving company to consider insurance coverage if you have anything that's particularly valuable.

·       Create a moving file or purchase a journal to keep all the receipts, journals, store quotes, notes such as to-do list, important date etc related to the move. Compile all the important papers and records such as medical, dental records, legal, financial and school documents to store them in the moving folder.

·      Sort out items lying in the closet, drawers and cupboards to dispose of which is not required. Shred of old papers and throw out all the broken and damaged items. If possible, hold a yard sale or donate the items which are not required to the charity.

·     Make an inventory of items such as bulky furniture’s, appliances, artworks and everything of value you plan to move.

With 6 weeks to go:

·        If you are renting an apartment, inform the landlord about your moving date and finalize the rental needs.

·      If you are relocating out of the area, start looking for new schools if you have school-age children. Notify the old school about your relocation and request transcripts for your kids. Contact the new school for the enrolment.

·    Order the supplies such as moving boxes, markers, sticky, bubble wraps, high-quality packing foams and other moving supplies. Start packing the items which are less in use and label the boxes clearly mentioning the destination room. Clean up the cupboards and place the items in usable piles.

·        Consult your doctor for any recommendation such as a new doctor or health clinic if you are changing the locality.

·       Order new furniture’s for your new place if you are selling off your old furniture’s and want it in the place when you move.

 With 4 weeks to go:

·       Contact the utility departments such as electricity, water, gas, satellite, internet services etc. and confirm them your moving date. Ask them to arrange for final readings and move your account to the new address to avoid any disruption in the service.

·        Notify the local services, government offices, personal contacts and other businesses about the new address.

·        File a change in address with the postal services. You can also request them to hold the mail at the post office in your new city/locality until the time your address is changed.

With 2 weeks to go:

·      If you are opting for a DIY process, start with packing and organising things. Start packing with out of season items for e.g. if you are moving during summers, pack your woollens first and vice versa. Start finishing up the frozen and perishable items.

     Get your car services done if you have planned to drive down to your new place.

     With 1 week to go:

·        Finish your general packing with enough clothes and toiletries to wear/use after relocation.

·        Contact your moving company to review your moving plans and update all the contact numbers.

·        Visit the new space to check the working condition of all electrical items and other amenities. Arrange to clean the new place for ready to use.

Note: Defrost the fridge and clean including other household appliances for at least 24 hours prior to the transportation.



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